Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 185 & 186

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 185 – Don’t let past mistakes drain the energy of today

Mohanji lives his life very practically. He regularly says, “Before being spiritual, be practical.” I’ve been working with him now for over a year, which has given me the opportunity to become involved in many new activities, projects, and work, which I never would have thought of. These have been both great experiences to learn from, and also, in the process, opportunities wherein I’ve made many mistakes. I would even consider some of them as failures on a level, although following Mohanji’s lead, I know that unless we stop, nothing is really a failure. We have to get up and keep moving. This way, we would have learned something, and at least we’re taking steps forward.

I’m a person who likes to do something well, as best as I can, especially if I’ve been entrusted with responsibility. But sometimes, not everything goes to plan. There are difficulties issues, obstacles, or even mistakes. Previously, I would really take these to heart, and what that would mean is that I would be remembering what had happened for a long time, which means I would feel bad, and my motivation, self-esteem, and efficiency too would be affected. Temporarily.

It would take some time to accept that and then carry on. What’s natural is that it completely eclipses all of the accomplishments or progress that would have been made. Following Mohanji’s life, wherein he says that he’s made many mistakes in his lifetime, some of them have been repeated. But the important thing is to move on from those and take the lesson which you get because all of life is an experience. So, taking that lead from Mohanji, it’s learning to take each situation as it comes. We will all make mistakes. But what that does is it creates our present moment at that time, and if we want to be fully effective in that moment, this moment, then we have to let go of what’s happened, even if it’s a mistake, which we really didn’t like at the time, and we have to handle what’s in front of us now, today’s reality, as best we can, because that way, energy is not drained.

If we’re constantly thinking over what’s happened, what could have done, what could have happened better if only we did this, “If only I did that… What if I did this? I should have done this,” then all the energy is completely drained on that mental activity. By being with today, what today’s reality is, all the energies can be focused on the present, and I’ve found that this is incredibly important, especially if there’s something that needs to be corrected, because then you have the right frame of mind to find the solutions at that time.

Mohanji also says, “Be cool in all those situations. Think clearly. Take time, take each step. Remove emotions from the equation. Keep a cool head, so that thinking is more clear. Judgment is better, and then better decisions are made.”

This is an ongoing lesson for me.

Day 186 – With intensity comes quicker transformation

On the path of liberation or the path of the avadhoota, there is a breaking of patterns, habits, comfort zones, and all the constructs and bindings which stop us from experiencing true freedom. Mohanji is guiding people and helping people to cross over those patterns, break the chains, and begin to experience that true freedom from the mind and the senses.

A recent conversation with Mohanji and another, around the dinner table, gave a good example of a pattern that many people hold but can be completely unaware of. I certainly had this until he pointed it out to me in Bangalore, and it was related to food. Somebody had made a comment that in the rush to get to another place, they were eating now because they weren’t sure when they would eat again, but that meant overeating. This was an opportunity for Mohanji to show the mirror and he was sharing that many people are food-orientated, and many people overeat because of an inherent pattern of something that they’ve carried for a long time, especially, if in a previous life, there was a serious lack of food at some point. It would have left an impression, which could be connected to overeating. In some cases, this can be linked to poverty consciousness, or a lack, or not having something, so the compensation for that would be eating more and eating more. This could be something that is carried over into this life. But we still have that pattern, taking that as an example. If we don’t go across that, go beyond it, then that’s something that can be repeated again, especially something which held a deep impression, such as poverty consciousness.

In Bangalore, we would eat a lot, because the food was really good, but it would then also make us sluggish, dull, and tamasic. Mohanji also pointed out to me, at the time, that this is what was happening. It was really intense at the time. That’s also something that is interesting; I now find, spending more time with Mohanji, that sometimes he will deliver a message with intensity, to make sure it’s really felt by the person, so that transformation can happen when he shows the mirror, so that awareness can increase the awareness of that pattern, which then helps them to cross over that pattern.

The other option is if that pattern is too strong, or it’s too uncomfortable for somebody to address, then they’ll prefer to stay with that pattern rather than transform. I use this example of food because it’s something that’s common to all really, and when we speak about patterns, you might think, “Well, what type of pattern?” but this is one, food, overeating, overconsuming, it can be a sign of something else.

Mohanji is guiding people to break old patterns on all levels, even something such as food. Now I see him almost like a precision surgeon, he really can identify within the person what they need to address to help them cross over to help them take the next step. He’ll deliver that with exactly the right intensity to make sure that it’s really felt by the person, that they understand it, because only then can an opportunity for transformation arise.


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