Dimensions of Conscious Walking

On this auspicious day of International Yoga Day we celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking created by Mohanji. Today, three new methods are being added by Mohanji to the practice, to powerfully enhance, transform and elevate the practice of Conscious Walking. The techniques open up new dimensions into Conscious Walking and have huge benefits. We experienced that during our recent retreat at Berovo in Macedonia.


5J0A0186The first method is to be practiced only while walking consciously. While walking 3 to 4 people hold the hands while walking. This technique helps open up the heart chakra, multiplies the energy created by the Conscious Walking, and changes the energy pattern from vertical rotation to horizontal waves connecting heart centers. This method produces energy waves and increases Iccha Shakti or will power connected to our heart center.

While we do Conscious Walking we are stabilizing our energy inside our aura and within the auric boundary of our personal field. While holding hands and walking, it will become like a wave through the heart center of every practitioner. If there is lack of will power, inertia or depressive moods, with this method, all these states will reduce or completely dissolve based on its intensity. This is because the energy flows like a wave that cleanses the heart chakras.

5J0A0232Next stage is – if we lift our hands and up from the elbow and at the chest level – than it will create the effect of a pyramid and the energy will be one of action. Kriya Shakti or power of action will get enhanced.

Next two methods should be done only after a minimum of 30 minute Conscious Walking. They enhance the effects of the conscious walk and stabilizes the energy generated through the walking. The methods could be alternated.


After a 30 minute’s walk, after we stabilized our energy, we sit down on an insulated space – a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

5J0A1907From the root of the spine (perineum) we slowly and internally chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA through the back of the spine, and reach the top of the head, center of crown chakra. From the top of the head and down the front side through the chest and down to the perineum we chant SHIVAYA NAMAH OM. This method is done for 15 minutes.

You will feel that your body is like a Shiva Linga. So, from the back part of the Shiva Linga it’s flowing all the way up and than it is coming down through the front of the Shiva Linga. Shiva Linga represents consciousness beyond limitations or dimensions. This method will stabilize and energize us.


5J0A1957After a minimum 30 minute’s walk, as we stabilized our energy, we sit down on a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

We look down, and our head is down, shoulder erect, only the neck bent. Imagine the sun is rising. As the sun is rising, our head should also be rising all the way up slowly. And while the sun is rising, it should reflect on our face – that means, we should have a mild smile, and as the head is going up the smile should increase. When the head is all the way back as much as we could comfortably go, imagine the sun is at 12:00 noon. The eyes are up in Shambavi mudra, tongue is curled back inside the mouth in Khechari mudra. The face should be really bright with a smile. So, 12 noon should be our brightest smile.

From 12:00 noon the sun is setting, you are slowly bringing your head forward and down from the neck until the chin touches the chest, and slowly your face becomes normal again. The smile on our face should tell us how much of sun adorns the sky. We can still have a mild smile after sunset. This is one cycle. This cycle is repeated at least 18 times.

This method teaches us two things. One is that sun always rises, so there is nothing called permanent dark times. Dark times are part of the sunrise. Dark situation is absence of the sun, but it doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t exist. So, you are making yourself aware that the sun is available, and you are experiencing the sunrise in your life. This method could be suitable to change our habitual negative thoughts and feelings into positive attitude. When we consciously think and connect to the sun, we experience tremendous positiveness and lack of inertia.

If any of the methods are not clear how to be practiced please write to consciouswalking@mohanji.org or contact a local CW group in your area so that the CW moderator can explain the method in person.

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  3. Sabina.plestenjak

    Thank you😊Metod 3…when we go back in first position…we stop both mudras…or ?Thank you…

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