Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 175 & 176

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 175 – Nurturing Positivity 

Recently, I shared a lesson from Mohanji about being careful of taking on the limitations of others and first checking whether it’s a limitation for us. Extending that, is it a limitation for Mohanji? Most of the time, in my experience, if we increase faith and surrender, then surprises happen for all tasks and activities in life. Following on from this, I wanted to share what Mohanji explained, in the same conversation, about negativity and the importance of nurturing positivity. Mohanji is very quick to hit back at negativity, especially problems, blocks and obstacles on the path of progress for our activities.

He used an example and a good metaphor for this – Let’s say you have a project you’re attempting with a team. You have a goal, you have clarity, you have a purpose, you have a mission, and it’s all going well, and you’re discussing plans. Now, you could come up with an option or an idea, and someone may say, “This will or won’t work. I’ve tried this many times before. (I did it this way. It didn’t happen). I also tried it like this; it didn’t work here.”

 These may seem like passing comments, but we always have to be careful about what we’re taking in because what we won’t absorb there is that somebody tried. Somebody took the initiative; they made an effort to do something. We will probably take in the phrase, “It didn’t work.” So, even if we were 90% confident about what we were looking to do, we had clarity about the purpose and everything like this, which has the potential to create maybe just 5% of doubt that it won’t work.

Essentially, there could be many other ways this comes, but 5% can grow to 100% in no time. That is the nature of negativity, like weeds in a garden, they require nothing to grow, and naturally they will happen but to care for a fruit tree requires care and nurturing. To keep a neat garden with delicate flowers requires care and nurturing and constant tending. Positivity needs to be nurtured

You’re always taking out the weeds. Mohanji stressed this because even a drop or hint of negativity can become problem later.  When we take negativity into our system, doubts, opinions or limitations these could grow into something much larger later, and negativity always grows much faster than positivity. This is important because negativity, no matter how small the drop, can grow. This can lead to doubts, criticisms, judgements and separations.

These can be doubts; they could be messages or anything people have said to us. We should always, as quickly as we can, especially if we are sure, hit back at them so that it’s cleared from our system because we don’t know what can grow later. Do not entertain negativity. Suppose somebody is talking badly, or it’s something that we know we disagree with. In that case, we can politely share our points straight away and be watchful to ensure that negativity is kept at bay, and we nurture positivity more than that.

Day 176 – Every Activity has an Element of Transformation

 I enjoy working with Mohanji, being connected to him and seeing the transformation that happens on various levels. I’ve shared how working with him is highly dynamic, which is excellent and exciting because there’s always new activity. It comes with the challenge of handling many things simultaneously and moving out of one’s comfort zone.

I also observe that he gives everybody a similar opportunity through various platforms to grow and transform according to their skills and orientation. There is a wealth of what we can do across all these platforms. The only prerequisites are proactiveness and reliability – taking the step, taking action, being proactive, and then being reliable, seeing through what we take on.

 I’ve been involved in various activities, many of which I would never have thought of being. In retrospect, each opportunity, experience, and interaction has brought some opportunity for transformation through practical experience. It’s like a refining school to hone skills, experience life, and express. Some activities have been relatively successful. In others, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes.  

The beautiful part of this is the freedom which is given to be able to contribute, grow, and learn. I don’t think we could find this anywhere else, especially when it’s backed up with the teachings, support and grace of Mohanji, being free from fears, not worrying about what others think, and expressing and living life.

For me, the most recent example is the fencing here on the land in Slovenia. On the site, we wanted to move forward with the activities at the base, and one of the requirements was to make sure that we had all the land boundaries laid out as per the site survey so that we knew precisely the size of the land and started by putting a fence up.

 I’d repaired one or two fences in my life, and now I’m working on fencing 11 acres. First, setting the boundaries, sourcing the materials, finding the right ones, and finding who could work on this while guiding the efforts, working with tractors, teaming up with the locals and using neighbour’s tools like drills to put up the fence. Good, wholesome labour and in the process, I’ve now learned what it takes to do this, the various materials, the different types of woods, their placement, and the techniques for fencing. Mistakes were made aplenty, as I’ve never done this before. All of this has given me practical experience and an element of transformation within because I now can recognize and understand what it takes to fence a land.

 If there are future land developments, when they come up, if we get more land and space, I’d have no problem or hesitation and be able to take on bigger sizes. If I had just stuck with the fact that I couldn’t do it, I didn’t know how to do fencing and didn’t just jump into it and do my best; I would never have had that opportunity to learn, acquire and transform in this way. That’s with one element, but it’s something else I’ve now experienced.

 This comprehensive platform is a fantastic opportunity Mohanji has given everybody. Mohanji wants everybody, in their way, to fully express themselves and experience life, to grow, to explore themselves and to become powerful in their unique way. He gives everybody that opportunity, and I’ve experienced that as well. His total support is always there. He’s always there to provide clarity and advice. Recognizing that we all make mistakes, we all trip or stumble on and through obstacles, but we keep moving. We have to take that step, and he does the rest.

 I’m also aware that I need to keep moving and growing because especially working closely with Mohanji, there’s no such thing as stagnation. Stagnation can be equal to tamas, so he kicks that hard. I’m well aware that if my hands don’t move, there will be many other’s hands that can come to help and support me. I was reflecting on all of us across all the platforms because substantial activities will be taking place very soon, especially when our places and our centres come. It’s great that everything is happening organically. Everything’s growing, and we’re all growing together.


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