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Narrated by Surya Sujan, India

Volunteering is for our purification. Ammucare Charitable Trust/ ACT Foundation volunteers are always focused on their Mission – Helping the helpless. Here is an amazing life story told by Ammucare Kerala Head, Smt. Surya Sujan on how our global family stopped a family in Kerala from committing suicide. With the collaborative action of Vim Raj, a volunteer from South Africa and Smt. Surya Sujan, a family consisting of parents and two daughters, now hope to have a blessed, happy life.

There was a message from one Mr Hari on a FB page named Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Balvikas Group, which had 33K active followers. “Sairam, can you please help my family? We are on the way to suicide. There is no other way. Lord, please help.” Vim Raj, a volunteer from South Africa, understood that this urgent message in the group had gone unnoticed, and she immediately advised Hari that life is precious and we have no right to take it and inquired more about him and found him to be from Kerala.

Immediately this info reached Mohanji, who directed the screenshot to Mr Devadas and me at 8.40 pm on December 3rd Saturday. As it was a serious case to be addressed then and there, I couldn’t hold myself. Volunteering action started then itself. From the address given, I understood Mr Hari is from Kattappana, Idukki District, and the phone number given by Vim Raj was not going through. I immediately contacted Idukki District Project Director and found Mr Hari lives in Azutha Block, and I was forwarded the phone number of the Block Development Officer, Sri Dileep, who recognized me, as I worked in the same Department and had attended various training programs.

He gave me the phone numbers of Sri Ananthakrishnan, the Village Extension Officer, Karunapuram Village and Smt. Vijayakumari, the Block Development Office Member. I couldn’t get the VEO, but, Smt. Vijayakumari helped me a lot since she was luckily free at that time, waiting for her train to Kottayam at the railway station. By 10.30 pm, she traced the whereabouts of Mr Hari and collected his phone number that night itself.

The life story of Mr Hari

The next day, on December 4th morning, I called Mr Hari and found him to be a Film Executive 3 years back who had fallen, damaging his lower back. He did some treatment, but within a few days, he got a stroke, and the left side of his body became paralyzed. An operation for his backbone and pelvic bone had to be done, but since it was a risky operation, he was taking injections (out of seven injections, five were completed).

Sometimes, when one issue happens in a family, other issues pop up simultaneously, and life turns upside down. That happened in this family too. His first daughter, who is 15 years old, started getting poor vision in both eyes. As Hari’s sister had the same problem, he immediately rushed her to Madurai Hospital and operations for both eyes were done. Now, the girl has 40 – 50% vision in both eyes, and nothing else can be done, as per the doctors. She is getting a pension of 1200/- per month for the disabled now.

Hari was in debt of paying nine months’ house rent and had also taken loans from microfinance institutions. The landlord has asked him to leave the house, and the microfinance personnel are pressing him to pay the dues. Because of these conditions, his wife was forced to work in a nearby estate.

He couldn’t sleep thinking about the education of his children, rent dues, debts, medicines and food for his family. He didn’t know where to go with the three ladies of his family when the landlord asked him to leave the house. He nor his wife have any properties of their own. I told him that Mohanji’s mission is not to clear the debts of anyone, but because of their difficult situation, the education needs of his children would be taken into consideration.

Further actions

Knowing the situation is not enough. I contacted the Karunapuram Panchayath President, Mini Prince and requested to visit Mr Hari’s house along with the Ward Member, Smt. Sathi and included him in Kerala Government’s Life Mission for a House for that family. Actions performed by Sri Dileep, Smt. Mini Prince and Smt. Sathi are applaudable. All the representatives were the best in their efforts. They never said ‘later’ or ‘next day.’ Their actions were carried out promptly at the time of need.

All the happenings were informed then and there to Mohanji. Mohanji was with me all the time and guided me to carry out the appropriate actions throughout. Free flow of speech was happening through me. The officials at the other end were also not delaying their actions. It was so wonderful to witness that. Hospital representatives said the operation could be done for free, and other medical expenses could be covered to a certain extent.

Just consoling a person and using kind words may not be enough sometimes. The kind action of our Vim Raj has to be mentioned here. She transferred the nine months’ rent due amounting to Rs.30,000/- to save Mr Hari’s family from being evacuated from the house, which was the family’s most important and immediate need.

Due to our global networking, the most critical situation of mass death was put to an end. The way the Mohanji family all over the world works is amazing to see. A person from South Africa reached out to a person in Kerala for help… amazing and humbling to see this. Thank you, Vim Raj, for your kind heart.

Our beloved Mohanji was enquiring now and then and giving me energy throughout the night and also on subsequent days for helping this family. Thank you, my dearest friend, Mohan, for your kind heart.


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3 thoughts on “Remarkable Mohanji Global Family”

  1. Milicia Bulatovic codinated everything with Surya ji and devadas ji. When i called her she acted and also raised additional funds for costs for family. She took no credit.
    This family was helped because Mohanji decided to ACT. He helped this family.🙏🏽

    Milicia requested photos be sent, Devadasji acted immediately. Mr Harikumar shared photos of Mohanji in his altar and the family has stopped eating meat.
    Thank you Surya ji and Devadas ji and Milicia Bulatovic. 🙏🏽

  2. Thank you Surya ji, Devadasji and Milicia bulatovic.

    They are going to get new house from the Life mission.
    Hospital representatives said the operation could be done for free, and other medical expenses could be covered to a certain extent.

    This is story of pure grace. Mohanji decided to help this family. 🙏🏽

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