Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 177 & 178

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 177 – The unreal can seem real!

Yesterday, a podcast was released from Mohanji, wherein he spoke about these times, which are in the time of kaliyuga. During these times, the real can seem unreal, and the unreal, real. Many people believe that they are connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness deeply and some have even claimed to be channeling Mohanji, or that Mohanji is sitting next to them. Often, this is more of a projection of their own minds or a manipulation from something else. For some people, this has caused confusion, as they’re seemingly getting messages from Mohanji, but actually, it’s something else.

This can become a trap. Because more often than not, what is being spoken about is in complete contradiction to what Mohanji would actually say, or from what he teaches. This can actually derail people from the path. The best thing to do is double-check with official channels via email. We have the help desk, which is manned by ācāryas, or the individual could even contact an ācārya directly.

Having spent some time with Mohanji, although I haven’t experienced this myself, I’m aware that it’s possible for entities to take the form of someone’s chosen connection, in their dreams, and speak to them. They have a manipulative nature; they have a purpose or an agenda for doing this. One story was about a lady. I think she had been suffering many problems in her life, lots of difficulties and negativities. She said that one evening, Mohanji had appeared in her dream and they were discussing things and she was sharing all the troubles and problems in her life. In the dream, Mohanji had said, “Okay, all your problems or your negativities are because of your cat. Your cat is causing this, so you should kill the cat.” Now Mohanji would never say anything like this. He would never ever suggest killing another being. Thankfully, this lady spoke about it and clarified the situation. When I heard that story, I couldn’t believe it at first, but there is a possibility that entities could come in whatever chosen form it is, of connection and share information, advice or request something.

There was another example of this related to Sathya Sai Baba. Two devotees were very, very deeply connected to Sathya Sai Baba, they were very connected to the organization. They had good positions. They were two highly qualified doctors working in the government, so they were paid well. Over a series of months, or it might have been years, the lady, the wife regularly had a dream, wherein Sathya Sai Baba was appearing and requesting that they transfer funds to the Sansthan. She was doing this regularly. Because obviously, it’s Sathya Sai Baba coming into their dream and they revere him, so they do his bidding. Over time, all her savings were depleted. Then she had to start looking at her husband’s savings and this is when they realised something was a bit wrong. They asked to speak to Mohanji, and I think they are they were a bit unsure about this because they didn’t want to seem disrespectful to Sathya Sai Baba, but it was a problem. They explained what was happening, that he was coming into the dream and requesting money.

Mohanji told them that that’s definitely not Baba, he would not do that; he will not request money like this. He never requested money when he was in the body, so he wouldn’t be doing it now. He said, “The next time he appears, tell him you’re not doing it anymore. You’re not transferring it.” They were hesitant. They were not sure, because of their reverence for Baba; what would he say? Mohanji said, “Okay, well, how about this: You tell him, Mohanji told you so and I’ll take all the responsibility”. The next time it happened, she did this and it never happened again. It was something else, some entity taking a form, probably with the intention of draining all funds, so that eventually they detach from this, because everything’s gone, it has caused problems, and then they leave.

There are entities, I now understand, who can do this and will do this. The intention for today, which I am sharing, is just to give more of a story to the podcast which was shared yesterday, just to be careful. Be aware, and if there is any need for clarification, the official channels are always there.

Day 178 – Consistent connection is the practice

I’ve been with Mohanji for some time now, and what I’m experiencing, as I’m sure many others are, is that life is changing and transforming for the positive. From day to day, it’s a gradual change and that’s purely coming from the connection to Mohanji. It hasn’t been through any outward practices, although there is Kriya, which I practice, and I also practice yoga. It hasn’t been through these practices, so to speak, or any classroom or lecture-style teaching. It’s simply the connection, working closely with him, working for the platform, giving time to all these great activities which we’re doing.

Through this, I’m experiencing the changes in my life, for the positive. It has been a tough way sometimes, working closely with Mohanji, but rather than any practices, so to speak, it’s real discipline that’s helped the relative progress on this path. Discipline and determination, the two Ds which Mohanji speaks about regularly; determination to keep focused, to keep moving forward. Regardless of any challenges that my mind puts in the way; patterns, thoughts, or trying to go back to familiarity, back to comfort zones. Rajesh has said really beautifully before that it’s like hanging on to the tail of a tornado, which I think is a very apt description which only Rajesh would be able to imagine.

Thinking of some of the changes, which I’ve shared before, but wanted to share again, because they have come to my mind; firstly, it’s developing acceptance, much more acceptance of myself with all my quirks, my many rough edges, and blind spots, which are pointed out fairly regularly, and any other aspects which wouldn’t have been so pleasant to address before. This has brought much more calm and peace. The second, which I think is related to that acceptance, is fearlessness. I couldn’t quite say that all fears have been eliminated, but there’s a new sense of this fearlessness, not worrying. Mainly, this was connected to the fears or worries that I’d have about what others think. The fear of society, would people judge me, how would this be seen, because that’s a by-product, I’m now seeing, of acceptance. The third is increased faith. This is something which I never really understood well, or experienced, before, it was just a term; it was just a concept to me. But now, developing that, cultivating that, is what’s coming from the connection with Mohanji. Whatever is coming for me, whether my mind is happy or not with it, whether it likes it or not, recognising that it’s good for me on my path. That it’s something that I have to go through.

So, when I look at what Mohanji has taught me in the traditional sense, it’s purely to stay connected, and for that, it has been necessary to cultivate determination and discipline. This is what Mohanji really insists and stresses on, that those two Ds are very important. Thinking back to the first days, when I connected with him, I was already very interested in the various different practices; meditations, yoga, chanting, especially Kriya. But now, having had the opportunity to work closely with him… I imagined that we would be sitting in that style of learning environment, “Okay, this is what this practice is for. This is this technique. You can learn this. This will give you this. This will do this”. But actually, with this path, it’s not the case. It’s not about what’s being given. It’s simply about connection, and then automatically the change happens.

Of course, there are the practices which have their benefit. There’s no doubt about that. There are practices to bring people into alignment as well as the chanting to increase certain aspects that people would like to increase, but mostly, I’ve learned that it’s the discipline of being connected and the determination to just keep going, no matter what.


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