Sun Of The Suns, Shine In Our Hearts – Our First Healing Meditation With Bhaktananda

Written by Devi Mohan (Serbia)

On the 13th February, we had a truly sublime experience at the soon-to-be-inaugurated Datta Tapovan Serbia. This was our very first meditation in the centre as well as the first experience of the Healing Meditation with our dearest Bhaktananda via Skype. We were amazed that soon after meditation started special energy was felt. Also, people just went into their past lives, each one having their own experiences, without any elaborate or usual induction process. There was a lot of crying, releasing and sincere sharing with the beauty of humanity in its full display.

Bhaktananda was fully connected with Mohanji and calling out people’s names asking them how they felt and guiding them through the process. At one point we were guided to feel Mohanji and in that moment immense light filled up the room – it was growing stronger and stronger! We were truly overwhelmed, as if raptured by the light. The light was clearly felt through the higher chakras – I could feel it coming from the top. Some saw Mohanji’s hair and body but the face was pure light. I had to open my eyes soon in order to carry the Ipad nearer to the person whom Bhaktananda was addressing that moment. I could see that the actual sun was shining through the windows (until then the whole day was grey and cloudy) so I understood that this experience coincided with the actual sunshine, but when we shared the experience later on all felt without a doubt that it was not just the sun shining… What an amazing leela.

Ljiljana later on came up with a beautiful verse “Sun of the suns, shine in our hearts” – indeed, this is how it felt. It reminded me of the Light I experienced during my Near Death Experience back in 2000 and this sensation of Light stayed with me, changing me from within. . I can’t really put it into words but the whole day I felt a sort of ‘recalibration’ happening in my system. Something deep within was stirred and we all felt it. Some felt very strong energy sensations on certain parts of the body. One young man relived his death in one of his past lives. We all cried and breathed together, some laughed – all in all, it was wild!
Olivera had a profound experience with Christ. She could perceive what he did like she never had before. She said she could clearly see how he was taking on the collective pain of people through him and showering Grace and Love on all. It was very touching. A group from Canada was also connected through Skype. An Indian lady from that group saw Mohanji as Christ during meditation, which amazed our group in Serbia. We became aware just how much of collective pain and how many heavy blockages get removed through Mohanji each day. The scale is grand and beyond mind’s comprehension. We have seen numerous testimonials to that end but it’s different when one experiences that directly….
4The next morning I woke up just before sunrise. I remembered the Light again and in that moment I saw the reflection of sunrise on my neighbor’s window (and weather forecast for today was rain). I felt a strange thrill, got ready quickly and went outside to greet the Sun. I completed my Surya Namaskars and later simply got lost in meditation. I opened my eyes after a long time and saw I was getting late for the Conscious Walking (CW). After CW we found one bench that was facing the sun. CW was superb today and while still basking in its effect and walking towards the bench I felt angelic beings around me. I did not say anything to anyone but Ljiljana saw it as well. We sat on the bench and had the most beautiful improvised meditation, allowing the Light to penetrate every cell of our body.
Such amazing blessings… Then I saw Mohanji’s Valentines message on Facebook:
“Terrestrial life cannot be in segments, even though it may seem so. There is nothing called personal life and professional life. It is all one life. And the truth of this life is YOU. Apart from you, the life as you see it, does not exist. When there is no actor, there is no show. When there is no witness, there is no show. There is nothing called ME and MINE. All belong to ETERNITY including Me and Mine.
True LOVERS are UNCONDITIONAL Lovers. They are not bound by duality of existence. Their LOVE is ETERNAL. Terrestrial Love is often conditional and it is bound by time and mind. It is indeed a JOKE.
LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY. Love all alike. All beings. All materials and places. All, visible and invisible. All are YOU. Love YOURSELF and through you, LOVE ALL. HAPPY Valentine’s DAY… Love, M”
A perfect message that sealed this experience… Indeed, true lovers are unconditional lovers…
Love and gratitude eternal..

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