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Written by Padmini Ravi kumar (UAE)

Mohanji…till a year ago this name and form was alien to me.

In the early days of our move to Dubai from Singapore, one after noon I was gripped with an intense feeling to read about Mahavtaar Babaji. These intense feelings about Babaji used to rise time and again, and I would appease my longing by browsing the internet to read about the Master, But that afternoon, in Dubai, when I googled for Babaji the website pkmohan.wordpress.com came up first.

I was hooked on and transported to completely different realm; I began to voraciously read. For 3 days, I was glued to my iPad reading and re reading about Mohanji, Shirdi Baba and Babaji. I just couldn’t get enough of what I was reading and assimilating; the eons of thirst was suddenly fulfilled by the words and experiences of Mohanji.

Until I read Neelima’s experience on the Mohan’s Blog, it didn’t dawn on me, that Mohanji was Babaji sent. Neelima’s blog was a trigger needed for this realization.

Since that life changing afternoon, I got to know that Baba or Mohanji was on Facebook and I started writing to Him. Baba has always lovingly and gently molded this sceptic with his guidance, love and blessings. Life has definitely become loving and beautiful, troubles come and fade away. He has shown time and again that he is always there with us. My sceptic mind has taken a long time to figure and accept this. Mohanji’s love and guidance has slowly chipped at my ego, doubt and fear. There have been numerous occasions when Mohanji has shown his grace and guided us; I share with you some incidents close to my heart.

I have been a devotee of Shirdi Sai, and the advent to Dubai has increased my love for Baba. I started reading the Satcharita here and attended Sai bhajans and parayans.

Tryambakeshwar and Shirdi

Two weeks ago, my husband and I were planning a trip to Tryambakeshwar to do some pujas for my son and our ancestors. Though Shirdi was 2 hrs from Tryambakeshwar; I was hesitant to ask my husband, as he had a bad back due to a slipped disc. I left it to Baba and Mohanji. We reached Tryambakeshwar and pujas went off beautifully. The darshan of Lord Shiva in the temple was a sight to behold and is embedded in my heart. The early morning Thursday darshan, of Shivji and the gurgling Godavari River, covering the Lingam, surrounded by the chants of SriRudram was serene and divine.

Tryambakeshwar Shiva Temple, Nasik

A friend who had joined us for this trip mentioned a day before that Shirdi was very close by and that he was going to visit Baba. The temptation to see Baba again rose; the heart couldn’t bear anymore the agony of not being able to see Baba. That instant, my husband agreed to visit Shirdi, despite his back pain.

Thus began Mohanji’s magic, miraculously passes were arranged. We left Tryambakeshwar by 10:30 am and reached Shirdi by 1 pm. On Thursday, we were in Shirdi and within 20 mins of waiting; we were walking along with thousands of devotees. And there we were, at Sainath’s feet, as close as possible to the Samadhi. Unbelievable!!

No words, no thoughts, no demands came forth….heart was full of love and gratitude …tears poured out….Baba’s love, compassion and steady gaze silenced the mind.


A guide took us to Dwarkamai, Gurusthan, Chawadi, Lendi Baugh, Sai’s Dhuni and I fondly recalled Mohanji’s trip to Shirdi. In an hour our Shirdi darshan on a Thursday was over. Thanks and Gratitude Mohanji…for taking us and guiding so beautifully and easily; despite my husband’s bad back and with my old mother in tow. Neither of them complained of any tiredness or aches, rather all were buzzing with energy. His Amazing Grace indeed.

Another instance that comes to mind…

Two days ago, I was lighting the lamp in the evening, and gazing at Mohanji’s picture in my altar. I was wonderstruck to see in His 3rd eye, Lord Shiva and Parvati… the next I saw was Shirdi Baba seated in his stone aasan and that image soon gave way to Lord Ganesh. For past few weeks, Lord Hanuman carrying the Dronagiri Mountain and his mace has been a constant. I am wonderstruck at this and totally grateful to Baba for this experience. When I wrote to Mohanji about this He just mentioned that many people have had this experience.

A hug from the Master at Sharjah

Rashmi, a dear friend and I visited Mohanji, when He was in Sharjah for the Detox Retreat. A satsang or rather a, Q and A session was organized for devotees who couldn’t participate in the retreat. At the end of the session, Rashmi and I were waiting in a queue to offer our pranams to Mohanji. We saw Him meet and greet several devotees with a hug. A childish want rose in our hearts. Both of us wanted a hug, but were shy. As the wait was long, and we needed to get back to Dubai, we waved from afar to Mohanji and gestured that we were leaving. He beckoned us and much to our surprise, gave us a wonderful loving hug, and whispered in my ear, “I heard you”. I was speechless!!

I have no words to describe the state of my mind, it was pushed into silence.

The journey so far has had its ups and downs. With every fall I have learnt something more beautiful and I walk knowing fully well, that He is helping me walk the path. He is with me, a beacon of love and light.


At His feet

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  1. Wonderful post….thank you..The divine connection works through infinite probabilities.Feels so blessed and humbled to be part of one.As the master says ,every moment is an experience with him,and every moment is a revelation.
    My humble pranam at your lotus feet, my gurudev.

  2. Wonderfull

    On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 12:36 PM, Mohans World Blog wrote:

    > mohansuniverse posted: ” Written by Padmini Ravi kumar (UAE) Mohanji…till > a year ago this name and form was alien to me. In the early days of our > move to Dubai from Singapore, one after noon I was gripped with an intense > feeling to read about Mahavtaar Babaji. These in” >

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