How The Mohanji Forgiveness Process changed me

Two beautiful testimonials of The Mohanji Forgiveness Process shared by Mohanji Acharyas Mina and Rekha.

By Mina Obradovic, Serbia

I went through The Mohanji Forgiveness Process recently, listening to all the guidance given by Mohanji during the process on what to do, what to imagine, etc. During the whole process, I felt Mohanji changed so many things within me. 

It was a sight I’ve never seen in this life. My physical, mental, emotional, and energy body (layers) seemed like the inside of some computer and Mohanji’s hands were clearly visible while he was cutting some cords which I realized were some of my attachments and tendencies that stagnated me. I could also see that he reconnected some of the existing cords which I couldn’t realize what they represented. It seemed like science fiction, but now I can confidently say it was real for me because every time I saw him cut a cord, something changed in me. Some of the dimensions shifted, my perception changed, my confusion vanished as my clarity increased, self-confidence increased, my laziness reduced, I felt more energized and ready to face anything that comes my way. I haven’t felt that energetic in the past few weeks. 

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In the end, when we were supposed to visualize the fireplace and burn our negative memories there, I saw Mohanji was the one who burned all my negative memories of the past, and not the fire I visualized. It’s not only about what we visualize nor about what Mohanji’s words say during the process. The process works only because of his silent work behind the scenes, which we might not even see or acknowledge. The process as we see it or hear it seems like any other guided meditation. All that is almost irrelevant compared to what Mohanji actually does during the same. It’s clear that all Mohanji’s techniques are just ways for us to knock the door or give our permission for his energy to work on us (Masters from the path of liberation never help against one’s will or without our permission). Once we make ourselves available, he immediately does the rest. 

Mohanji will do his job, as always. All his power, protection, guidance and support come instantly. I warmly recommend everybody to go through the process. It’s helped me immensely, and it is more than pure gold what this process provides. Words are not enough to express my gratitude… Thank you, Mohanji!

By Rekha Murali, India

The Forgiveness Process is a priceless technique given to us by Mohanji to unhook and release all the baggage that we unconsciously carry. Layers and layers of pain and emotions were being peeled off as I went deeper in search of that empty space of freedom and silence. The heaviness in the heart got released slowly with repeated practice, leading to the birth of a new me… me full of love, compassion and purpose. My heartfelt, sincere gratitude to Mohanji for this beautiful gift to the world.”


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