I am an artist working as a full-time painter for more than two decades having my studio in my hometown of Jammu. For many years, I have been suffering from hypertension with the strong symptom of increased palpitation in the heart whenever there is a fluctuation in the blood pressure. I had many doubts about the condition of my heart but somehow I was moving on with my daily routine.

This is last year’s incident. I was working in my studio and went down to the dining room to have my lunch. Soon after my lunch, I came back to my studio to keep working on some project on my computer. Suddenly I had a massive attack of palpitation so much so that it kept on happening with such a strong continuity that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My wife immediately called Mohanji who picked up the call in one ring. My wife narrated the incident to Mohanji, who said, “Put your phone down. I am coming.” After five minutes, Mohanji called back and told my wife that I was safe and there was nothing to worry about. He asked to get my medical checkup done. In the meantime, my brother and bhabhi (sister-in-law) took me to the nursing home for a checkup. All relevant tests were done and the cardiologist prescribed some advance EPS tests which were to be done in Delhi for further investigation.


Mohanji was not in Jammu during this incident. However, I received a call from Sumitji the following day that Mohanji was coming to see me at our place in a few minutes. In fact, they were just outside our home. We were all stunned and at the same time excited to see Mohanji who came soon after with an everlasting beautiful smile on his face. As I was narrating the incident to him, he said that you don’t have any heart problems. It is only because of some weak nerves in my system that had caused the trouble. After listening and meeting with Mohanji, all my anxiety and fear had vanished and I became active and returned back to my routine work again.

Small incidents of a similar nature occurred again two to three times. My son and wife decided that we should certainly go for the Advance EPS tests which were referred by many cardiologists. This was to be done in Delhi. With Mohanji’s grace, one of his followers Dr. Harpreet Wasir at Medanta got us the appointment with one of the top electro physicist of India Dr.Balbir Singh. Medanta is one of the top notch hospitals with all the modern facilities .We packed our baggage and reached Delhi on the day before our appointment with the doctor. Next day on our meeting with Doctor Balbir Singh, he straightaway referred us to go for EPS and angiography both so that all the doubts are cleared.


I got myself admitted and all the initial tests were done. Next day, I had to go for the main EPS and angiography. I lay on the operation table inside the operation theater but there was no fear at all. Perhaps, a little anxiety. However, I could feel a very strong presence of Mohanji in every corner of the room which I could feel all through my tests. Both the tests were done just before my eyes in complete consciousness. They asked me many questions during the test and how they were trying to increase and decrease my heartbeat. Finally, Dr.Balbir concluded that he had checked everything inside my heart. According to him, there is no problem with any of my arteries and everything was normal. There was a strong shivering inside me and tears came rolling down my cheek. Once again, I could hear Mohanji telling me, “You don’t have any heart problem”. But I was completely ignorant not to have faith in my Guru and rather lived in the world of doubts and fear and wasted my precious time.



When I say I am with you I mean it. Because I don’t need a body to be with you – Mohan ji


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