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October 7th 2022

Astrologers told me that from my 30th year onwards, I would have a shift in my life. October 7, 2022, was my 30th birthday, the same day Mohanji had his car accident. I wondered how the accident might have happened precisely on my birthday.

Some of you may know that I have recently been assisting Mohanji as a part of his personal team. I can tell you that even those close to him do not fully understand who he is and how he operates. We can assume we may have some experiences; we can superficially understand to some extent, but we cannot comprehend fully because of our limited minds. We cannot understand the vastness of the Universe in a human form, and then we take the living Masters for granted. This was my case and the case of many others.

During my time with Mohanji after the accident, it so happened that, through a conversation with me, he kept repeating many times, “What if Mohanji died on October 7?” My heart skipped every time he said that, and I wondered at the meaning of this, being my birthday. His mentioning this shook me every time.

I don’t wish this blog leaves us more attached to a Master’s physical presence or sobbing over his accident, but the opposite – to have awareness. I am writing this so we realize who the person we have next to us is. We have him so easily, not realizing how luxurious his presence is. The fact that he’s living, breathing, and walking on this planet.

I am writing this for all of us to wake up! For us to use the physical presence of a living Master, an Avatar, and to reach our highest in this lifetime. And to share his teachings as much as possible, as fast as possible, with the world so that many others can reach their highest in this lifetime too. It is possible because we have him.

Mohanji’s accident is a good reminder. A trigger, a turning point. A warning. I suggest not losing this opportunity! It is up to us to let go of all our patterns and emotions to see what aspects we need to change to improve. Observe, contemplate deeper, keep changing, accept, and let go. It is possible. This shift is happening within me too. We tend to worship all Saints and Masters who are not in their bodies anymore, but the ones right in front of us are difficult to understand. We don’t understand how they work. Then we judge, we have expectations, and we criticize. We say they are not real if they do not solve all our life problems. We do not appreciate them. And then, one day, it might be too late.

The accident happening on the same day as my birthday led to a realization that time is limited. Destiny brought me a Master. If I leave, If I take it for granted, I lose this chance; it is my loss, not his. As Mohanji says, “A true master makes diamonds out of stones. It hurts a lot to become a diamond; it takes a lot of craving. If one stone leaves, for the stone, it’s a big loss because it loses a chance to become a diamond. For the master, another stone will come, and diamonds will be made. Master loses nothing.”

I suggest not to leave a Master’s side, and he will hold your hand forever. You might not understand what they do, why they do it, and how they work, but that doesn’t matter; just cling on, hold on, and stay on. Trust them fully! Wholeheartedly. Surrender your existence to them, and they will take you as high as you can go.

As I am writing this to you, I am writing it to myself, too, as a reminder. This is a true wake-up call. As we discover, the accident was Mohanji’s rebirth. It was mine too.


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