Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 159 & 160

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 159 – Beware of ‘Quick Fix’ Spirituality 

The other day I spoke to Mohanji, and our conversation focused on the progress of the activities happening here in Slovenia. As we talked, the conversation started to touch on the path Mohanji is laying out for everybody, a Dharmic path of righteousness, which he is bringing to the world. He said that following the path of Dharma is precarious because you have to stay within the rules of Dharma for all activities, whereas if you are with adharma (unrighteousness), there are no rules; you can do whatever you like. The dharmic principles are included in what Mohanji delivers through his transformational practices and methods, such as Mai-Tri and MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method); they always include the statement, “As karmically correct or allowed,” so karma is never interfered with.

He shared when we were speaking that this isn’t always the case for other people who are seemingly delivering practices and transformation or offering quick-fix solutions or a path to spirituality. In healing, for example, he shared that many people apparently can heal – they can cure a disease, take some ailment away, or do something for somebody, but people might not see how they’re doing that. Healing needs to be fully understood because someone may be able to give somebody quick relief from pain or an illness, but if it was karmically necessary for it to happen, it still needs to happen. What that means is that somebody could potentially have temporary relief, but you don’t know the cost because karma can’t be easily moved.

This could potentially come back and come back with interest; the person who they’ve gone to could just shift it to another time, maybe another lifetime, so it’s temporarily gone but comes back with more. The person or the practitioner can be seen in high light, but actually, they’ve not done much. In fact, they could have potentially created something worse. He shared the story of a young lady who was very interested in kundalini activation happening quickly. She paid a tantric practitioner something like 500,000 INR to activate this. 

Mohanji has shared that Kundalini will naturally rise once all the blockages have been removed. Once all the existing karmic blockages have been taken out of the system, it progresses naturally, which is what he explains well during Kriya and the training, which everybody does as part of Kriya. If there are blockages and yet people jumpstart Kundalini, then it can deviate. It can either go to the Sun (Pingala) – create some madness, or to the Moon (Ida) – create depression. 

This is what happened to this lady; she had gone into a kind of madness. When she came to Mohanji, he asked her to go back to the same tantric practitioner and ask him to put it straight. She did that, paid again, and did the Pooja- the necessary ritual, but still, she was the same. Finally, the practitioner admitted that he didn’t know how to change it; he didn’t know how to take it back.

This is why, in Mohanji’s initiation, protection is created so that when Kundalini does rise, there’s no deviation; it’s safe. Then through the practices that we have of karma yoga (service), everything is being reduced and done in a stable way. It may not be a quick fix like what others might offer. It takes time, but then there are no quick fixes in spirituality. People going for them must be wary of the cost because sometimes people may not even know its repercussions.

Day 160 – Catching the Dimensions of Mohanji

I’d shared a message a few days back about the mosaic of Mohanji, his various dimensions and that the more time I spend with him, the less I understand. I also shared some words from a great saint who said that people wouldn’t fully understand Mohanji whilst he is alive, but those with him will be remembered long after that.

Recently, Soma ji, the Ammucare Team President, shared an incredible story, which gave me a clear insight into something much grander and incomprehensible than what my eyes can see about Mohanji, who’s in front of me. It was an incredible incident at the recent food serving for the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, India. For those who might not know, Kumbh Mela is a colossal event where all great saints, sages and sadhus gather to take a dip in the river. It’s a very auspicious time of the year for this activity, and it holds a lot of spiritual significance in the Hindu calendar. Most years, Mohanji takes people there, I also joined one year in Prayagraj, and it was incredible.

I was there when Mohanji decided we needed to arrange food for the event. It came to him, and he wanted to ensure that people were fed there because many great saints and sadhus would be attending. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to serve there. It was difficult due to COVID, and the team was very cautious. They didn’t know how to do the Seva considering the many logistical difficulties, but Mohanji was determined. Despite these concerns, Mohanji didn’t take no for an answer, so the usual ‘Get it done’ order came. When he says this, it also comes with the empowerment to make it happen.

I was sitting with Mohanji the other day, he was in the room, and I was busy doing some work when he called me over to his chair and said, “Take a look at this. Read this message”. It was a message from Soma Ji. It was a fascinating experience shared by the people serving food at Haridwar. I’ll share the link to the full story because it’s extensive, and I won’t be able to do full justice as I speak now, but I’ll share it in summary.

The team in Haridwar had arranged for food to be delivered on that day. They had put all the food together, collected it, and arranged an auto rickshaw as they wanted to reach the ghats (steps leading into the water where people go to bathe) just before evening so that they could feed the sadhus dinner. As the team drove along the road, maybe a few kilometres from where they wanted to go, a Naga Baba appeared from the forest. (If you’ve ever seen pictures, these are the saints who are mainly naked with long matted hair, big beard, ash smeared all over them from head to toe, quite a sight.)

 He shouted at the driver, “Where are you taking our food?” This would be a terrifying sight for me to see this Naga Baba appearing from the jungle, calling out and commanding. The team continued to drive, but the auto rickshaw just stopped. It completely stopped dead; it wouldn’t move as if it had completely broken down.

The Naga Baba shouted again, “Where are you taking our food? This food is for us!” The team said, “Okay, Let’s give them the food; we’re going to be feeding people anyway.” They followed the Naga Baba through the forest, and I think it was quite a long walk – through the darkness, through all the trees and plants and everything; they didn’t know where they were going. Soon they came to a clearing, and as it opened, more than eleven Naga Sadhus were sitting in a circle, waiting for the food. The team brought the food and began to serve. One Naga Baba said, “We know who sent this food. He’s very far away, but we know the one.” 

They later said, “He is an Avadhoota; you’ll never understand him. He is beyond your comprehension and understanding. You do not know his grandeur.” After the team finished serving the food and gave their prostrations, they returned to their auto rickshaw, which automatically started working again.

I was reading this message (it was a text message) and looked up at Mohanji, smiling away. These incidents are always an opportunity for me to catch a tiny glimpse of something much bigger than my eyes can see. The only thing I can do in those situations is laugh because it sometimes brings relief when I’m focused on trivial matters and dealing with too much seriousness. Mohanji sits there in his chair, organizing these types of things.

Now I’ve even asked, “How is this possible?”

I feel I am handling something major, and here Mohanji, from his chair, is ensuring that he’s even feeding people in this forest in Haridwar. Now I could see why he was insistent that food should be served this year at the Kumbh Mela.

 For me, these are some of the real insights which give a glimpse into who Mohanji is. I can’t say that I can understand them; as the saints said, we may never fully understand. These small insights are a little window into something much more profound and bigger than I see on the surface. I think it’s only through these experiences that revelations come about what Mohanji is doing and his stature because he never says anything himself. He’s always very humble and will never outwardly say that these things are being done, and I’ve seen that in many cases now.

Thinking back on some other experiences that I’ve read about or stories that I read from blogs, it’s almost as if you can thread together beads of moments when something has been shown. Nothing is outwardly told, but if you catch it, it’s almost like you can slowly put together a bigger picture of a dimension of Mohanji – for example, Ganeshananda Giri, who’s a great master that walked with Sai Baba, completely revered Mohanji. When he met Mohanji, Sai Baba told him that because of Mohanji’s past, he needed to be in suitable accommodation, so he arranged a five-star hotel for him. He’d never been into a five-star hotel himself. Mohanji didn’t need this, he would be happy sleeping on the floor somewhere, but Baba had told them to arrange this, which gives a flavour.

There was Vittal Babaji, a great Dattatreya pontiff who gave him the title Raja Yogi within five minutes of meeting Mohanji. He asked Mohanji to sit with him next to him on stage, which is unprecedented for a pontiff of that stature because there’s strict protocol. Mohanji has no protocols, but a lot of people in these traditions do. If you’re the pontiff, then you’re at the front; nobody sits beside you. People will sit behind, just like the Pope sits at the front others sit behind, but Mohanji was asked to sit next to Vittal Babaji.

 It’s showing something, a clear message for me; these are precious opportunities and confirmations of something impossible to comprehend with the usual two forward-facing eyes.

 Here is the link to the full story – https://mohanjichronicles.wordpress.com/2021/04/20/miracle-at-kumbh-mela-2021/


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