Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 4

Day 4 lesson: Who is Mohanji?

By Christopher Greenwood


I ask myself this question from time to time. I ask myself because the more time I spend with Mohanji, the less I know. Trying to understand Mohanji is like trying to hold water in a clenched fist. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to understand Mohanji until we become him, and I could record many messages on this topic. 

Today, I wanted to pose this question to all of you – Who is Mohanji? I also wanted to give you a sense of who he is from what I can see in front of me. 

Without a doubt, Mohanji is Mohanji. We cannot compare him with anyone else living now, or anyone else who lived before. His relevance to the world is now, and he is active in many ways. I can only perceive the terrestrial dimension of Mohanji, but I know from listening to the experiences of others who can see the subtle work that he is active in many ways. There are many testimonials from people about that. One day, we may be able to piece this jigsaw together to understand truly. 

Additional Message

Yesterday, he reminded me that everyone who connects with him is well protected and looked after and that we should always stand by those who we love and who love us, no matter what, especially during these challenging times. 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. This morning, I wanted to start with a question. And this question is, who is Mohanji?

Now, you can probably take some time to think about that. And I’m sure, if we were sharing our insights in a discussion, Mohanji would be different for all of us. Ever since I started living with him, managing his time, calendar, schedule, etc., it’s evident that people connect to Mohanji in many different ways, and see him in many different varieties. And for me personally, it’s something that I ask myself from time to time; who is this man called Mohanji? And I can honestly say that the more time I spend with him, the less I know. And that’s a fact. I’ll explain that.

Mohanji himself is very clear about who he is. He is Mohanji, and that’s it. He’s a friend to the world, and he’s not in competition with anybody. He’s not trying to be anybody else. His job is simply to be available to people. He’s definitely not asking anybody to worship him. I’ve been here with Mohanji every day for seven months now; I can say that with full confidence.

And actually, he’s pretty self-sufficient. I mean, we all brought him here, and we bring him food, tea, and that type of thing. But actually, he doesn’t need anybody; he’d be quite able to function on his own. And from morning till night, in fact, sometimes probably also through the night, he’s responding to people. He is guiding them; he’s helping them. And he’s giving clarity. And when he gives advice, there’s absolute clarity; it covers the length, the height, the width, the breadth, everything.

An example of that was when Ammucare had a campaign to raise money to buy a bicycle for an ice-cream seller. The man was the sole provider for his family. He had children, he had a wife and was selling ice cream from a small wooden box, and he was getting old and having to haul it around. So they wanted to buy him one of those bicycles with a refrigerator box on top of it, and they were raising money. 

So, I gave some money for this, and I happened to say to Mohanji in a conversation ‘Oh this came up, I gave some money’. He responded, “Did you think more about it?” As I watched him, he said, “Did you think more about what would really help that family?” I didn’t quite understand. He said he heard about this, and he contacted the team to provide clothes for the women in the family, some education for the kids, and support, food and materials for the wife and the house. I couldn’t believe that really. Not only did he consider that this man was under a lot of stress, (he had this box, he needed a bike so he could do more of his work), but he recognised the fact that if the stress of the family situation wasn’t removed, it would be incredibly difficult for him to start anew and get going. 

So Mohanji took away all that step by step, making sure there’s education, making sure there’s food, making sure there are clothes. So, when he sees a situation, he looks at everything. It’s incredible! I hope one day, my vision can expand to include all those types of things. 

And he is humble, as well. He’s very stable. He’s like a rock; no matter what situation arises, no matter what happens, he is unflinching. One of the things which I really admire in Mohanji is that he stands by people, and he lives what he says, “Never let go of those that you love, and that love you. Stand by them no matter what.” And he does do this.

As I schedule his time and appointments, I can see that he’s fully benevolent, day in day out. He is here for the world. In fact, the only things I’ve seen him take for himself during the day are two modest meals, some fruits in the afternoon, and maybe some tea in the morning. Apart from that, he’s always giving. 

My interactions with Mohanji are very practical; he’s like a mentor to me. I haven’t had many visions or elaborate spiritual experiences, and my focus is really business-oriented. So, he gives me fantastic advice from the business point of view. At one point, he was running five countries for a shipping company. Thus, he had a vision, leadership skills and management skills, and that’s what we’re bringing into the corporate program that we’re developing to take to companies from the Foundation.

When Mohanji and I talk, I know that in the periphery, much more is happening from Mohanji. For example, as I’m speaking with him, Mai-Tri sessions are happening worldwide with his presence; Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) is taking place, where he’s doing immense work, even clearing whole lineages for people. Some people have even messaged to say that they’ve felt his presence in their homes. All this happens as I sit in front of him in conversation, and he relays messages to me. So, even though he’s there, I can see him in front of me, he is everywhere else as well at the same time. 

Deep down, I know that when I’m sitting next to him, and when I’m looking at him, when I look into his eyes, inside my heart, I feel that here in front of me is someone or some presence that is established in something much higher than I could ever know or comprehend, at this point of time.

And how do I know that? Well, I can only speak from my own experience since being connected to him; I know from my own transformation. Because I’d say, I’m completely different now than two years ago. And how do I know? It’s quite easy when I look back and say what I’ve lost. I’ve lost anger. Rarely do I have jealousy now. I no longer hate anyone. All the grudges that I had have dissolved; all those hangovers of relationships have long gone now. I’ve also lost some blindness, having lived quite an insensitive life before, treating people poorly, even eating meat and causing suffering to animals. So, so many things.

So now, I know there’s something there, which I can’t tangibly see, but I just try and keep it very simple for myself. I know, and others have told me that it can be very easy to be misled by Mohanji as the form, a walking, eating, talking, sleeping, pooping being rather than what he actually is or what he represents.

So, I try to do simple things, which many people have advised before as well. I follow the basics; that’s having faith and patience. I think that’s what Sai Baba said, as well: a strong conviction that the guru whom you are learning from knows what’s right for your journey, as he’s a reflection of your inner self. And I don’t expect much or ask for anything personal in nature because I know that if I’m asking for something, it’s probably coming from my mind, and it’s what the mind needs, rather than what he can truly give me. You know, it’s like asking for a tuk-tuk when he can truly give you a Rolls Royce. The best gift I can give him is to try and live the teachings as best as I can. Those are the simple rules that I try and follow so that I don’t get too misled by the form that’s in front of me.

I know many other people connect to him in different ways. I think we classify them in roughly four groups. So, firstly, you have the people who are connected through Bhakti and devotion. They worship through songs, drawings, paintings; it’s really an emotional heart connection. Then, the Jnana people – connect to his knowledge and his teachings. Thirdly, the Karma Yoga people – connect to serving and his activities which he’s doing in the world. Finally, there are the Raja Yogis – those connected deeply to his consciousness. 

So, Mohanji is Mohanji. And, he said to me that he’s not a person. If we think of him as a person, we’re missing out on a lot. Because he’s the Tradition, he’s a living projection of the Tradition of Liberation. All Masters in one, yet very distinctly Mohanji. And that’s his relevance in the world. And he cares and loves everyone that’s connected to him. And he protects them all.

A few months back, I wanted to start reading Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam. And before I did, I asked for Mohanji’s blessing. He said to me: ‘Oh, it’s good, good that you’re reading that. You’ll understand me more after reading.’ So I thought: ‘Oh, great. I’ll learn something more about Mohanji.’ And I read the book. And it’s incredible; it’s a fantastic book. I advise anyone who has the interest to read it. It’s the story of the first incarnation of Dattatreya. 

However, after reading that book, I can confidently say that I know about Mohanji less than I did before reading it. And day-to-day, I know even less. 

So that’s the message for today. I hope it reaches you well, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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