Lessons Living with Mohanji – Day 10

Day 10 Lesson – Importance of Vision & Mohanji Temples of Benevolence

by Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when we were looking at the platform dashboard that I shared a few days ago, Mohanji reminded me of the importance of having a clear vision because, without it, we lack direction. He said that if we want to achieve something in life or to carve our place in the world, we must have a vision. And this needs to come with goals and timelines. 

He then said that probably people don’t know of his vision, especially for the temples and the centers of benevolence. It is a grand vision, and I share the high-level picture today. 

Good morning. I hope this message reaches you well. Today, I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Mohanji about his vision. This came from a discussion that one needs to have a vision, goals, and a timeline if one wants to achieve anything in life. Having a vision is crucial, he was saying, because you’re essentially fumbling in the dark, walking around, or bumping into walls without it. So a vision gives you the destination, which makes it much easier to carve a road ahead. 

And this discussion came from looking at the dashboard to see where we could strengthen the vision. So the vision is very important: what does that end result look like? How does it feel? How are people interacting? What are people saying? How does it smell, taste, touch, and who is benefited? So anything can be included in a vision. And the clearer the picture, the easier it is to reach that. 

I think Mohanji said that we might not reach the exact destination, which is where flexibility becomes important. But at least if we have somewhere that we’re aiming for, we’ll roughly get there, and we can always adjust it. 

He then said that he’s not even sure that people know his vision at the moment. So he then shared his vision for the temples and the centers of benevolence, which is really exciting. And I want to share that vision with you now. The 23rd of October was a game-changer for the Mohanji foundation activities – a really big day for those who don’t know. That day, Mohanji registered 15 acres of land in Ganeshpuri. It was a Herculean effort to get this done in the pandemic situation with Madhu and Bharath and the rest of the team. And everything went incredibly smoothly. Even the chief priest from Shirdi made a surprise visit to see Mohanji in Bombay, and he brought him gifts from Shirdi – soil from Shirdi and udi from Shirdi. It was pretty much a blessing from Sai Baba for the activity. The registration itself took maybe 10 minutes in this local small-time registration office. Everybody was surprised because usually the office is packed, and there was no one there but us. It can normally take anything up to four hours, but this happened in just 10 minutes. The placing of the soil from Shirdi and the udi concluded in the last moments of the most auspicious time of the day. So, it was absolute grace. 

And this won’t just be a space; it won’t just be an ashram or a temple – it’s going to be a message to the world of the teachings of the Tradition. I want to share that vision with you of what this space will look like. On the grounds, this area itself has one main bank which borders a river and very natural land. So there’ll be a forest area built, and this forest will have 27 types of trees representing the 27 stars in the Vedic teachings that say that everybody is associated with a star. So worshipping a tree with that star connection brings benefits to the person. People will be able to go into the forest, walk around and give offerings. Then there’ll be the rishis and the munis in that forest sitting beneath the trees, alongside Dattatreya. So everything will be in nature. And all the animals will be there; all the small beings such as the rabbits, the mice, the birds, and obviously, the larger beings – all roaming free in nature. So, really a balanced ecology. There’ll be a pond; there’ll be fishes and turtles; there’ll be a river so people can feed animals throughout the location, so everything is in balance. Then there’ll be regular homas conducted, and Mohanji will have his personal dhuni. So the whole space will represent all the elements. 

Now the vision for the river that borders the land is to have banks built to stop the flooding; so caves can be made inside them for meditation. And people will be able to book a place, and if they wanted to meditate there even for 24 hours, food would be brought for them. And in one cave would be a space for maybe ten people, and there’ll be an idol of Babaji in the centre. So people can go in there and meditate, do Kriya and anything like that. There’ll be spaces for silence, and people who are observing silence will have a badge that says they are in silence. And the grounds will be zoned very well. On the riverside again, there’ll be ghats which go down to the river where people can take a bath, and a Shiva Linga will also be installed, so people can take water from the river and perform abhishekam.

And from the outside, there’ll be a place where people can access the main temples. So they won’t necessarily need to go into the full compound, but people will be able to come to the temples. There will be Shirdi Sai Baba there, a regular place for the homa, and it will be separate from the main area. And there’ll be a hall, the space for regular yoga activities, meditation, and all of the Mohanji processes. So all the activities will be completely covered for the practices for people’s higher elevation and connection. 

Then there’s the benevolence aspect. Food will be available 24/7 with three main meals a day, and outside those times, this really delicious potato-type sandwich (vada-paav), will be served. So nobody leaves there with a hungry belly, and all the food will be vegan, completely vegan. Clothing will also be provided, branded with the temple name, so people can see where they’ve come from. And if possible, there’ll be medical care there too, but that can be more complex to arrange. Regarding education, there will be a space for children with Mohanji Ka Aangan. 

And people will be able to stay if they’re passing by, for a maximum of two nights, unless staying for a longer program. For the family members – Mohanji has made this really well because he really wants to respect all those that have contributed consistently to the platforms. So a community card will be launched, and people that have a status on this will have access to accommodation and maybe have preferred access based on their contributions. 

So it will be a complete space for stability and higher elevation. Now that will become the standard; a message of what we represent, what the Foundation represents, and what Mohanji represents, and then that will be taken to every corner of the world. So in countries and cities, there’ll be a Temple of Benevolence and where there’s no space for a forest or the temple, it will be a Center of Benevolence. It almost becomes a recognized brand so that no matter where you go in the world, when you see it, you’ll know what you’re getting – there’ll be a standard for the practices and for everything else. For example, when you go anywhere in the world, you know if you go into one of these, you’ll get a great vada-paav. 

So this is the vision that he was talking about, which is coming to life now – a grand vision that sounds really exciting. And it’s actually happening now. Work is progressing, planning’s on the way, and more land is coming, and things are moving. It’s all about developing assets at the moment, and there’s a lot of work to do. And, of course, anyone that wants to help is welcome. Have a great day ahead.


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