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By Charles Ndifon Londi, Canada

It was towards dawn that I had this unsettling dream that left me baffled and thinking all day what exactly it meant. I was hunched over in the dream, bent double like a feeble, older man at a very advanced age. This posture was caused by the baggage I was carrying. It was made up of every kind of thing imaginable and was like a mountain. Yes, I was literally carrying a mountain on my back until I could not move; or walked with a lot of inconvenience to myself. When I woke up, I first thought gleefully, that I was rich or will become rich, as man is naturally inclined towards possessiveness and ownership of as much property as he can. My thinking was buttressed by the fact that my mountain of stuff contained everything. 

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However, quiet reflection over time convinced me otherwise, and I had to discard the surface materialistic interpretation of the dream. It dawned on me that was the karmic baggage I was hauling around, so heavy, from lifetime to lifetime, labouring under its merciless weight. I became very sober and began thinking of how I can unburden myself of this heavy load that I have been carrying around for eons. Oh, it had grown into a high mountain! I found solace in the fact that in the present, in the nowness of my life, I have found Brahmarishi Mohanji, or rather he has fished me out to make the journey back to the original unmanifested state of pure freedom, brightness, and joy. 

His words rang in my ears and rays of hope brightened my day when I listened to his calm and reassuring words in the FREEDOM MEDITATION:

”…Feel as light as a feather, feel so beautiful and relaxed. Feel yourself as a beautiful flower, feel as free as a bird flying in the sky. You are light; you are free. You are light and free. My beautiful children, realize that you have no fears and pains from the past, you have no pains and fears in the future too. No pains, no fears…”

Mohanji – Freedom Meditation

Perhaps at this juncture, it is appropriate to make an appraisal of this 10-minute Freedom Meditation which reminded me that I need not worry about my heavy load upon meeting Mohanji. The meditation is to help children grow up with spiritual values and with their innocence still intact, but a penetrating analysis reveals that even adults need it more than children. What a great way to start an adult’s day with only a 10-minute empowering Freedom Meditation! 

Why? Just look at how society has separated us from our childhood sense of freedom, truthfulness, openness, and playfulness, and corrupted our minds. Just imagine the burden of past-life karma, the phobias, the restrictions, the bad choices made with their consequences which burden many an adult in this life and in past lifetimes, and which shape the future; just imagine the lost hope which is the portion of most adults. The Freedom Meditation is a reminder of who we truly are apart from the personal self which is on the field of karma – always light and beautiful, as pure and transparent as crystal, and as free as a bird flying in the ethereal skies. Moreover, we are assured that by living in the present, we can escape from the pains and fears of the past, anxiety about the future, when walking hand-in-hand with Mohanji. The 10-minute guided Freedom Meditation kick-starts my day, which is wonderful for such a very short meditation.

The reason we are still roaming on this old Earth, this uncertain platform in space and time, is because of the karma that binds us here. It is comforting to know that in spite of all that we have gone through and that we are carrying along unconsciously, there is hope and certainty for freedom from our old baggage, patterns, untoward desires, maniacal tendencies, passions, and other unimaginable things that burden our lives and shackle our birthright – the right to spiritual freedom and an existence rooted in supreme awareness of the true reality of life. 

Mohanji stresses the nowness of the attainment of this state, this supreme moment of life unfettered with baggage from the past, or anxieties about the future. I have found out that the practices, guidance, and education on certain issues that Mohanji gives us, coupled with the fact he has incarnated in a time-tested Tradition that Masters/saints of the past followed to attain supreme consciousness, can help not only me with my huge baggage, but just about anyone who aspires for Jivan Mukti, which is the true freedom/liberation of the real self (the real us apart from the body, senses, mind, and ego) from the maze of materiality in which we’re trapped. 

It starts with unburdening ourselves, and Brahmarishi Mohanji can show us how to throw off our heavy load/baggage. He is teaching me to cast off my burdens here and now and also assuring me that the burdens and fears of the past need not worry me as I have arrived at his lotus feet.

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