Trust Him Completely

Written by Jay Jasu

Jay Vasu

An interesting event happened…. I lost my wallet the day before night and came to know that I lost it by yesterday morning. My credit cards and all other IDs were in that. I immediately called up Mohanji and informed Him. He said,  not to worry, he’d do what He has to do!!!!  (As always!!!!!!!!) That was enough for me.

I didn’t cancel any of the credit cards or go to the police. I just reported to the security office in my community. When I look back now,  I  was very cool and without any tensions about it. I trusted Him.

By evening, when I  was sitting with Mohanji,  I  received a call from the hotel where we conducted the retreat saying my wallet is found and that a guy called Jojo has it. (I had the business card of the lady in Radisson hotel and hence the call went to her!!) Our contact in the hotel gave me Jojo’s number. I called him…..

An angel in the form of a Philipino man, he was! I met him near my place and he handed the wallet over to me!!!!!!!!

Just before I  received the call from the hotel, dear Monja suggested that I should speak to Mohanji about my wallet! I said I would and the next moment the phone rang!!

I learned two lessons:

(1) I should not be absent minded and

(2) Only believing in Him is not enough,  one has to trust him completely and only then grace would flow…  Complete surrender…

3 thoughts on “Trust Him Completely”

  1. Believe Me, Trust Me……
    That is what every Guru says and
    We have to fully surrender for the flow to reach us.
    God Bless Jay !

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