My surrendered destiny

By Dr Harpreet Wasir, India

6th April 2014, 9.05 pm, New Delhi, India 

This time and day changed everything. Mohanji came to me as my time had come. What was conceived with just a look and the Shaktipat matured into faith and surrender with complete conviction and consistency!

From then on, nothing mattered in my life as the plugging was done from my side. He had taken over my steering wheel. All I had to do was complete my karma as a doctor and my dharma as a family and social individual with complete focus on only one thing – Mohanji! He knows the best for me. I leave the rest to his will with complete ACCEPTANCE of all results and outcomes. 

The path was never a smooth one. I still go through the most challenging situations in my life, which often not only test but also get me on my knees. However, it gives me the divine strength and direction in thoughts and actions to deal with them.

What changed then?

It was the mere presence of my Guru, guide, teacher, and companion who had taken the responsibility to mould me with my complete acceptance by surrendering to him as my Master.

Days, months and years passed by. The past taught me to deal with the present and to walk into the future with complete faith. I was never alone ever. The external seemed to diminish with a new internal birth – deep within. External sounds though heard loud and clear, started getting me more into inner silence.

The situations around started changing into stillness; the birth of a state of silence, thoughtlessness and cessation of breath seemed possible. The depth of connection between the giver and the receiver was maturing as more complex situations, often multiple at one go gave pain but never any suffering as if he had covered this body and soul of mine with this impenetrable armour, his SHIVAKAVACHAM.

With this, he started teaching me the process of awareness by first making me slowly understand his actions and later accept all events and eventualities without taking responsibility for anything. Life seemed manageable to live with peace and love.

Expectations started to bury themselves over time, and freedom began to grow as another shoot from this tree called LIFE.

Nothing outside ever changed, nor will change. The change was happening inside. The inner genetics was changing to craft a carrier for his Master. 

The difference was that now my work was least about myself, but for all those patients he got me to and those he sent me to. People, not only as patients but from all walks of life, took so much of the MASTER who dwelt in me as he stationed himself in me, driving me to one and all who needed care with love – only with my Guru’s grace.

I submitted my driving handle of whatever life was destined for me in his hands with total faith and surrender, with all my patients, as my Guru knows what’s best and when it’s the best.

Between the two extreme ends of birth and death, I was totally bound by experiences to understand with the full awareness that this is my human birth to unload as much as possible with his grace which was now a real possibility. His seeds of EMPOWERMENT started maturing to understand the insignificance of position, possessions and relationships.

A new life of giving, serving and loving blossomed into a tree. Many began perching on it to receive what my Guru gave to all who came to him, using me as his instrument. The tree’s root was my availability for my Guru to work on me at all times with complete surrender.

He always managed the show, but he taught me the awareness of witnessing the show sometimes as an actor myself and many times as a spectator. I cease to exist. What exists is only him. In return, he teaches total freedom, unbound by anything. I understand it as the final breath to complete an already lived/ liberated living.

My liberation began the day my Guru accepted me and my emptiness to stand in front of him and hear him say within my soul, “I’m ready, are you ready?” That one glance told me I was home with my Father and one with him.

The learning and the journey continue, but now there are two people walking with one set of impressions of footprints on the ground as he is carrying me along always.

My profession as a heart surgeon changed its meaning totally ever since the journey started. From mine to his, results to acceptance – it gave a new dimension as a doctor in a bigger and different way. It was now his healing, his hands, his directions and his results. My belief became much stronger; all he sends to me are meant for me, and he is the doer.

Thus with this awareness, the concept of hours or days, morning or night, food or no food, events, functions, and holidays disappeared. What was left was total acceptance of everything that came to me at all times.

My Guru stands by me, holding my thoughts and actions through my mind and hands, and does it all for everyone he sends to me. Each patient and every individual gets my Guru in every possible way, through his will.

Birds, animals and all living beings also get as much. Even non-living objects which have taken any instrumental form receive the grace of my Guru as I see and feel the live atoms they are composed of. What a life of oneness with my Guru! I feel this when I sit in some corner with silence being my only partner in the quietness amidst this life full of noises and chaos.

I know well that the next moment I have to drive into the same madness of life, and it’s totally different now. The inner silence and fullness of no demands nor expectations and only giving much more each time prevails over all physical imbalances of life. The state of looking at how, where, and whom to give myself through my Guru’s guidance is all I live by in this existence.

This ongoing journey continues to be a physical and mental guide towards completion, the final destination known only to him. Life is now a process of unburdening, unloading and unfolding, thus living the purest form of love and happiness, which comes through only by giving back everything possible to all those seeking.

The driver will always be the Guru as he is our unquestionable GPS system. All that is required is to hand over the steering wheel of our lives into his hands and keep doing our dharma and complete karma to the fullest.

In the end, it will never be about them and me. It was and is only about him and me. I bow down to MOHANJI, the FORMLESS and UNCONDITIONAL energy which has come into my life as my GURU AND GUIDE to serve with the motto of patients first, rest all second.

May I live my Guru’s teachings always!


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