Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 9

Day 9 Lesson – Black Holes and Suns

by Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday, I shared the Mohanji platforms dashboard, and my morning talks with Mohanji are focused on what else we can do to move each of them forward. We don’t discuss all of them on the same day, but for example, yesterday, we spoke about The Awakening Times, our magazine, and Mohanji gave more clarity on the vision for it. 

We consider and try many ideas, and, as Mohanji says, not all will work. Not all seeds will grow into a tree, but we keep going and stay flexible so that the plan can be changed when needed. 

Along this line, because time and energy are limited and trying to build more teams, Mohanji gave me the awareness of ‘Black Holes’ and ‘Suns’. 

A Black Hole sucks in everything and gives nothing back, whereas the Sun is ever giving, pure brightness. There are people in the world of both categories, and also those who fall somewhere in the middle. We should use our energy and time wisely and give it to those people and activities which are more like Suns. 

Today the lesson is to be aware of the Black Holes and Suns in your life.

Good morning; I hope everybody is doing well. Today, I’ll talk about, metaphorically speaking, black holes and suns because it’s useful to be aware of both of them. It’ll become more apparent as I share some background. 

Yesterday, I shared the image of the dashboard of all the Mohanji platforms. And this is the main focus of my talks with Mohanji in the morning, that picture, all the platforms. And when you see the dashboard, I think it makes it visible and clear, the size and the variety of the platforms, and also the potential of their reach. Our talks in the morning are always focused on what more we can do: how can we move this activity from here to here? What’s the next step we can take? What can we innovate? What can we improve? What ideas can we bring in?

It’s always generative; it’s always striving to do more, add more. And that’s it, we rarely focus on anything else other than that, the purpose and moving forward. So, there’s always movement. 

As I’ve mentioned before, Mohanji is never idle or stagnating. It’s a constant flow of vision, ideas, improvements, and absolute clarity, absolute clarity on what we need to achieve. And so, for all platforms, there’s a clear vision for each one of them. And generally, the vision is that these platforms should reach every corner of the world because then the whole world has benefited; it’s a better place. And through the platforms, we can really make a shift in the frequency of people globally. 

So when we’re setting plans, sometimes we may choose a path or decide away from it, or decide on an activity, and it doesn’t work out. And that’s fine. Mohanji says that when you’re planting many seeds, not all of them are going to grow. And we accept that. But we keep going until something works. 

And along the lines of trying out new options and ideas, once he shared a lesson, or an insight, or passing comment, actually an awareness which really stuck with me. And that is to avoid ‘black holes’ and associate with ‘suns’. So, black holes and suns. Now, if you think of a black hole and a sun, what are their qualities? A black hole basically sucks everything into it, keeps taking and taking and taking, and nothing comes out. It literally devours everything that comes within its orbit, sucks it into it. Whereas the Sun, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is ever giving brightness, warmth. Indiscriminately, it just gives. There’s a saying, the light of the sun falls equally into the gutter on the street, as it does on the petal of a rose. 

So, what can that be about for our life? Well, it’s about people. Sometimes we meet people who are just black holes. And sometimes we meet people who are suns. Sometimes, people that we meet just take, take, take, and there’s nothing coming from their direction. We spend so much energy, help them, give them time and support, but it’s completely one-sided, and nothing will come back. They also may criticize, put down ideas, like the naysayers, ‘this can’t be done”, “that can’t be done”. Whereas the suns are ever giving, and they give, they share what they have, they contribute, they give support, give encouragement, and they brighten our lives with their presence. And they also make things happen. They are self-motivated, self-inspired in that way.

It sounds so simple. But, when I heard this, my mind instantly flashed back to all those relationships and attempts, whether in work, personal life, or other situations where I was dealing with a black hole or giving so much, and nothing came back. This made me realize how much time we actually waste. And I think that’s the reason why Mohanji shared it as a point to consider. Because we have limited time, especially when we’re looking at this dashboard and trying to move things forward. Lots and lots of our energy can go into something, and nothing might come back. And if that’s happening, then it’s not worth it. 

So, what also comes with that awareness is this: you make an attempt, and then quickly because you’re recognizing the situation (as dealing with a black hole), you’re bringing that awareness and clarity, so you change, you divert. And this also demonstrates the flexibility Mohanji teaches: You have a goal, you have a vision, and you’re trying to achieve it. Okay, you’ve attempted to go this way, haven’t reached it; you can turn around, come back, pick a different way and be flexible. 

So, now I use this quick check-up process to decide where to place my time and energy because they are limited. And they are limited for all of us. 

Similarly, I’m more conscious of what I’m eating now, how much water I’m using, my general impact on Earth. I’m now also more conscious of where my time and energy are going and the result of certain interactions or activities. I think it’s a conveniently simple categorization for us to keep in mind – black holes and suns. We can try it out and experiment and think about our life to see how it can bring a positive change to our lives in general. 

Mohanji was amused because he’d shared this, I think, with some other people as well. And they’ve started using it as an acronym. So, he was having a conversation with somebody, I don’t know what the context was, but he shared what the message was that came back. And in that conversation, the other person said: “I don’t think I’m going to try that anymore. I’m dealing with a BH”, and Mohanji asked: “BH, what’s that?” The person replied: “Black hole, you know, it’s what you said.” 

So, black holes and suns. That was today’s message. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day ahead.


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