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By Arvind CS and Eesha Arvind, Canada

Eesha and I visited Mohanji’s Datta Tapovan Ashram on August 27 2022, for the 4th-anniversary celebrations. We arrived just before the afternoon aarthi. Other devotees were present at the ashram, and Eesha was blessed with the opportunity to start the aarthi for Mohanji. The divine energy at the ashram was electric. I closed my eyes and could feel the energy enveloping me, taking me in its arms and swaying me in Baba’s infinite beauty. I am unable to find words to describe the feeling other than “Pure Bliss.” 

After the aarthi, we all got together for a nutritious and tasty lunch followed by lively discussions. One of the devotees, Aruna, shared her musical journey and her experiences with the group. She also shared her music along with songs sung by her father. Watching the videos and listening to the songs, Eesha, who was sitting next to Aruna, was getting excited. Eesha shared her musical journey also and one of her older videos of playing the sitar. During the discussions, we mentioned that Eesha has not been playing for over a year now, as she did not have a sitar. Listening to this, Aruna immediately shared that she has her father’s sitar and would be able to lend it to Eesha to practise. 

Eesha was always musically inclined, and she was taking sitar classes in Edmonton, which were discontinued due to our move in July 2021. We have been looking to purchase a sitar, but it has never happened for almost a year. The high cost of purchasing a new quality sitar was prohibitive, and other avenues of finding a sitar never materialized. 

Eesha was finally getting a sitar, and this was happening at the ashram in Mohanji’s and Baba’s presence. Both Eesha and I were very happy. As it slowly started sinking in, we were overwhelmed by the kindness and the grace of the Master, Mohanji. We had almost decided not to go to the ashram, but something in me compelled me to go. Mohanji orchestrated everything and made it all happen with so much grace and love. It was a wonderful experience for both Eesha and me. 

Following this, the very next day, Aruna invited us to her house for tea. The sitar holds many sentimental and emotional memories for Aruna and her family as it belonged to her late father. Aruna showed Eesha the sitar. Eesha was initially hesitant to play the sitar, but with encouragement she started playing a tune on the sitar, and the tune she remembered was “Om Sai Namo Namaha.” We brought the sitar home and kept it in front of Mohanji, thanking him for his love and graciousness.  

Eesha’s experience in her own words:

“The next day, I was sitting in front of our altar and looking at Mohanji’s picture. It looked like Mohanji was smiling at me. Then Mohanji’s aarti came to my mind, and I wanted to play it on the sitar. I wasn’t sure I would be able to play it, but I felt like I should at least give it a try. I started to play the strings and initially was having trouble getting the notes and the tune right. 

But something in me wanted to continue practising. After a few attempts, I got the rhythm of the aarthi and played it to mom. My mom recorded it and shared it with Aruna and her friends. Later in the day, mom shared that Mohanji liked it. I was very happy. It was suggested that I do a video recording. I did not want to do this and was very hesitant. Mohanji gave me the idea to make an audio recording. I practiced the next day and stayed up late perfecting the aarthi and recording it.”

Often times when my parents ask me to play or practise the sitar, I really don’t want to play it, but when I sit in front of Mohanji, the music just takes over, and it flows through me. I forget everything, and it’s just me and my sitar, and it’s like someone else is playing the sitar. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for your grace and blessings. I would like to continue playing the sitar, perfecting the art and sharing it with everyone to enjoy.”


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