A Funny Incident

Written by Seema Mahabeer


We have been in Johannesburg this past weekend with Swami Bhaktananda and our Johannesburg Mohanji family. We had a beautiful Homa at Milica’s house. Swamiji asked me to sit next to him, even though it was absolutely hot I think he knew I needed a tan, hahaha. I sat during the entire duration in the sun and after the Homa we had a rest for a little while and then we had to get ready for our trip to The Shanti Sanctuary where Swamiji was conducting the POP meditation and satsang.

We got everybody organised with the travelling arrangements and off we went. When we jumped into the car to leave, I told Ramesh (my husband) that I had a splitting headache. I remembered that we had the first aid kit in the car and he said we would get it out when we get to our destination. We giggled and laughed because Swamiji and Amiji sat in the back of the car which is suitable for small kids only. It was soooo funny, so with all the laughs and giggles, we completely forgot to get the tablets out. We met a few more devotees and the chatting continued. We were so happy to see each other. My head was still pounding. We were ready to start the meditation and my headache became really bad. I did not want to make Swamiji wait for me so I closed my eyes and I spoke to Guruji. It was so funny. I asked him to take my headache away because I wanted to enjoy the meditation. I even smiled to myself because I was asking for something so impossible I was blown away. Not even 2 seconds later, it was gone. I was amazed and enjoyed the entire meditation. I surrendered completely and he answered me too.

This is my story. Thank you Guruji.
Bless you all

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