A Message on Datta Jayanti – Part 1: The Helping Hand

by Jack Barratt, UK

Today is Datta Jayanti. It is the day that we pay our respects to Lord Dattatreya and His principles of non-violence, inclusivity, unconditional love, deep transformation and complete liberation. From the time of the great Avatar, Shripad Shri Vallabha, and up until today, Dattatreya has been continuously present through the forms of his Embodied Emanations. Indeed, up until the very end of this present era, of Kali Yuga, Dattatreya will continue to manifest Himself through the presence of Perfectly Enlightened Avadhootas in order to keep the flame of Sanatana Dharma burning on this Earth.

Lord Dattatreya is not like an ordinary soul that floats around the various dimensions of created existence before deciding to take another birth. He is rather an all-encompassing Principle – He is That which manifests the Truth of the Supreme Consciousness through a distinct signature that is designed to connect to sentient beings of a certain karmic constitution. Thus, in order for Datta to manifest, he sacrifices nothing of his own all-pervading, all-knowing and all-powerful stature; just like when we use a candle to light another candle, Lord Datta simply parts off a part of His own Nature and encases it within the five sheaths, or koshas, of manifested elemental existence. This is how those Sublime Beings that are known as Datta Avatars take birth in this world time and time again.

In this day and age, we have been blessed with the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He is the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in history to fully modernise the Tradition by creating various methods, practices and platforms that allow people to connect their consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness of Lord Datta and his Tradition of spiritual perfection. The higher stations of this great Tradition will always remain the same and are unalterable. They are reached through the process of total dissolution – which is to be accomplished through gradual absorption into nirbija samadhi, which is that state where there is no-mind, no personality and no karmic pattern – a state of absolute interior silence that must, in order to be perfected, be seamlessly integrated into a natural benevolent life in the world. Now, in this day and age, Mohanji has provided a path for all pure and sincere beings to eventually reach this state from wherever they presently stand. This is a tremendous, unfathomable grace and blessing from the higher realms of existence.

The Datta Tradition

There is a reason why Mohanji has been sent at this present time. It is because we are approaching a time where a deep divide will manifest within the collective consciousness of humanity. Beings will either go one way or another – towards a future of continuous war, interspecies violence and technological slavery, or towards the eternal bliss of what is real and its expressions through unconditional love and selfless service.

As certain forces in the world, and the overall vibration of this Earth becomes denser, there will be less of a middle-ground between these two extremes of divine living and ignorant, violent, miserable existing. Brahmarishi Mohanji has been sent as a lifeboat from the higher realms – he has been sent as a hand for people to grasp onto in order to lift themselves up. The Tradition will always continue, and as long as there remains beings who long for Liberation, Avadhootas will be continually be sent to provide a path for them, to provide the necessary grace, power and guidance.

But there will perhaps be no Being that makes this path as easy and accessible as Mohanji has made it. Future Emanations of Lord Dattatreya, due to the times that we are heading into, will either remain hidden in complete or partial physical seclusion, working in the subtler realms, or they will manifest in such an unassuming, unexpected or apparently ordinary way that only those with an already highly refined and subtle spiritual perception will be able to recognise their true stature, and thus take their blessings.

Mohanji has appeared in a highly accessible form. He has travelled the entire world giving methods, teachings and blessing to all living and non-living beings continually on levels that may be entirely imperceptible to most people. No one that has come to him has been turned away. He has even allowed people of all kinds, without prior qualification, to touch his divine body and lotus feet, to hug him and take pictures, etc. This is unprecedented behaviour for an Avadhoota, and it is yet another sign that Mohanji has been sent as a helping hand, as a true ‘Friend of the World’, to allow as many people as possible to tie themselves to this Tradition, to begin building their foundations in the realms of spiritual perfection before it becomes a lot more difficult to do so in the times that our approaching.

The time to connect is now. Those who do not connect themselves to the Consciousness of Mohanji right now, with full love, sincerity and the genuine desire to become Liberated Beings will struggle to hang on to the Path and Tradition of Lord Dattatreya in the times that are to come. This is the Path of Fire, where we must continually be in the process of relinquishing, to the degree that we are capable, all patterns of personal karmic perception, thinking and acting in order to stay connected and merge ourselves into the Consciousness of the Higher Realms on ever-deepening levels. If we cannot do that, then when the Tradition ‘shakes its tree’ by triggering people’s egos and making them increasingly uncomfortable within their rigid, self-limiting prisons of conditioned thinking and perceiving, then such people will be thrown off unceremoniously.

It will never be as easy as it is now. The Path, the Tradition will be there. Lord Datta will be there. Sai Baba will be there. Mohanji, albeit in a subtler form, will be there. The helping hand will certainly be there. But it is now an undeniable fact – those of us who wish to hold on to that hand will have to do more.

Mundane karmic life is eternal – but it is unconscious and ultimately unfulfilling. The divine life is also eternal – but it is experienced consciously in, and as, the Sublime Light-Ocean of Sat Chit Ananda. The great Avadhoota, Brahmarishi Mohanji has provided a way for all beings to reach those illumined shores of perfection in one lifetime. May all sincere, worthy beings grasp onto his golden lotus feet whilst there is still time.

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