A Birthday in Ganeshpuri

Dr. Deepali: My Dear Friends, what you are going to read now is not my story; but it is about the grace of Mohanji. It is about what I have understood of Mohanji so far. It is definitely something beyond logical mind. 

Mohanji – those who hear beyond the words, hear me truly….

  I am a Medical Doctor, yet, this is beyond any comprehensible science. Actually, I am yet to comprehend all that has happened during this magical trip! My family and I live in Oman. Myself and my daughter Moushami travelled with Mohanji during his recent visit to Mumbai, and came back to Oman with him on Oct 23rd. As you have already read in “Mohanji and the Mumbai Grace” blog, our gathering in Mumbai was exactly like a family reunion.   Friday, October 22nd, was my birthday. The highlight of this year’s birthday was the trip to Bade Baba’s abode in Ganeshpuri, along with Mohanji. Almost all the BTW family members who gathered in Thane accompanied Mohanji for his visit to Ganeshpuri. Since the previous evening’s meditation at Thane, we slept very late and all of us must have had only an hour sleep before we started for Ganeshpuri, at 4am. However, nobody was tired or sleepy. There was an amazingly powerful energy keeping us warm and energetic. Time must be followed. Early morning, beginning of winter, some fog, small mountainous, bumpy roads with thick greenery around – nothing mattered. Nothing bothered anyone. It was a beautiful drive! Mohanji Welcomed With a Garland! Ganeshpuri is situated at the feet of majestic Mandakini Mountains in Maharashtra. It is the place of Bhagawan Nityananda, the Great Siddha Master who stayed and also took Samadhi here. He is lovingly known as Bade Baba. We were visiting our tradition. 


The Eternal Bade Baba (source – net)

  Even though our aim was to participate in the Guru Gita chants at Muktananda Samadhi before we had darshan at Nithyananda Samadhi, the vehicle passed by the Muktananda Samadhi and automatically arrived at Nithyananda Samadhi. We arrived at Ganeshpuri around 5.30am. Mohanji guided us to the hot spring pool.


The Kunda (hot springs) – at the mahasamadhi shrine of Bade Baba (source – the net)

  After washing our feet in the naturally occurring hot spring water, we straight away went to Baba’s temple and place of Samadhi. There were already many people sitting there. Bade Baba’s Namjapa (taking Gods’s name consistently and consciously at least for 108 times) was going on. We all sat quiet. Few minutes later, the Arati started. Beating of drums during Arati was so powerful and it was as if it’s beating our heart chakra (Anahata)! (Marina:  “The minute I entered the hall, I felt deeply touched and tears welled up almost immediately. I sat on the floor in front of Nityananda’s golden and with flower garlands covered stature, which felt so alive that I was almost overwhelmed and could hardly breathe and focus my mind. His eyes seemed real and looking around, looking at me. And the whole energy around his stature was vivid, bright and beaming. Just how can I describe with words what I felt in that hall? I melted into a cloud of love and divinity. I could have constantly bowed in respect and surrender. I sat in silence completely gobsmacked and hit by this absolutely unexpected loving force that I was surrounded with.


The pure vibrations of Bade Baba’s Samadhi Mandir

  Then the Arati began. When the bells and deep throbbing of the massive drum (positioned in the back of the hall) started I felt mother earth was becoming alive and embracing us all. The drumming beat was so beautiful and powerful, it went straight into my spine, into every cell and beyond. I felt the core or essence in me was touched. I felt the heartbeat of the Earth, I felt the heartbeat of the wide and deep Universe, and I felt the expansion of myself into infinity. Time and space were dissolving further and further. I could have sat here forever. Tears were flowing, not in pain, but in pure gratitude to Mohanji and Nityananda and the whole cosmos for the grace and beauty I was allowed to experience then and there. We did not having any plan as our journey here was happening pretty spontaneously and improvised, but we entered a natural flow and the next steps for where to go and what to do just unfolded naturally.”)


Raji & Moushami – the joyous innocence and spontaneity

  Dr. Deepali: This temple has Baba’s at least 5-7 feet idol in sitting posture installed on a platform. After the Arati, all queued up to pay reverence to the marble feet of Baba installed in front of the Samadhi. Nobody is allowed to enter the Samadhi or touch the idol. All were allowed to enter only the secured area for Darshan, touch the marble feet in front of the Baba idol, pray and move on. As a routine, we went, had Darshan, took Prasad and came out. Mohanji also stood in the queue and moved with it as normal. But , amongst so many people who were queuing up in the temple, when Mohanji approached, he was welcomed by the priests with a garland of fresh flowers! How did the Priest got to know about Mohanji? How did he recognize him? It is 100% sure that they do not know each other in this life. I still do not know the answers. Thus Bade Baba received Mohanji in His shrine with so much love, affection and appreciation. When Mohanji came out, he gave the garland to me and said “Happy Birthday”. You can imagine my happiness! This event itself is self-explanatory of Mohanji’s stature. Another thing that struck me was, even though we never informed anyone in Ganeshpuri about our visit on 22nd, unknown people just came forward and escorted us and made us feel comfortable. They were not doing this for money. Something was pulling them to Mohanji. We all felt that we have arrived at Mohanji’s abode, our abode too.


Kailash Nivas – where Bade Baba used to live

Kailas Nivas We went to Kailas Nivas where Bade Baba’s stayed. Its hall has Bade Baba’s big photo gallery. Mohanji carefully took us through all photos. But, later we realized that we had not really “understood” bade Baba’s photos, as much as we should have! We did not “see” them properly. We did not actually catch the deep subtlety and profound inner meanings of seemingly simple actions of Mohanji and were unfortunately stuck with the gross. We visited the place where Bade Baba regularly met his devotees. We bowed down to his chair which had typical two cushioned resting arms. That whole area was full of vibrations. Mohanji was quietly walking through all rooms where Bade Baba had his stay. It felt, as if Mohanji was re-experiencing or reliving his past!  In a way, we were too. It was indeed home coming! The caretaker of this place, looking at Mohanji, said with reverence: “Come, I will take you to a special room where Bade Baba would rest.” This place is not open for all. But we all had great fortune to experience this room full of energy because of Mohanji. This is now air conditioned and maintained very well. The same care taker gave all of us the holy water, secured after abhishek, and also directed Mohanji to another building where Bade Baba took His Maha Samadhi. It is called ‘Banglorewala building’! We were surprised at this direction. Again, the same watchman who was in the Samadhi place, came with us and took us there and showed us each important places connected with Bade Baba. Once again, he came out of love and not for money!   We went upstairs in the room where Bade Baba took Samadhi on 8th August 1961. This room was different, fully charged. The place, the bed where he left his body, has been converted into a small temple. Mohanji offered his deep reverence to Bade Baba at this place. He stood there for some time, silently communing with Baba. We all followed him. It deeply touched all of us. Sudeep cried like a small baby there. In that strong energy field with Mohanji’s highly expanded presence, we all must have undergone deep cleansing. Something surely happened to all of us; even though we are too gross to assimilate the subtle changes that happened to us and articulate it. (Sudeep: “We were shown the bed where Bhagwan actually took Samadhi. The moment I bowed and my forehead touched that bed, some very strong energy touched me. I had deep tingling all over my body and went into a trance-like state, with no thoughts at all for a long time. I kept on gazing at the third eye of Bade Baba. Then, suddenly, I felt deep merging into Him as if He walked into me. I melted completely and tears were flooding my eyes. For a moment, I touched my soul and clearly experienced its subtlety. My whole heart region was in an expanded state and for some moments I felt my body did not exist. Then we all sat for some time in this energy field in deep meditation.”) Dr. Deepali: Mohanji was very intense, but silent, as if experiencing his own transition, Maha Samadhi. Something great must have been happening within him. He was directing us by signs. He never spoke a word in that room! I personally could feel his expansion and flow of energy. Marina could see the bursting energy similar to volcanic eruptions happening in him. We all were so busy with our experiences that, we hardly understood or carefully noticed the changes within him. He was silent… This hall had Indian style of seating arrangement with cushions on the floor, supported by the wall. Mohanji went and quietly sat on the cushion right in front of the temple, facing it. He closed his eyes. One by one, all of us selected our places and sat. The energy during his quietness was profound. I personally was confused whether I slept or was in deep meditation. Everyone one of us looked quiet and speechless but at the same time charming and glowing. The whole effect was extremely subtle and hence beyond our comprehension. Mohanji only can explain what was happening; knowing him, he will not! After sometime, Mohanji stood up and we silently came out of the room.


Vajreshwari Temple (source – net)

  Vajreshwari temple We went to Samadhi place of Baba Muktananda, the direct disciple of Bade Baba. It is usually closed after the morning prayers.  We were told that, 22nd Oct being special – the date when Muktananda took His Maha Samadhi, this day His Samadhi place will be open after all, from 10 – 11AM!!!  Now, after experience in Haridwar and Rishikesh, I am no more surprised with the fact that, things are just organized for Mohanji’s visit. Everything just opens up and happens. Mohanji visiting any place is only as per a divine plan which just does not fail. He never plans his visit. He does not call anyone prior to his visit! But nothing appears out of place. Everything happens as if well-planned! All we did for this trip was to book the vehicles to transport us to Ganeshpuri. Nothing else. We felt so privileged to be walking with Mohanji. This Ganeshpuri trip again and again reaffirmed this fact and the unmistakable phenomenon. Deciding to come back to the Samadhi of Baba Muktananda at 10am, Mohanji said: “Let us now go to Vajreshwari temple”. This 22nd Oct also happened to be the day of Lakshmi Pooja for Bengalese. Sudeep was very happy to visit this temple. This temple is situated on the mountain/hillock and one needs to climb a lot of steps to reach there.


The hillock of Vajreshwari Temple, shrouded in clouds (source – net)

  On the way, as Mohanji suggested, we bought fresh pink lotuses. When I paid money for all lotuses, Marina came and gave me Rs.50. I refused to take money, when she insisted and said, “Keep it. Use it for the next time.” I reluctantly kept that 50 Rs note in my wallet. Marina has travelled all the way from Germany to be with us, and I did not find it right to accept money from her. Readers, reference of this Rs.50 is coming ahead!  Each of us had one flower in hand. In sanctum, Mohanji offered the lotus to the Goddess first and  all of us offered our flowers to the Divine mother. The priest was surprised to see so many lotuses at one time for Devi Ma. Mohanji later said, “Vajreshwari Devi is very happy with lotuses. She sits on lotus. We offered the sitting place to her. Today is also Lakshmi Pooja”.  Indeed it was a Divine Blessing. What else could we ask for? We went around the temple. Lord Dattatraya’s temple is behind the Vajreshwari temple. This temple has a beautiful Audumbar tree going through it. Lord Dattatraya’s idol is in front of the trunk of the tree. Mohanji entered the temple and was in a deep communion with the Lord. Moushami and myself followed. Naughty Moushami rang the temple bell. Because it did not ring well, she again rang hard. That loud sound disturbed Mohanji’s communion with the Lord and he looked behind. His eyes were red. Fire was expressed through his eyes, but amazingly enough, his face was calm and expressed deep silence. That was enough signal for Moushami to understand what she did. Marina, Rajeshwari, Sudeep and all soon joined. While he was in communion, a deep silence fell in the Lord Dattatraya’s temple. Automatically, we also became thoughtless in that strong energy field.


Admiring the energy behind Bade Baba’s murti…

  The Photo Shop By this time it was 8.30am. We were all hungry and thought of having a breakfast. We thus went back to the place near Bade Baba’s temple. All of us were also interested in buying Bade Baba’s photos. We somehow naturally walked , i.e. were guided, towards a shop in front of Kailas Nivas. We had seen a photo of a child in Bade Baba’s hand. He is a big man now. This shop belonged to him! We bought some pictures and idols. While talking with him, I asked him for a good place to have tea and breakfast. He promptly asked his son to lead us to the canteen run by the Bade Baba Sansthan. It is called ‘Annapurna’. Soon all of us walked to this place. Bade Baba’s Physical Manifestation: An unforgettable Moment The cook Jaganath, from the place in Thane where Rajeshwari had arranged our accommodation, had packed some sandwiches for our breakfast. We also ordered for some vada-sambar and tea from this canteen.


The BTW Family gathering in Annapurna

  Annapurna is a semi-open place, “L” shaped. We sat outside near the entrance. The entrance had an iron sliding door. Typical tables and chairs of that place were simple, but welcoming and had some familiarity and affection. At a table diagonally opposite the entrance sat Mohanji, Marina, Mohanish and myself. The table towards our left was occupied by Sudeep, Moushami and Rajeshwari. Our three car drivers sat on the table right opposite the entrance.


Loving Expressions in the Annapurna

  We were relishing sandwiches and vada, serving and sharing with each other and talking to each other. Suddenly, Mohanji looking at the entrance and gave very affectionate and familiar smile to somebody, as if he was expecting him as well, and as if he was happy to meet him after a long time. He had an amazingly beautiful twinkle in his eyes. The energy in that smile was so unmistakable that all of us,  in one military stroke, turned our heads towards the entrance to see whom he was smiling at…….. We saw an old man with a thin stick in his hand standing, leaning on the iron sliding door. He was fair, round faced and had extremely beautiful charm and smile on his face. He wore a white colored cloth, a saffron shawl, and had a saffron colored sack on his right shoulder. He had a stick in his hand which had some kind of a saffron flag. He looked like a wandering monk. Suddenly Mohanji said, “Deepali, give him some food.” And when I got up, he said “And some money too.” This was an unmistakably direct and powerful command. I immediately got up, picked the sandwich box and my purse, and went to this monk. There were only two sandwiches in the casserole. I offered him both. The monk carefully held both sandwiches and looked at them from all sides, with great amusement and curiosity, as if he is seeing a sandwich for the first time ever. He spoke in clear and beautiful Hindi and asked, “Ye kya hai” (What is this?). I humbly, with a smile, answered, “Ise sandwich kahate hai. Ye bread hai. Aloo, chutney and tomato bread ke bichme rakhke ise banaya hai. Ye bahot tasty hai. Aap khaiye. Aapko ye bahot accha lagea. (This is called sandwich. This is bread and some tomato, boiled potato and chutney is kept between two slices. It is very delicious. You eat and you will like it.)” He seemed to be satisfied with my explanation and accepted the sandwiches. Meanwhile he was looking up and saying something illegible, as if communing with unseen entities. Then, like a stupid person, I asked him, “Aapko paise bhi chahiye? (Do you also want money?”). He muffled, “han” (yes). I opened my purse and immediately a thought came to give him 50Rs. What came to my hand was Marina’s 50Rs note. I gave him 50Rs. The monk was happy to receive money and replied in a low volume, soft voice: “Bahut dino ke baad kisi ne suni hai. Bahot dino ke baad kisi ne pahechana hai.!!! (After long time someone has heard me, someone has recognized me)”!!!! He blessed us and turned to leave. I politely bowed down to him and returned to my seat. Mohanji asked me, “How was that?” I simply answered, “It was similar experience to what happened at Lahiri Mahashaya’s Samadhi in Haridwar. (For those who have not read, this incidence is given in the previous blog ‘Divine journey-Part 2).


The famous smile and glowing Agnya of Bade Baba (original photo)

  With a smile, Mohanji asked: “Don’t you think this smile was familiar?” We were puzzled.… Poor Mohanji, he had to explain further to force the thought into our dumb minds! He said: “Was this smile similar to Bade Baba’s smile?!” And then like a shock, Marina, myself, Mohanish, Moushami and Sudeep and all were just stunned. Our minds opened ultimately!


Mesmerized by the experience!

  Mohanji said: “Go and take pictures. You will not get this smile again.” This conversation between Mohanji and us must have taken 10 secs. The entrance was just 3 steps away from our table. Mohanish, Moushami and I raced to the entrance with camera. But we could not find that monk and the divine smile anywhere outside or in the neighborhood! Where did he go within 12-15 seconds? Where did he disappear? An old man usually cannot walk so fast and away from us within such a short span of time. We searched everywhere but could not find him!!!. We were beautifully kept engaged talking to Mohanji by Bade Baba and Mohanji! A divine collaboration indeed!!! We came back to the table helplessly. We realized too late that the monk was Bade Baba himself!! And just to complete this miracle and make us aware of this incident deeply, Mohanji asked us to click photos of the visitor!!! If we had not rushed to take pictures, we would not have fully comprehended this true miracle!!! Mind did not accept. Eyes made us believe!! All others are witnesses. I do not know what they saw when I was offering sandwiches. Our drivers witnessed the communion between Mohanji and Bade Baba. They were also shocked. Vinay, one of the drivers, hails from Ganeshpuri. He was deeply touched. A day before this incident, Vinay was fully skeptical and did not attend our meditation. But after this event he was fully convinced and was ready to offer any seva for Mohanji. What a transformation! During the Mumbai meditation, he prostrated at Mohanji’s feet in deep surrender.


Jof of a blessed driver after receiving Shaktipat from Mohanji

  I find it so amazing that I was able to offer Bade Baba sandwiches and money. He talked to me in beautiful Hindi. His expressions were divine. My whole experience feels like a deep meditation.  We all were shocked with this event!! As if under a spell, we could not express any emotions whatsoever, except a deep silence and awe. I had heard many stories of Sai Baba appearing in physical form. This has happened with Pradeep Sukhrani and our MF. This must have happened with many. But it was for the first time, for the 7 of us. In a split of second, we all were taken beyond logic and science. We were thoughtless. We were just grateful to Mohanji.   Mohanji was only smiling. The confidence and spark in his eyes & voice could not be missed. He teased us: “So, you take so many photos but rarely take the required ones!! What is the use of camera? It is Bade Baba’s typical style of observing everything with great curiosity and innocence, when he carefully observed the sandwiches in his hand. Whenever someone gave Him something, He always observed it like a small child with great curiosity.”


The child-like smile of Bade Baba (original photo)

  He continued: “You were shown so many photos of Bade Baba, and still, you could not identify him or his smile!” We all felt ashamed. The truth is that we do not observe properly. We should learn to be fully in the present, taking cue from the past. Presence of mind is the key. Being in NOW is the key. This was a BIG Practical Lesson for all of us!!!  Mohanji then sweetly said: “Deepali, what other gift do you want on your birth day?!” How can I express my sincere gratitude towards Mohanji? How much ever I offer, it feels inadequate. We all had physical darshan of Bade Baba only because Mohanji was with us. Later, Marina, Mohanish and Moushami tried to spot the same monk amongst others – but in vain…… We proceeded towards the temple again. By then, all of us had become silent, introverted or peacefully inward.


  He welcomed all of us with tea. He organized the Paad pooja for us. Mohanji wanted all of us to perform Bade Baba’s Paad Pooja. We all joined him and performed pooja on behalf of us and our family. That priest conducted the pooja extremely well. We all sat in front of Bade Baba’s statue in the Samadhi temple and performed the pooja. The energy was tremendous. Mohanji looked completely different… very powerful. I have seen so many Masters in him till now. But today, he looked exactly like Bade Baba… Similar fingers and big belly!!! His smile had changed. I have witnessed these physical transformations in him many times. As per the rituals, Bade Baba’s feet in silver were worshipped. The silver feet represent his feet. Let me tell you frankly, I always felt those silver feet as Bade Baba’s actual feet. Moreover, at times I felt that, these were Mohanji’s feet! Many of us cried in gratitude during Pooja. “Throughout the Pooja, I had frequent visions of Bade Baba and a definite assurance that, …. That monk who accepted your offerings was none other than me!!!”. I got this assurance during the pooja. It was a great sight to see Mohanji performing pooja with deepest reverence. I felt that we usually perform pooja at a very superficial level and without any clear understanding, but with many expectations! Offering garland to Bade Baba was to understand Mohanji and the tradition After Paad Pooja, Mohanji asked me to follow him to offer garland to Bade Baba. Out of our group, only Mohanji and one more person (which happened to be me) were allowed to enter the Samadhi place, as it is not open to public. Only priests enter that area. It was a great honor for us to touch and surrender to Bhagawan Nithyananda at His Samadhi. We gratefully went inside the sanctum sanctorum. The idol being very tall, poojari must stand on a stool and hold garland from the front. We go behind the idol and together offer the garland. Mohanji offered the garland first and touched his head/Sahasraara to Bade Baba’s spine. Then he went aside and stood there. I repeated what he did. I blindly follow him and try not to use my intellect. If he says go and do this….. I just go and do it. I do not analyze – this is what I have learnt to be very important. That statue is so tall that, my head would reach only up to Bade Baba’s root of the spine. After offering the garland, when I touched my Sahasrara to Bade Baba’s spine, something most unexpected and powerful happened in my inner space, before my inner vision: Sai Baba appeared. His spine got aligned with Bade Baba’s spine. Then came Mohanji and his spine got aligned with Sai Baba and Bade Baba’s spine. All three spines merged with each other. Soon, my spine came in line with their spine and then I was sucked into their spine. It was such a powerful and great enlightenment experience. I did not exist. So in a space, initially, first there was Sai Baba and then Bade Baba, and then Mohanji. But later all became one and I became one with them. That whole energy entered through my Sahasrara chakra, travelled through my spine, and went back to their spine…. This circular flow of energy happened for some time. This process gave me a big jerk in my spine, with slight pain and a click. My spine became extremely hot and tough. I felt extremely light and liberated. The plane in which I was pulled was so beautiful and serene, only unconditional love existed there. The brightness of that plane was very different than what we call brightness on the Earth. This place was neither Shambhala nor 5th dimension. It was magnificent, fully open and free flowing. There was no beginning or end to this place. It was the most beautiful place. I do not know what to call it, neither would I like to analyze it further. I just know it was theTruth. That place was REAL. That place is the only Truth that could exist.  Everything was calm and full of dense, thick positive energy. It was a place from where I did not want to come back!!! This was the first time I understood the meaning of “Gratitude to the Existence”. It was my birthday. What a GIFT on my birthday!!! This was the first time that I realized the importance of this physical body and day on which I came out in this world with this physical body. I experienced the 360 degree vision and I understood the deeper meaning of Mohanji’s 360 degree meditation. I did not want to come out of that state at all, but I had to… When I came back from that place, I realized that my spine has changed. It has become stronger. My emotions had changed. The world appeared different than before. Then, I understood ‘Mohanji’s SPINE’ for the first time. There is a deep meaning when Mohanji says, “…Concentrate on the spine, be with the spine…….” Dear readers, this was a very profound experience.  It revealed to me so many things about Mohanji and the tradition…….


The Great Tradition… (the image of the altar in BTW meditation room in Muscat)

  …….. Mohanji belongs to the Siddha Tradition, which includes the traditions of Dattatreya, Kriya Yoga and Siddha Yoga. He is one with all the Masters. Because he is one with the Masters, many of us experience different Masters in Mohanji. We will experience according to our faith.  Whether it is Sai Baba or Bade Baba, what difference does it make, as he is one with all of them! He is a Sadguru for me and for us. He will take us through and beyond all these realms and maya. He will take us through all our conditionings and sanskaras. His grace is so essential and vital for our existence. What we need is faith, purity and surrender. Life actually becomes simple with this. I am experiencing it every moment. Our Guru is everything. He is all Gurus. Guru is required. He is extremely essential. What can we achieve without His grace? He offers the lasting support towards our evolution. We alone are not sufficient. Catch on Him. Hold Him. Forget yourself and your intellect. He understands more about you than what you understand about yourself. Just surrender. He is giving us guidelines, and yet we are resistant to accept and implement the same. He has tremendous ability to take all of us with Him. We do not let Him do that! We feel we are smart? We are still caught up as to who speaks through Him – is it Baba, or Babaji, etc… If we cannot comprehend the Guru in a physical form, how and when will we understand and comprehend the Masters who have already left their bodies, and would appear physically like this!! Experiences are unique for everyone. They are unique for every soul. No comparison. There is always a message in the experience. We often do not understand the proper message and get carried away with our preconditioned mind. Our own intellectuality goes against our own evolution. Our physical body is the most beautiful gift from the divine. Without this we cannot experience Him. We abuse our body by either taking unnecessary extra care or negligence. We all have many different concepts of our birthday celebration. Do we offer gratitude with reverence to the existence? Gratitude is the key. It brings unconditional love. It brings acceptance to the situation.


Sincere Gratitude is the Key…

  While I was undergoing this experience, Mohanji was standing there in the corner. He was just patient and calm- that was oozing out of his face. That poise of firm standing with strong support assured me that He is there forever!! However, I have always noticed his reassuring posture while giving individual Shaktipat, conducting meditations or otherwise. He knew what all is happening with me but never said anything. After this experience, I wanted to sit with him and ask about this, but I remembered…..  He had said once: “I never asked my Gurus WHY and HOW.” I kept quiet. I know I have to go beyond this experience. I cannot hold on to the experience either.   Visit to Muktananda’s Samadhi We went to Muktananda’s Samadhi place from the temple. The place was well decorated with flowers and well organized so that devotees could visit the Samadhi place. Then we went to Muktananda’s ashram which is opposite the Samadhi place. Mohanji wanted to meet his friend Sevananda, disciple of Muktananda, who is also head of the ashram at present. Mohanji had not informed him about his visit, but enquired about him in the office. We were told that Sevanandaji is very busy due to today’s special day. We all waited in the small hall. Few minutes later, Rajeshwari noticed some tall fair man wearing saffron….. she thought he could be Sevananda. She alerted Mohanji. And wow…. He was indeed Sevananda! From somewhere he got the message that someone is waiting for him at the reception. Seeing Mohanji waiting, Sevananda literally ran to give him a big hug. We enjoyed seeing the meeting of two friends. When intentions are clear and pure, meetings happen effortlessly. (Marina: We had a lovely chat with Swami Sevananda and at some stage he looked deeply into our eyes and commented: “You all have such shiny eyes!” And he smiled an unforgettable, charming, knowing smile…As far as I am concerned, my heart made another jump in awe when Swami told ust that sage Vashishtha used to walk in the area of Ganeshpuri and performed Yagnas. This was the third time Vashishtha was brought to my attention during this Indian pilgrimage of mine….) Dr. Deepali: All in all, these two days, we all witnessed, experienced and enjoyed Mohanji’s energy field. We were not always around him; still we could feel his immense presence. It took away our sleep and appetite. We felt so fulfilled and satisfied. None of us slept for more than 2 hours in those 3 nights. Still we did not look tired. Our eyes and face were fresh. Mohanji, Sudeep, Mohanish, Moushami and myself landed in Muscat at 8am and went straight to our work. Rajeshwari too went to her work on Saturday. None around us could feel that we underwent such a hectic schedule over the last 3 days. This is the magical beauty of Mohanji’s energy field. Be always happy and blissful, radiate that energy, and be always contended. Mohanji, please accept my deep gratitude and complete surrender at your feet for this lovely gift of ‘understanding’ on my birthday.


Dr. Deepali – Joy & Gratitude…

  Love and regards to all the readers, Deepali

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I was not just reading this blog, but FEELING it fully. Whoever visits Ganeshpuri, cannot but feel at Home, feel so loved, feel the purity, joy and silence that fills up the inner space due to the grace of the amazing Bade Baba. Deep pranaams to the great Siddha, and deep gratitude to my beloved Mohanji for ever expanding my horizons and taking me to this magical abode of Purity.

    It was after visiting Ganeshpuri that I actually understood what our ‘Path of Pathlessness’ is all about.
    For those of you who have recently joined us, please visit the previous Ganeshpuri trip blog post, which offers a more detailed explanation about Bade Baba’s miraculous existence on this planet:


    I would also like to share that something very interesting happened as soon as the BTW family members (who were lucky/blessed to recently experience Mumbai and Ganeshpuri with Mohanji), returned from their adventurous trip. I noticed a striking change in Mohanji’s appearance – at first I thought that he suddenly gained weight, but when I observed more carefully, I understood that his body picked up the subtle resemblance of Bade Baba’s body! The change was especially visible on his feet…
    Since then, the presence of Bade Baba has been much more intense during our meditations…Moreover, a few days ago, to our great joy, one of our friends brought a framed picture of Bade Baba (which now graces our altar), a book and a lovely CD from Bade Baba’s ashram.

    As you will surely feel while reading this blog, the simplicity and love of a great Siddha Bhagawan Nityananda (Bade Baba) is just so overwhelming, that every heart melts…

    What to say – the blessings overflow….

    Love and Love only,


  2. Dearest Deepali, beautiful posting! Thank you so much.

    There is much more to say. At the same time there is nothing left to say!

    I was awestruck and in trance by my own experience of “coming home” in Ganeshpuri.

    Every step we walked, every encounter we had was magical and delightful. Also the pada puja in front of N.’s murti was an enormous gift. Intense, healing, blissful and nourishing.

    I felt so blessed to be with Mohanji and you guys, the BTW family. 🙂
    What an insightful excursion!

    With love, joy and gratitude


  3. Dear Dr. Deepali:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and mystical experiences!! We are fortunate indeed!!

    With gratitude


  4. Dr .Deepali jaju

    Dear All,
    Thanks for your appreciation.

    Here is something which I did not write in the blog.
    I express deep gratitude towards my husband Dr. Sanjay Jaju. He initiated that thought I should go to Thane and Mumbai with Mohanji. One never know, how Guru tatva principle will work and through whom!
    I always remain obliged to him for this. He never thinks of money and his inconviniences. He never stopped me from anything.
    Sanjay, thanks a lot.

    Love and regards,

  5. dearest mom.

    what an amazing blog!!!…
    You have converted a most beautiful experience into writing (blog) for other people to enjoy,feel and exprience…

    lots of love moushami

  6. Sri Ananda Durlabha

    Wow! The whole scene relived again! I simply got carried to Bade Baba’s shrine . Wonderful sharing in fine details. sincere thanks to Deepali.

    Mohanji that day also gave another big message of being “spontaneous” in our path when we all failed to recognise Bade Baba!

    Mohanji I am so grateful to You for this lifetime experience. I tried to go to Ganeshpuri many times, being so near living in Thane since Jan 1992, I missed all the time till it had to happen this way with You. My last one and half year stay in Muscat in Your presence is so full of grace. Divine was waiting to welcome us at Ganeshpuri! In Your presence so many miracles we all have been experiencing!

  7. namaskar, thank you for post this beautiful story for all of us. When I was reading, I felt like I was with all of you. It is so beautiful. Mohanji is my spiritual teacher, and, I love and respect him, his soul, his life, every word. We are so blessed to have Mohanji in our hearts. Love and light with all of you, with deep respect and pure love, Sabrina

  8. Its a Blessing to see all these divine pics of Mohanji and Bade Babaji.
    Thank you soooo much and Shukriya for sharing all your experiences:)

    I have never been to Ganeshpuri.Hope to go there someday.

    Mohanji is like a Bright Light amidst all the darkness in the world now
    so grateful to be in his presence.


  9. Dear Deepali,

    Thanks for sharing. It gives so much joy to feel your experience. Belated birthday wishes.

    With love and gratitude to you all,


  10. I don’t know what to say, each experience seemed to be the most one could hope for only to go on the the next! Dear Deepali, t hank you for sharing your beautiful birthday gift with us. I, too, feel as though I was part of the journey and look forward to the day to be in the presence of Mohanji, Biba, you and my other family members I have there now.

    Interestingly, as soon as I started reading the blog, the clock on my desk began to tick so loud it drew my attention away to be certain of what I was hearing; the ticking returned to it’s normal volume as I was reading Marina’s last comments. I am curious as to what that could be …

    And, Deepali, my daughter, the doctor :-), your picture is quite beautiful! Your natural loveliness brightened by the joy and gratitude of the experience is magnificent to behold.


  11. Thank you very much for vividly displaying Ganeshpuri and Bade Baba in front of our eyes. It felt like I was taking the pligrimage with Mohanji and all of you. I have not been to Ganeshpuri (frankly nor heard of it before) but your writeup has increased my desire to visit to Bade Baba’s place. Thanks again and looking forward to your next blog post.


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  13. Dear Deepali,

    Thanks so very much for sharing all the details of your experience at Ganespuri and with
    Bade Baba . How lucky and blessed are you. Believe me while I was going this blog and your experience ,there was a strong vibration in my body and my eyes were full of tears as if i was also one of you, and through out i felt i was in another world, I was not aware of my surroundings for a while. With all thanks to you and in Gratitude to give me the feel of that Divine place by writing this beautiful blog.

    With Loves

    (BTW family)

    1. Dear Anita,
      When soul meets the truth, shivers and energy surge happens. Tears flow flow but it is not crying. It is an expression of being with the truth. It is an expression of being with the original source and the tradition. Let the tears flow. Do not resist them.
      Mohanji gave me this experience of the tradition and ever since, I always witnessed tradition flowing through him.
      You have lovingly written Anita (BTW Family). Welcome to the family. BTW is a family where only “Unconditional Love” exists.
      Anita, thanks for appreciation.
      Love and regards,

  14. Sincere pranams Dr.Deepali for sharing this experience , every soul who is in the path of merging with the self will get a deep inspiration and gratitude to you


    1. Dear Francis,
      Thanks for your loving words of appreciation and wishes for all those who would read this experience.
      It is all because of Mohanji and his grace; I surrender at his lotus feet.

  15. Hi Deepaliji,

    Thanks for the reply and including me in the BTW family. Believe me what ever you write,you write it so beautifully,believe me i can go through 24/7. God Bless you.
    Thanks for guiding me to go on this path and i am sure will be blessed with ur guidance always and ever.

    I hope you will also come to Delhi with Para Brahma in August,I am really looking forward to meet you….please do come and bring Dear Moushami as well.


    Anita Puri
    (BTW family)

  16. Namaste Deepaliji,

    Saprem ShriGuru Smaran.

    I was just searching the web and came across your beautiful post about your experience at the Lotus Feet of SadGuru Bhagvan Nitynandbaba at Ganeshpuri.

    I learned some very important aspect of true surrender to Guru from your post. Thanks you very much….!!
    You have quoted these in your experience:

    “Our own intellectuality goes against our own evolution.”

    ” Gratitude is the key. It brings unconditional love. It brings acceptance to the situation. ”

    “I repeated what he did. I blindly follow him and try not to use my intellect. If he says go and do this….. I just go and do it. I do not analyze – this is what I have learnt to be very important.”
    Once again thank you very much for sharing ….!!
    With Love,
    Jagdish Patel

  17. Dear Dr Deepali

    You are blessed to be with a living Master. You are doubly blessed for sharing these heart warming experiences which fill us with bliss, love, gratitde. Thank you!

  18. Thank you so much for these profound words. From the first to the last word I was reading in a expanded state of consciousness. It was a privilege to read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love & Light!


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