Deep Connections of Gratitude

Here are two beautiful examples of Mohanji’s blessings and grace. Both Rajan and Jyoti feel immense gratitude towards their Guru Mohanji as they experienced unconditional love and protection during their difficult phases of ill health and doubts that the mind conjours up!

by Rajan Ganapathy

I came to know about Mohanji through a website when I came across a few articles and I was immediately drawn towards him. This was around four years ago. Shortly after that I got in touch with Narendra from Jammu who guided me to get in touch with Madhu in Mumbai (since I too am from Mumbai).
Within a short time, I got an opportunity to meet Mohanji in a packed hall including international devotees and disciples in Shirdi (Nov-2017), along with my wife. My daughter and I also had the good fortune of taking his aarati and we were also fortunate to receive his Eye card from the Brahmarishi himself.

Further meetings happened in various places in Mumbai and I was also graced by Mohanji’s Shaktipat. I have had the fortune of attending a few satsangs and meditation sessions at a devotee’s residence. I have been blessed to read many articles by Mohanji and have been inspired by his thoughts.
The involvement with Mohanji continued wherein I have been fortunate to receive his blessings through his devotees when I was down with Dengue in 2018.  I have attended some sessions on Ramraksha Stotra during the initial days of Covid.
The most of last year has been tough combating Covid and more so the mental state of most of us. I have been having issues of anxiety and fear and these have reduced a lot thanks to Mohanji.  I am confident that with Mohanji’s blessings all will be well with me. This is the benevolence of our beloved Master Mohanji.

Miracle by Mohanji felt by me
Mohanji has said that fear has a better chance of manifesting in our lives because mind nurtures the negative more than the positive. This became true when I was Covid positive during Navaratri 2020 and put a message on one of the Mohanji Whatsapp groups.

I was fortunate to get a response from Sunita and her call soothed me. I was equally fortunate to receive Mai-Tri from Rekha Murali and Sunita. These sessions were a pillar of strength as I felt Mohanji’s presence with me and my gratitude also to Gayatri and Durga who prayed for me.
When I tested positive for Covid, I was almost in tears and had given up hope as I had been suffering for months due to frequent health issues and I was in a poor state of mind.  It was at this juncture that Sunita made me feel Mohanji’s presence. Her nurturing of me as her son and her motherly love has been a great supporting factor to me and I will remain ever indebted to her.
Online zoom sessions have been happening post Covid and I have been part of the Gayatri mantra chanting, Datta Jayanthi celebrations, bhajans, Maha Mrityunjay mantra chanting and more recently the birthday celebrations. All of these have been a major factor in my getting back to normal and even as I am writing this note I can’t resist but prostrate at the lotus feet of our beloved Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji.

There is immense gratitude to Mohanji and our Mohanji family for all the support extended and for the benefits conferred upon me. The kind of cohesive atmosphere that prevails in our Mohanji family is something which makes our bond stronger with the Master. I prostrate at his lotus feet, pray to him to take care of all of us who are a part of his family. He is truly a Father for all of us.

My Deep Connect

By Jyoti Gupta, India

I am from Jammu and have been lucky to spend time with and serve Mohanji many times. He used to come and stay with us on his way to Dharamshala where his ashram was before shifting to Jammu. For us, he is family, friend and Guru. He accepted us as we are. I don’t know any rituals or prayers. Nor can I do meditations. Mohanji always says be natural. Do what you enjoy. I run a school for underprivileged children – Mohanji School of Supplementary Education for Underprivileged Children. I love children. I love to sing, dance and teach them to be good human beings. Mohanji has always encouraged me and supported me. Being a pottery artist, I teach pottery to kids and have made souvenirs for Mohanji Foundation. 

In the last few years, Mohanji has been traveling a lot and his ashram has also shifted to Bangalore. His visits to Jammu have become few. When you are not able to meet Mohanji as you did before, the mind starts playing games. I started feeling that I have lost connection with Mohanji. 

Last month, I received a call from my sister Dolly from Dubai. She asked me to see the Hindi FB page and listen to the experience ‘My Journey to Kailash with Mohanji’ shared by Preeti Duggal. I asked my sister to narrate it as I was lazy to sit and listen. Dolly told me that Preeti Duggal went on a journey to Mount Kailash with Mohanji. Due to ill health, she was not able to go to Mount Kailash. She was very sad. She is deeply connected to Mohanji and had fully surrendered to him.

Mohanji takes care of all and fulfils our wishes. Mohanji had asked Preeti Duggal to take three circumambulations of him to complete her journey to Kailash. She did that and felt elevated, light and experienced she had been with Shiva. This again brought a thought in my mind – was I connected to Mohanji? I went upstairs to the terrace and kept walking and questioning Mohanji if I had a connection with him or not. My husband Suman was also walking with me. I did not say a word to him. I went downstairs and slept. 

I was suffering from severe back pain for one and a half months. I was wearing an orthopaedic belt to move around the house. Helpers were doing the household work. Getting up from bed in the morning was a big exercise. While on the bed, the same question was troubling me, “Mohanji, am I connected to you or not, please tell me?” In the night, I felt Mohanji come and give a massage on my back. Then he moved his hand on my back like a doctor. He was smiling but said nothing. 

When I got up in the morning, I had no problem. I told my husband that there was no pain. After a few days, I worked around the house. No pain. Suddenly it dawned upon me that Mohanji had come and treated me. I was fine, totally recovered. I immediately messaged Mohanji. Prompt was his reply.

Never doubt your connection with me. I am always connected to you. You are doing wonderful work with children. Keep doing it. I am always with you. 


I know, yes, Mohanji is always with me.


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