3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2018 (International Yoga Day) we mark our third year of practicing Conscious Walking technique. Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation created by Brahmarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and yet has so many tangible benefits. In the words of many global participants, it calms the mind and increases focus, creates a strong protective layer around the body, inner peace, joy of oneness, increases awareness, cultivates mindfulness, and the benefits are endless.

Please relax, breathe deeply, take our hand and we will guide you shortly throughout the many experiences of the participants from around the globe. Conscious Walking indeed changes lives and touches us deeply. We are eternally grateful to the creator of this beneficial tool for spiritual elevation, Brahmarishi Mohanji.


“Conscious Walking for me is a beautiful technique which helps me calm my mind and move more focused through the day. When I do the Conscious Walking I feel like Mother Earth cherish every step of mine. Just after few minutes of Conscious Walking attention shifts to my spine, integrates and it takes me to deeper realization that everything in this Universe happens for a reason.”

– Dragana TeŇ°anovińá from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12274313_1522744401381875_4628332664461493241_n“While doing CW I experience that I’m walking in an oval shape energy ball. I get lost completely¬† in that energy ball and sometime self withdrawal is hard from that energy.”

–¬†Manisha from Toronto, Canada¬†

“Conscious Walk is way beyond the normal outward walk. Actually, it‚Äôs not¬†a Walk for me but it‚Äôs a ‚ÄúRun‚ÄĚ towards ‚ÄúActual You.‚ÄĚ CW has changed and is directing¬†my life to internal journey. It‚Äôs not only that, but has also created a strong¬†protective layer around me.¬†Thank You MohanJi for giving us and The World, A Very Simple but Very Powerful¬†way of Meditation.”

–¬†Sanjay Acharya¬†from Toronto, Canada¬†

CW (7)

“CW is walking toward our inner peace and connecting to ourselves in silence, with help of the element of air through breathing and the element of earth by walking. It is a journey to ourselves through slow walking.”

–¬†Svetlana Milenkovic – Filipovic¬† from Vrsac, Serbia

For me, CW is the time which spend with my body…. feeling every parts of it…. Feeling pure joy of oneness with the nature… Joy of existence in the body and on our beautiful planet.”

–¬†Maja Ozegovic¬†from Vrsac, Serbia

11217516_1469170143405968_2930067410096562502_n“CW is a movement meditation where we merge ourselves with the nature and focus on our bodies in silence.”

–¬†Hajnalka Pantovic¬†from Vrsac, Serbia

“For me, CW is one of the fastest and most wonderful ways of achieving inner silence. At the same time, it connects me with myself and the whole creation… When I walk I feel that the whole Universe is within my consciousness… Space and time literally disappear… They merge into one eternal Now.”

–¬†Suzana Vemic¬†from Vrsac, Serbia

13221326_1619850491671265_528461184409498020_o“CW is a technique which helps us to dive into ourselves, to merge with ourselves and remember of our true nature over the time!”

–¬†Felicija Zebeljan¬†from Vrsac, Serbia

“CW takes me deep within into a meditative state from where I do not feel like coming out.¬†It makes me feel protected with a shield of Divine Energy. I feel I am inside a Ball of Energy which is invincible from outside.¬†It is so powerful that it takes me almost a full day to step out of the Energy Ball to do my daily chores.”

–¬†Punam Kapoor from Canada¬†

“I feel meditative state – happiness during CW. When I walked¬† first time in the presences of Mohanji , After few minutes, I felt my¬† some energy is rotating through my body…felt so much happiness.. within 10 -15 minutes, I started walking in dancing motion..¬†

¬†I¬† enjoy my moments of¬† Conscious Walk¬† with the inner-self. CW helps me to harmonize myself from the daily routine and stress.”

–¬†Alpa Acharya from Toronto Canada

12748100_1573100229679625_8664186515604402874_o“This technique that Mohanji gave us is truly wonderful and¬†so important. I don‚Äôt have words to thank him enough. Conscious walking helps me a lot to feel myself deeper. To be here and now, more then ever before. To wake up the spectator inside of me, and to accept myself.”

–¬†Jasna Stojkovic Hadzic from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“A powerful meditation which connects us with our higher self, helps us realize our potential and feel the happiness within.”

–¬†Elena Dimitrovska¬†from Skopje, Macedonia

‚ÄúThrough Conscious Walking I felt the meaning of being centered in the spine. It also helps me to stay calm and aware, irrespective of the external influences.‚ÄĚ

–¬†Mohana Guru Priya¬†from Skopje, Macedonia

12485930_1544396082550040_1541125363487539973_o‚ÄúDuring the last two or three times on Conscious Walking few thoughts came into my mind. Later I realized that those thoughts were actually answers to some important questions that i had, at that point of time. With Conscious Walking we consciously get closer to our self, to our soul, which is all knowing.‚ÄĚ

–¬†Boban Kitanovski¬†from Skopje, Macedonia

‚ÄúThe technique Conscious Walking given by Mohanji is as an elixir for my life. It gives me energy, equanimity and freshness. I offer my gratitude to Mohanji.‚ÄĚ

РTanja Trajkovska from Skopje, Macedonia








“Conscious Walking is a technique that I practice regularly for 2 years, it helps me to be more presents, to connect to myself and to connect with the nature around me. I feel more energy, better concentration and deeper inner peace after every Conscious Walk. When I started practicing this technique i used to have a lot of pain in my spine and¬† bad body posture. After 2 years, the pain in my spine is completely gone, and my body posture is better. I recommend to everyone to try this technique. Thank you Mohanji.‚ÄĚ

РTamara Ljubenoska from Skopje, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking is my quickest way to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness. After the 30 minutes of being one with the universal knowledge and energy, I feel my consciousness gradually rising. I recommend it to all.”

РStefan Acimovic from Skopje, Macedonia


28514479_2042158229440487_7801644372307633299_o“Inner silence is most precious
amount of love is copious
Walk with foot gentle like petal
while heart is full of love and mettle

Burning with the thirst for God
awareness makes our minds broad
expanding hearts with compassion
freedom within through such passion”

– Biljana Vozarevińá from Novi Sad, Serbia


“At first there were more sensations. Mind often chats, but I try not to listen to it. Sometimes I am overflowed by a feeling of happiness, sometimes of love. Sometimes I feel or think of Mohanji and tears start rolling accompanied by warmth. After this walking meditation a feeling of peace and silence stays in me for a long, long time. As if everything becomes brighter and lighter.”

– Predrag Dobrovic from Novi Sad



“At first I feel nothing, then I feel beautiful, then nothing and then beautiful and nothing.”

– Natalija Dobrovic from Novi Sad


“I will gladly describe the peace in my soul and all the things I feel when I walk consciously. 

I don’t know whether I use my heart or my soul to walk… I can hear the peace. I listen to the rhythm of my heart. I’m disconnected from the outside world. I feel myself and I’m important to myself. I feel I’m HERE and NOW. The feeling of happiness is immense… I’m full of love (which I want to give to the planet). The mind is calm, I’m relaxed…

In the end I feel this is some kind of new world, and I’m happy, full of energy. That’s when I feel I’m more stabile (physically, but in the first place spiritually).‚ÄĚ

– Marko BoŇĺovińá from Loznica, Serbia


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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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