Blossoms of Love

by Hanumatananda

I offer this experience sharing at the lotus feet of Mohanji, as without his grace, this experience would not have been possible. 

I had a glimpse into another dimension; a dimension where the heart centre is expanded, a dimension where different rules govern. I will try to narrate the experience as best as I can, as it is hard to describe in words such subtle realms.

On 23rd January 2021, we had an online program with breathing exercises, mantra chanting, and meditation, culminating in a Satsang with Mohanji. Around 60 people were at the meditation, and my role was to conduct the preparation exercises for the meditation led via an audio recording by Devi Mohan. The three pre-meditation exercises lasted for 15 minutes, and after that, we started the meditation Blossoms of Love. I’ve done this meditation only a couple of times before, and since I was conducting it, I’ve never had the chance to dive deeper into it. 

But this time, I could relax completely and immerse myself fully into it. Devi’s voice was so soothing and gentle, smoothly leading into a state of pure unconditional love. I felt each word she said as a healing balm on an open wound. It was so soothing. The background music was also so appropriate that each sound helped relax me even deeper.

Then came a moment where I felt a huge shift in my awareness. I felt as if my heart centre expanded throughout the universe, pulsating unconditional love for all, including myself. This was so unusual, as I tend to judge myself and others, but now these judgmental thoughts were simply not there. I was open completely for them to re-appear; I was so special that no negative thought could disturb me in this state. I was completely accepting of everything, good and bad. It did not matter what will next appear on my mental screen; it was all OK. It was a state I longed for, even without knowing. I lived in the dark, but my soul was craving for this state. All the problems I thought I had or even had, now were not problems any more. They were just passing life situations which came and will go as many other situations before them. All my fears now seemed baseless. All my worries were now met by a “So what?” There was no guilt, no urge for revenge. All my problems disappeared. 

I didn’t want to ever get out of this state. I realized this is the only state worth living for. All else is a silent death. Only with an expanded heart, life has any meaning. So, this was my realization – I live by default with a closed heart. I live like that because I feel safe like that. I reason that if I keep my heart closed, I won’t ever get hurt. Which is partially true, but then is that life at all? Yes, I was hurt before so many times. But now I felt that only hurt people hurt others. It is not anyone’s fault; there’s no one to blame. Forgive. Forget. Let go and move on.

The mind is a monkey. It has to jump in and share its opinion on this glimpse of the state of pure love. So, my next thought was – if I live like this, with a wide-open heart, the world will dry my heart into pieces easily. So, how do I protect it? How do I live with an open heart and at the same time keep it protected?

Only when the heart opens, we realize it has been closed all along. This is the irony. I have been so used to living with my heart centre closed, that I didn’t even question if something is wrong. Yes, I lived a life of silent death.

Then, we were guided by Devi’s voice to come back to the body and open the eyes. Even though I came out of the meditation, the experience was so profound that I was still feeling it. Part of the experience of that dimension stayed with me. With it, a deep yearning stayed as well for this experience to become my continuous state.

At the Satsang, I shared my experience with the group and asked Mohanji the burning question I was left with after the meditation – How do I live with an open heart and keep it protected as well?

Mohanji answered, “This is the truth – that we do have closed hearts because we live in the society. Many times, because of various experiences in society, we live with a closed heart. But please remember one thing, the one who has created us is also maintaining us. Right? The one who has created us, or our Creator, or whatever created us, also maintains us. So, you can just rest on that thought – that you are protected, you are loved, you are taken care of. If this experience has come to you, that means – there is more coming. So, be positive. Be optimistic. And share your good experiences with people. Guide them, support them, bring them up into a greater level of awareness, and you will feel the whole dimensional shift happening. 

When we see people as people outside, we see nothing. When we see people as consciousness outside us, we see everything. So, this is very simple. Please remember if you are born, you’re also living. All these years you lived on earth, you ate food, you slept, you had companionship, you had guidance, you had everything. And you still have everything. 

You will have everything in the future. So, trust that factor. We can call it God, we can call it Guru, you can call it anything you like. But, that factor has constantly been working.”

As always, Mohanji’s guidance was simple and practical. Through His grace, I had a glimpse into another dimension where unconditional love is the main currency. I shall remember to live from the heart centre and rest assured that He will keep me protected as always. 

At Your Lotus Feet, Father!


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