Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 143 & 144

Christopher Greenwood

Day 143 – Don’t try to tackle situations; tackle yourself

Life has brought many situations to me; these have been placed in intense, quick successions over the past year. All the events that I was destined to work through have been placed in quick order, so the people that I meet, the work that I’m involved in, and the places that I go; all give the right conditions for my fears and insecurities and other junk to surface. 

It’s like being squeezed out intensely. I’ve shared before that this feels like a constant shedding. Once a situation happens, and I go through something unpleasant, whether it’s feelings or mental agitation or something like this, once it’s passed, there’s a relief. But soon after, there’s something different to work through, which can be pretty challenging.

Mohanji and I have spoken about this before; he shared that we don’t know what is stored inside us. There’ll be lifetimes of patterns and impressions, and on this path, they all have to come out. I feel that many situations I encounter now are opportunities to work through. As situations have presented themselves, I know from understanding Mohanji’s teachings that they’re happening for a reason. There was a call somewhere, I may not be aware of it, but it’s happening because of something.

All I can do then is be with that, rather than trying to wrestle with the external situation, which I don’t have any control over, especially if it’s happening. The only thing I can do then is to focus on myself; how I can tackle myself and handle myself because that’s the only place that I have control over – my inner world.

Taking a cue from Mohanji’s teaching, I focus on myself and what’s happening internally rather than the situation itself. I’ve realized that I don’t have to react, speak or get involved every time and that before, I’d do this out of habit. Especially if someone said something terrible or criticized, I’d react almost immediately. I’ve learned we don’t have to. I can let the situation pass without much interference. We can watch, see the situation, be calm and see that there’s no need to interfere. Like that, it’s possible to move past things with simplicity.

For example, yesterday, this happened to me: Someone had said something very pointed towards me, but indirectly. Usually, I would have been pleased to reply in a certain way, but I kept silent this time. It passed; I was not bothered, disturbed or put out by it. It went by without any problem whatsoever. It could have been quite different if I had approached it, as I would have done maybe a few years ago.

This was the message for today – Don’t try to tackle the situations; tackle yourself.

Have a great day.

Day 144 – Nature supports those with conviction

A few days ago, I shared the lesson about believing in our actions. When we believe in an activity, there is much more momentum and clarity, bringing motivation to the work. Everything becomes much more straightforward, and even if obstacles occur, such as the opinions of others or unexpected diversions, this belief keeps the momentum.

Mohanji has also shared before that when you approach an activity with a pure intention and a strong conviction, nature comes to support you, and nature helps you. He said nature loves people who have conviction. Looking back on his words, he said that most people don’t have conviction in actions, which means the action becomes so weak that we don’t get the required result.

To be successful, express yourself in the world and become the world for people, you have to invest yourself with conviction. “And then”, he said, “All the required resources will come”. I can see this very clearly from his activities, all the platforms and the work we’re doing. Many people are now coming forward to support with resources, time, skill, and land; whatever it is, it’s all coming together for this single focus and his conviction. 

I’m now learning this myself and practising it. The Humane Airports Campaign is an example of this, where we have a clear, purposeful and pure intention to bring change to a system so that regardless of where people are from, their colour, or their nationality, people are treated with respect. There’s a conviction to move this forward. It’s amazing how people have come together; they’ve come forward to show their support, and we’ve moved a lot in the past weeks. We were able to get the website up and running in a very quick time. At least in the first version, social media channels and other conversations are progressing. We’re focusing now on what will be happening this coming week. 

It’s an excellent example for me and learning of having that conviction and what comes from it.

I hope you have a good day ahead.


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