My highest shelter

Lisa Qayyum, UK

Mohanji says, “Dear if your faith in me is true, unshakable and intense, your faith in me will never go wasted. I guarantee.”

I surrender every word and action at my Guru Mohanji‘s feet. I wanted to share some miracles with everyone with the hope that it helps at least one person who still has doubts about how the Divine works silently.

I have lived in London for the last 10 years, but I was lazy about applying for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). Because, as a Swedish citizen, and being a part of the European Union (EU), all the facilities and regulations I had in the UK were almost the same, and I didn’t feel that it was necessary for me to apply for ILR. Although my family members alerted me several times, I didn’t bother doing anything about it.

In the meantime, my entire life changed upside down. I went through severe depression and at one point in time; I felt that life was meaningless. There was nothing for me to look forward to. I was isolated from everything and everyone except my search for God.

When I was at the peak of my depression in 2016, I decided to leave the UK for good. I went to Bangladesh, my motherland, and stayed away for 9 months and 14 days. By doing this, I had broken the rules for applying for ILR (according to the law, one cannot stay away for more than six months from the UK if one wants to apply for ILR).

On the 4th of July 2017, I came back to the UK for some reason, and found Mohanji for the first time at the end of August, on a Facebook page.

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I wanted to meet him and he was in London in September, but I was not able to meet him at that time. However, I was connected to him almost 24/7 and since then life itself becomes a miraculous phenomenon. I had to wait for another 9 months to meet with Mohanji physically.

Finally, I booked my flights to Bosnia for the 24th of May 2018, to meet Mohanji for the first time. I was very excited that I was going to meet Mohanji and everything was done including my tickets, but I missed to see that my passport would expire within a month. So, basically, I couldn’t fly to any country with this passport.

Just before the trip, one of my closest family members asked me to check my passport and I had said why what’s wrong with my passport. Later that night when I checked my passport, I realised that I had only a month left before my passport expired.

I rushed to the Swedish embassy the next day and they said that there was no possibility of having an appointment for the next two months. Somehow, the following day, I managed to fly to Sweden and with Mohanji’s grace, the problem was sorted out within a week.

This was not short of a miracle!

I had no clue about my own passport but from far away Mohanji knew my situation and through someone else, he silently sorted out my problem. This is how Mohanji works, silently but effectively.

Many of us fail to see his grace, but in return, he answers simply, “Those who have ‘eyes’ to see, will ‘see’ but those who don’t want to see, they choose blindness. Let them go with blessings.” The mind is often in denial and we fail to see the actual truth.

Now in 2020, the UK is moving from EU and Brexit is going to happen within months.

So, I was totally stuck in time limitations. I had already broken the law and on top of that when I left the UK in 2016, I had left all my papers here in London and many of the papers were missing when I came back. So, even though I wanted to apply for ILR, which papers would I submit? And I had to submit all the papers regularly and I didn’t have all the necessary papers.

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My situation was very shaky and I just didn’t know what to do next. One day, I was standing in front of my altar and I looked at Mohanji, surrendered all my worries to him, and prayed for him to help me. Knowing that he will take care of me, with full faith and conviction, I applied for my ILR and was ready to accept whatever the outcome would be.

When the Home Office reply came, I could not believe my eyes! They were asking me to submit exactly the papers I had at that moment. In shock, I submitted all my documents and a few days later, I received an email saying that they have accepted my documents and I received my ILR!

Getting permanent residence (ILR) without proper papers is next to impossible in the UK.  The rules and conditions are stringent too. I lost all my papers and had no proof to show that I’d lived for more than 5 years in this country. It was next to impossible. I was in despair. Yet, everything worked out in my favour.

How did this take place? Again, is this not a miracle?

The only thing that worked was how Mohanji helped me. I dare not think of the consequences if this ILR had not come through. My life would have turned topsy-turvy. Mohanji effortlessly changed something that appeared impossible and helped me continue living in the UK. I did not have to spend anything on lawyers in spite of not having the relevant papers.

The Home Office asked me for only what I had at that time. How each problem was being solved so easily, cannot be just a coincidence. Mohanji never reveals how silently he works for us. If anyone has true faith in him, he will never send them empty-handed. But do not take him for granted, because he is not responsible for our karma.

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Mohanji is not only a mere name or just the physical form. He is the Supreme Consciousness, the Infinite Source. Omnipresent Mohanji is always with us, walking with us, and whenever I feel I have nowhere to go, Mohanji always answers me from my heart, ‘I am your highest shelter.’

Yes, Mohanji, my Gurudev, without you, life is not possible. Thank you for protecting us as a mother and nurturing us as a father, for being with us as a friend, and encouraging us every point in time to be the best we can be.

I meditate upon the Guru, the dust from whose feet is like a bridge to cross the ocean of earthly bondage. I bow to the Guru whose lotus feet removes ignorance, duality and sufferings.

“I always do my job, if someone has unshakable trust in me, If someone trusts in me unconditionally!” – Mohanji


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