A love that calls

by Rekha Murali, Chennai, India

Mohanji speaks about unconditional love that sets us free. But can this pure love be a calling between a Guru and his follower? In my experience, it is true to the happiness of all concerned.

Recently, Mohanji was in Chennai, where I live in southern India. He was on a private visit, and I heard from someone about his impending visit. Fortunately, a day before his arrival, I got official confirmation that he was visiting Chennai and wanted to visit the Mohanji Ka Aangan in Chennai. 

My joy knew no bounds, and I immediately started preparing for this visit. It seemed like a dream, although I deeply yearned to have Mohanji set foot in the Aangan and bless the beautiful girls there.

Mohanji Ka Aangan in Chennai was inaugurated in 2021 with Mohanji’s blessings, although I have been associated with this shelter for homeless girls for more than five years. Most girls here are children of poor single parents/homeless, or abandoned. A couple of us (volunteers) have been regularly meeting the girls, teaching them yoga and shlokas and doing some activities to enhance their learning, such as handcrafts, language activities and games. Besides this, we celebrate all important events together, such as Mohanji’s birthday, Guru Purnima, Ammucare day and other festivals during which the kids are treated to delectable food and new clothing.

Currently, this shelter houses 27 girls. During each visit, the girls eagerly ask if they would get to meet Mohanji. My reply was to always connect deeply and lovingly with him, pulling Mohanji to Chennai with their love. The kids were all given Mohanji’s picture cards, with which some of them connected deeply with Mohanji.

On November 6th, 2022, we celebrated Ammucare day at the Aangan along with Sulosh Pillay from ACT Foundation, South Africa. The girls again voiced their desire to meet Mohanji at the Aangan. I then narrated the recent accident that Mohanji was in and asked them to chant the Mohanji Gayatri. Then all of us sat in silence and prayed for his well-being and also set a deep intention that he should visit us at the Chennai Aangan. We recorded a video inviting him to Chennai. Sulosh shared this with Mohanji. The celebrations continued that day, and soon all was forgotten as we went about our daily activities.

A few days later, on November 25th, to the happy surprise of all, Mohanji did visit the Aangan. It was a pleasant, beautiful evening filled with joy and smiles. Till they set eyes on Mohanji, the children could not believe that they were actually going to meet Mohanji in his physical form. The excitement in the air was palpable, and the children were dressed in their best clothes and eagerly looked forward to his visit.

Mohanji was greeted with the sound of drums performed beautifully and in unison by some girls. Then we welcomed him with a garland and arati. Everyone assembled in a cosy place, and some of the children offered their pranaams to Mohanji. The kids had just returned from school, and Mohanji sensing their hunger, suggested they be given something to eat first.

After a sumptuous snack with two types of cakes, a vegetable puff and a drink, the kids performed two beautiful dances. It was also the birthday of one of the volunteers travelling with Mohanji. So it was a double celebration. The girls wanted an individual photo with Mohanji while receiving their goody bags. The kids enjoyed themselves as it was a casual get-together, and they connected with all the volunteers freely. I shared with Mohanji about the prayers of the children. Mohanji only nodded and smiled as he knew it all.

When Mohanji decided to leave, there were beaming smiles and hearts filled with gratitude and love. Everybody was content and joyous. In that hour and a half, everyone basked in the aura of Mohanji.  

This entire event had me thinking. It was unbelievable that Mohanji visited this small Aangan in Chennai, as there seemed little likelihood of this happening. In our small Mohanji family in Chennai, the possibility of Mohanji visiting seemed unlikely. Most of us do meet Mohanji in other locations and retreats.

So the only logical conclusion for this unexpected and beautiful visit could be the pure love of the children. This pure love between Mohanji and the kids was palpable, and the Guru could not resist the pining call of the children. And through this gesture, Mohanji fulfilled many desires of the volunteers too! Where the call is pure and unconditional, the Guru feels bound to answer that call.

Mohanji has been visiting many places in India despite a massive setback in his health and filling the hearts of people he meets with joy and contentment. Only he knows the purpose of each visit and meeting. But one thing is for sure – He does his job.


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  1. Jai Mohanji. So happy for the Childrens and our Guru practice what he preach .
    Shastang Pranams at you divine feet.

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