Guru Saakshaat…PARABRAHMA..

Written by Neelima (India)

Mere priya Gurudev… aapko janamdin bahut bahut mubarak ho..
Sabse haseen aur sabse pavitra dua ki tarah …hum sab ki zindagi mein aaye ho..
Dete dete aapke haath nahin thakte…..pure vishwa par apna pyaar lutae jaate ho..
Har ghadi aur har pal aur har waqt…..dusron ke liye jeete ho..

Hey param pita parmeshwar….aapse hi sab kuch aur aap mein hi sab kuch..
Ab kyaa bhent chadhaoon aapko….bus yeh ek mera mann mera hai..

Mere man ke mandir mein virajo gurudev..
Shabdo ki ye maala chadhaaoon tujhe..
Khushi ke aasuon se charan dhouun…
Apni bhakti ki dhoop aur deep jalaoon…
Meri atmasamarpan ka bhog chadhaaoon…
Jai gurudev…jai gurudev…jai gurudev…

My beloved master..I wish you a very happy birthday..

Like a beautiful and pure blessing… you have come into our lives
You give and give but you never rest… shower your unconditional love on this universe.
Every second, every moment of your life, you live it for others..

Oh my lord of lords…..everything is because of you and everything is within you..
So how can i gift you anything? but i have my heart which is mine..

Please come and dwell in the temple of my heart,
Let me offer you a garland of these words,
Let me wash your holy feet with my tears of joy,
Let me offer you my devotion as the lamp and the incense.,
And let me completely surrender my soul to you..
Hail my master…hail my master..

Before starting to write anything, I would like to offer my humble prostration at the lotus feet of my Guruji…it is only because of His Grace that I am able to write this experience.


I am a simple housewife from Andhra Pradesh, now residing in Faridabad near Delhi. I have been an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Saibaba since many years and also of Sripada Vallabha Swamy from a couple of years. Since the delivery of my younger son in 2013, I have been experiencing a lot of physical and mental distress along with a lot of other problems. There were times when even the daily chores seemed so burdening, that each single day passed with utmost difficulty. I always did Paarayana (regular devoted reading) of Shri Sai Leelamrutam and also Sripada Vallabha Charitra to get some strength to face my difficulties. I always read the abridged version of Sripada Vallabha Charitra on the net.There is a chapter in which Shree Mahavtar Babaji is mentioned. Though I did read this chapter many times before, in October 2015, when I went through that chapter, I had an immense longing to know more about Babaji. It is my good luck that I knew about him from my childhood reading ‘An Autobiography Of A Yogi’ by Shri Paramhansa Yogananda. I wanted to know more about him. When I was searching through the internet, I came across Mohanji’s blog post on Babaji. A day later I had a wonderful dream (which later Guruji confirmed to be real). I was with God and was having the self-realisation experience. At the end of the dream, I asked Babaji to come to me in some physical form as I needed him very much.
A week later, I had another dream (this one being real too) of my Agna chakra being awakened and experiencing immense bliss.

The GURU Who Finds You…

My connection with Divinity was increasing day by day and it was just pure joy reading Guruji’s posts and experiences of devotees. They were all so perfect and clear. It slowly dawned upon me that I have come to know about a true Living Master.
It is true that a Guru himself appears when the disciple is ready. As a confirmation, I experienced one more dream. This time it was Shri Sai baba of Shirdi. I was there in Shirdi with him. He sat beside me and talked to me for a long time (though I can’t remember what he said).
After this my respect and love for Mohanji grew manifold. I understood that he was the answer to my prayers. Once, while I was watching a video of Guruji speaking on the Guru principle (that was the first video I watched of Guruji), tears started flowing automatically. I felt I have known him since very long – may be from many lives. He was just like my lost parent, now returned.
Every moment is an experience with Guruji.
His Grace started flowing smoothly into every aspect of my life. Many things which took very long to get solved, were solved effortlessly – very small things, so small that they can be missed as mere coincidences. But due to His Grace, I understood it was all His doing.
When I was reading an experience of one of the devotees, I came to know that Guruji can be personally contacted on Facebook and that He answers people quite promptly. I was very eager to talk to him at least on Facebook since I had not met him personally (I haven’t got a chance to attend any of the meditation programs till now). He accepted my friend request and since then always replies very promptly with so much unconditional love. In those messages He suggested to me to recite His mantra.
Once I tried chanting it with concentration and might have done only a few times, then I experienced a sudden pull at my third eye and a surge of energy through my entire body. I was new to such an experience and when I messaged Guruji about it on Facebook, he said that it was Astral Shaktipat. I couldn’t imagine anything so sacred would be graced upon me. That was just the beginning of the wonderful experiences I have been having due to Guruji for one month.
Once I felt a sudden force rushing out of my head. And I was travelling (in fact flying) with Guruji somewhere and saw many people and places. It was astral travel though in my limited intelligence I cannot explain where and how. It happened two more times but as usual they are beyond my comprehension.
When I started connecting more to his consciousness, I felt blissful vibrations all over my body…that too I could not understand and I had to ask Guruji. He replied that it indicated his presence. I am so thankful to Guruji (and humbled) that a completely ignorant person like me has been experiencing such divine things. In addition, he heals you internally and externally by his mere presence. Now I feel physically much stronger and mentally much more peaceful that he is by my side every moment.
Guru Saakshaat PARABRAHMA.
YES…Mohanji is Parabrahma..He is everywhere….
He is always with us…He listens to everything which we say to his consciousness… even to very small and insignificant things. Usually when I connect to his consciousness I always feel vibrations in my arms and legs. I once asked him why they happen only in my legs and arms and not on my head. The next day the vibrations in my hands and legs stopped and I had my third eye vibrating. After that I said sorry to him and stopped asking for such stupid things. Of course, only he knows what is good for us.
When he was in Delhi recently, I could not attend his Satsang for some unavoidable reasons. I felt very upset about not meeting him in person. My soul cried to touch his feet and seek his blessings. When I wrote this to him, he said I would meet him for sure but the right time had to come. When I was just thinking about him the next day, I felt his presence for more than an hour. He listened to everything I said and granted me a second Shaktipat. Unbelievable but true.
He is just like a mother, always caring, always loving unconditionally. Always giving, always listening.
For one step of yours, he takes hundred steps towards you to protect you, love you unconditionally and liberate you.
I LOVE YOU Gurudev. You are everything to me – Mother, Father, Friend, God.
Just grant me the wish to have unshakable faith in you and also to become your true disciple
Lots of love…

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  1. What a gift on Swamiji ‘ s birth day ! Indeed God’ gift to humanity !My Lord- Burn my karmic blockages and make me eligible to receive your grace through Sparsanam,Sambashanam ,Darsanam and above all constant Smaranam !

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