Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 161 & 162

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 161 – Refocus and Refresh our Destination

The past few days here in Slovenia have been very busy and also exciting. Yesterday, I was traveling to look at materials for the land. We’re setting up the boundaries around the space that we have. We were searching for good wood, which we can use to create fencing. Right now, we’re repairing the space. It has also been really lovely to meet local people who are connected to the activities here via Devi and the meditations that are taking place. They’re all really enthusiastic about the project, very friendly and helpful. It’s a real blessing to have their support.

Something that we were talking about at this time, because of COVID, was the need to adapt and refocus according to the changing situations. Some of these guys with whom we are now working also have their projects, but because of COVID, it’s extremely unpredictable, but they’ve also enjoyed Mohanji’s message, which is: What we can do today, we should do today, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so take steps. This is generally aligned with the main theme of this year about flexibility, which is what he said everybody can benefit from in these times.

The other day when I was speaking with Mohanji, about some of the activities, he mentioned that at times in life, in big situations and small situations, there comes a need to refocus and refresh our own destination. We may have had a clear destination set out to begin with, but as we move towards it, sometimes we will encounter detours, distractions, diversions, or situations and environments will change. That need to refocus and refresh the destination is very important.

The good thing about being with Mohanji is that he always provides clarity and he always has a clear focus, which minimizes the detours, wherever possible. Now I’m really following and embracing this, but from time to time, I also look at my individual activities within the office as well and arrange myself so that I can bring focus back to them, as many of them are happening in parallel. I’m finding that it’s always good to be able to reassess and refresh the destination based on the situation now. This includes my own personal goals. If I look back at my life, there were probably some key moments where I had extreme clarity and focus, but then for some reason, whatever it was, over time, I took many detours and diversions.

One of the most clear times for me was upon leaving university. I had a very clear picture of what I wanted to be doing work-wise, what I thought I could do, but at that time, I also really wanted to be doing something that contributed positively towards the world, but through lifestyle, time, situations, and events, I took many detours and distractions from that aspect – doing something for the world. That part of my dream lost focus somewhat. Now with the work in the platforms, I’ve been able to refresh that destination and Mohanji has definitely helped bring more focus and clarity to the contributions that I can make.

Day 162 – Slovenia land visit (Mohanji Peace Centre)

Yesterday, I visited the land in Slovenia with Mohanji. This is a location for the Mohanji Peace Center, which will become one of the centers of benevolence, which will come up all across the world. I’ve shared before that the vision for these is very distinct. They will be real messages to the world for all that we stand for – living in harmony with nature. There’ll be a place where all the practices will be available, there’ll be halls, places to stay, there’ll be the forest with all the rishis and munis, there will be places for meditation, and we’ll have the lake for all the beings of the water. Here, on this land, we should even be able to build a cave into the ground where there’ll be an idol of Babaji, and people can sit in there and practice Kriya. It’ll generally just be a beautiful space for peace and coming together.

A few days back, we had the surveyor come to the land, to establish the exact boundaries of the site. This is so that we know exactly where we are before we begin fencing the land. We had come to check this after they’d done the work, and I also believe that Mohanji wanted to come here to energize the land. I’ve been with him in India before when we went to Ganeshpuri, and he did that then too, he walked on the land. At that time, it resulted in his foot swelling up as if he cleared something from the land that had come to his foot. As we set off from the apartment, there were heavy, grey skies and soon enough, as we began to get closer to the land, there was a downpour of rain; it was actually so bad that it was difficult to see the road with the windscreen wipers going, it was that heavy. The rain eased somewhat as we reached the site, and surprisingly, or not surprisingly, when he stepped out of the car onto the land, the clouds began to clear and the sun broke through and quickly cleared into very warm, bright sunshine.

First, we stood on the edge of the land at the hilltop and I pointed out where we’d marked out the new border, took in the ambiance, looking out to the site from the top, and just had a moment just to see how this year’s new green or new growth was coming through onto the trees. Mohanji has been meticulous with the activities of the land. I think many would be surprised by the level of detail that he keeps track of. He supervises closely, and those exact boundaries were an important topic for a few weeks, so as to avoid any complications in the future.

We walked around the top of the site, past the old buildings and also where we installed one of the bird feeders. We also checked one of the buildings there that has potential for renovation. As we walked, he asked me, “Did you notice a change in the weather?” I had, and I smiled to myself because there’d been a complete change from dark rain clouds to clear skies and bright sun. I’ve experienced it sometimes before when the weather surprisingly changed in his presence, although Mohanji obviously didn’t outwardly say anything.

For me, it’s exciting to be there, because as there’s movement happening, all these activities are coming together. It means that we’re not far away from having a physical space where programs can be hosted and events can be had. It’s a space that can be open all year for people to come, with beautiful peaceful surroundings, and obviously, Mohanji will be there too.

On the way back there was another example of how he takes a close, detailed account of things that you wouldn’t even think of. He asked me if I knew the distance from the center of the land, the land itself, to the house. I didn’t, so I said, “I’m not sure.” He said, “Okay, well let’s go back, we’ll drive back and we’ll check. I’d like to know.” I drove back and we reset the distance clock on the car. I was surprised that he was checking each bit of detail. How far we were to the edge of the land, the nearest house, how close we were to the main road, then to the village and the home. It’s really quite amazing, the level of detail that he takes into account.

So, soon, we’re hoping this year to have something ready where we can begin hosting the first programs.


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