Another Dimension of Mohanji

Dear Friends,

This is a short, yet  pretty concise and important posting reflecting the truth that what we see is by far not all that exists.

This is also for making people aware that when Mohanji gives someone a card, it is not just giving a card. It is like giving a passport to reach him. It is also an assurance of protection. Every card is alive and radiates energy.

This blog post is intended to make people aware that what they see is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more energy mass hidden. And it takes patience and time, faith and purity to taste the divine energy.


Iceberg & the subtle message of nature...


So please read on.

An old friend from Northern Germany just called me to tell me the following story about Mohanji’s “powers”:
This friend is someone we could call spiritual and connected to God. She also came to the BTW meditation with Mohanji in Hamburg in April this year. Given her experience with Mohanji she was “convinced” of his purity, however back at home and looking at his spiritual card and – what she called – “dark” photo of him, she got doubts. In fact, she felt so uncomfortable looking at Mohanji’s photo on the card, that she wanted to get rid of it.

More than just a card...

She did not want to just throw it away though. She was searching for a “respectful” way of disposal. In this search she carried the card around backwards and forwards, sometimes left it somewhere, forgot about it, and then the card popped up again, fell into her lap, appeared in her bathroom etc.

A couple of weeks ago she was fed up with not finding the right mode to get rid of the card and with the fact that it kept on appearing and continued to make her somehow nervous. So she decided to dispose it with the weekly paper recycling service (there is a paper collection service for each household run by the German government). She took her pile of old papers and dropped Mohanji’s spiritual card in there, wrapped it and left it in the street in front of her house ready for the collection. So the batch got picked up.

Few days later she gave the pedestrian area a sweep. Amongst the autumn leaves, dust and pebbles, she noticed a piece of paper. She bent down to have a look – and here we go: Mohanji’s spiritual card was back in her hands! Despite the rain , autumn wind and god knows what, the card was still fairly intact. And now she understood and resistance melted.


Heavenly light shows the way


And guess where she keeps this card placed these days? In the drawer of her bedside table!

When this happened she wanted to speak to me immediately but could not reach me. She did not know where I was, but a day later she received my postcard from India…

Today we had a chance to talk, and this is what she told me:
“Marina, this is just mindblowing. It’s not a coincidence. And I have realised that I am by far not through with this man. So far I just caught a glimpse of him. I realise how closed I am for the good things laying right in front of me. I always had a deep feeling for India. Just why in the whole wide world do I not follow this inclination? My mind and my security thinking is in the way. I see it clearly. I keep telling this story to all my friend. Isn’t it just amazing how Mohanji’s card did not let go of me?! Marina, I also know deep within me, he has a bigger mission for humanity.”


Mohanji - the silent power...


This story really brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy she understood something about Mohanji here.
And I am again impressed and humbled by the divine choreography.

When Mohanji was in Hamburg, he told her: “Do not worry. I am with you. I do not need anything from you. But, I will be with you.”
He kept his word.


The Providence


No more to say at this point.

With love,   Marina


Mohanji's presence - with and without a photo


18 thoughts on “Another Dimension of Mohanji”

  1. It is obvious that miracles happen every day.
    I’d like to share a similar unbelievable experience, I only now guess it may be connected to Mohan’s card. I believed it was lucky coincidence, and did not search for any causes, although I was pondering on some law-of-attraction-analysis.
    Here’s what happened to me a couple of days ago.
    I work at a school, and one evening I left my bag in the teachers’ office in order to copy some materials in another office. There was no one, so I believed it was safe to leave my bag there. The next day, I realised my wallet had been stolen. Perhaps some student, cleaner, who knows whose fingers became greedy, I thought. I immediately called the school and explained, when they said there was some wallet in the office near the copying machine! And I didn’t even carry my bag there the night before. I was heavily relieved, all the documents, money, cards, everything was there. And Mohan’s card, of course, too.
    Take care everyone.


    1. Dear Biljo :-),

      thank you so much for sharing this lovely story. It reminded me of a few more such instances that I was told about by those who had the experience. It is really interesting – even though Mohanji never charges any money for his time & spiritual services, he takes care of everybody’s wallets :-)))).

      One gentleman, MF ,who is a sincere devotee of Mohanji (just like Megha was to Shirdi Sai Baba), went for his regular prayers in the mosque during the regular prayer time. The mosque was full of people. After the prayers,he got up and rushed straight to the office (about 30 km away by car). Only when the reached the office, he realized that his wallet was missing. He checked in his car, and it wasn’t there… The only possibility left was the mosque. He thus went back to the mosque and went to the exact place where he sat for his prayers before. Amazingly enough, his wallet was laying there on the floor, untouched by anyone (as if it was made invisible to others). When he opened the wallet, the first thing he saw was Mohanji’s picture whch is on the spiritual visit card… :-). It is very unlikely that in such a crowded mosque, nobody would have picked up the wallet, or at least the money in the wallet. Everything was intact! His happiness knew no bounds!!!! 🙂
      The same gentleman had another miraculous experience a few months before this.
      His parents had passed away many years ago. Ever since, he or his family members could not trace the documents pertaining to their joint property. They searched and searched the entire house for many years,but the documents were never found.
      While attending the Power of Purity meditation, MB’s parents appeared to him, blessed him, and told him the exact location where the documents are. As soon as the meditation was completed, he called up his home, about 2000km away, in India, and told the family members where to check for the documents. They checked, and lo and behold, the documents were indeed there! 🙂 It was impossible for him to imagine with such precision where the documents could be, since him and his family members have exhausted all their wits in finding the documents, and have almost given up hope of finding them ever.

      – And another wallet story :-):
      Kannan, another sincere devotee of Mohanji, went to Kish island in Iran for the purpose of naturalizing his stay in UAE. From the airport, he took a taxi and arrived to the hotel where he was supposed to stay for 2 nights. After he got out of the taxi and was walking towards the hotel entrance, he realized that his wallet was missing. He sat on the side of the road, completely dejected and depressed. He did not know what to do. He had no money to check into the hotel, no money at all!!! He connected to Mohanji’s eyes and prayed for intervention. Within 30 min. the same taxi came and stopped in front of him. The driver got out from the car and handed him over the wallet. The driver asked Kannan to open the wallet and check whether everything is there. Upon opening the wallet, the first thing Kannan saw, which, as he said, was a true reassurance for him that everything was intact.

      I am awaiting more wallet stories now…. 🙂

      One thing I have observed is that Mohanji works on multiple planes, and with multiple people, all the time. I often fail to realize how much work he is doing in each moment, in different dimensions…

      And here is one more story shared today on the Iphone blog by Mr. Pratap, who is a regular attendee of our BTW meditations in Muscat.

      “Sai Ram Mohanji,

      Thank you!!!
      I had a crucial tender to submit. I could not find my company letter head. After a drastic search all over the place, both my friend and me couldnt find the letter head .I needed it so badly that I turned the place up side down.Any place that I can remeber, I searched. Paper by paper.Because of that, my morning prayer was delayed.
      I gave up.I really thought it was some work of Sai, my sadguru. After my morning prayer and after reading Satcharitha as usual, I decided to call you, my Guru Mohanji. And I called you, You told me to just wait for half an hour and then decide what to do. I gave a last try of the same places where both me and my friend had already searched.The first bunch of paper I searched had this letter head. I FOUND IT!!! Now what can I say!!!. Thank you Mohanji!!! Sai Ram!!!!

      God bless All

      1. It is so beautiful..I can intuitive read the message on the lovely unusual color( beauty): ~unconditional love is our true nature~..
        My wish is to have a card with Mohanji soon..Bliss and honor.

        ~It is really interesting – even though Mohanji never charges any money for his time & spiritual services, he takes care of everybody’s wallets 🙂 ))).~

        This is a Miracle of generosity, too..and God…Life..will take care of everything..
        Giving is receiving..always…Maybe one day postman will ring the doorbell..offering you a white box: Gift filled box with money …just Gifts.
        Sender: Lady Life, address: City of the Light, suite:Unconditional Love, number: 77
        Because of the Life..because of generosity and great service for the highest good of All..Because..of…no help humankind..with Light and kindness, above any money motivation..Miracles are Here with us. What A BLISS to have YOU, both with Us..again.

      2. My wish…is:
        Soon to be me..that lady postman who ring the doorbell, yours, with my white Box gifts: money donations.
        To make world a better place..for the highest good of All. And so it will Be! Soon! 🙂

  2. Dear All,
    Mohanji’s miracles are beyond time and space.
    Here is what happened to our gardener dear Santosh. I am writing on his behalf as he speaks only Hindi.

    Santosh works in the Sultan Qaboos University gardens and is deeply connected with Mohanji. He always keeps Mohanji’s card in his wallet.

    I conduct meditation on every Friday at home and he comes regularly.
    After undergoing 2 meditation, he got promoted to superviser’s post. He attributes that to Mohanji’s blessings.
    He said, “Bhabi, I want to take you all for dinner because I got promoted!”

    I was bit hesitant to let him spend money on dinner. I tried to postpone it for 6 months! But santosh was damn confident. He said, “Bhabi, take me anywhere and I will pay”.

    Ultimately, on 27th Oct 2010, Wednesday, we went for dinner.. He told my son that he could collect only 10 Omani Riyals for dinner. 10 Riyals may not be sufficient for dinner for 5 people! I decided that I will pay the extra amount required. (later I realised that this was my intellectual mind that was calculating).

    When bill came we all were stunned…… it was only 9 Riyals and 400 baisa!!!!!!!
    We actually had lovely dinner, nice parathas, dal, 2 different veg curries and jeera rice…….

    More surprise awaited next day.
    After meditation on last Thursday, Mohanji smiled and said, Deepali I had a lovely dinner yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was WOW!!!. He knew everything and He was there!!!

    Santosh…… no need to say… he is so happy.

    Santosh’s faith on Mohanji made this miracle happen. I like Santosh’s one act….. whatever he does he surrenders to Mohanji and Lord Ganesh. He is very humble.

    Love and regards,

  3. Om Shree Gurubhyo Namah,

    Dear Biba,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful expereince…

    Love & Prayers to both of you…..

  4. namaskar to all of you, thank you for share this story with all of us. It is so beautiful when you find his love and LIGHT everywhere around you. God bless all of you, and let our Guruđi live in our hearts just like we are in his heart. I am so bless with his present in my life,he made so beautiful thinks for me , and, whenever I need help, HE IS ALWAYS HERE. MY DIVINE GURUĐI MOHANJI, AND MY DIVINE BIBA. So, we are like one big family, with our divine father, with his love, light!!!!!! I love you, and I always will.

  5. Speechless..full of beauty Gift.
    Gratitude for Infinite Love..DIVINE Biba & Mohanji.
    For Life & Magic..I all-ways believe in…Magic. No proof needed for Miracles.Simple way. Simple. Beyond Mind.

    All messages are from beyond of beyond.

    Honored to read, Carmen

  6. pranams to all!

    The story is lovely! what divine play i must say. But frankly speaking…the last bit interested me..rather hit me. “Mohanji kept his word”. He surely does. When we were together for BTW in mumbai and Ganeshpuri darshan, during that time I confessed some of my weaknesses. I said that I change but somehow I fall back..then change ..then fall back…the cycle doesnt end. Of course the intensity reduces everytime..but the cycle does not end….After this He told me ,” Dont worry. I’ll give you KICKS.” I took the assurance lightly. But now that I am back in Pune, its started. He is keeping His word. The kicks are in form of situations…He compels me to change. But its for my good. All I want to say is SORRY to my parents and also to Sai baba and Mohanji. Please accept my apologies. I surrender to all.

    with deep gratitude,

  7. Namaskar Mohanish.

    Your feedback here is what I need to hear now.
    Thank You Mohanji Master……
    I have one client who is in one healing circle, too..and I am prepared today to offer his his ~victim attitude and complaining attitude~…and asking for mercy energetically all around…unconscious~conscious..
    Your feedback here is an confirmation, because I was wondering if he will manage my ferm words..and telling him the Truth…Now I just know.
    This confirmation arrived now before our session is ..a sign I am on good way with him for his higher good.
    Thank you! In gratitude, Carmen

  8. At the risk of too many words for a love beyond verbal concepts, I just need to relate this: When Mohanji said “do not worry, I am with you. I do not need anything from you, but I will be with you. Just connect with my eyes” – I promptly posted a picture of Mohanji as a screensaver, and by simply connecting with His divine eyes (darshan), in the morning and in the evening for about 45 min per sitting, everything has changed for me. I’m tasting “the peace that passeth all understanding” and a complete and wonderful shift is taking place. THIS IS THE REAL THING, and that is my sole reason for commenting on the ‘uncommentable’, new language – ha ha – bursting with gratitude. Om Shri Mohanji Namah.

  9. Experience is what counts. Same time 100% faith and surrender leads us to the light and guides us forward. Aum Sai Ram and Pranams to Gurus feet.

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