A Growing Garland

After Vardhapan… Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration in Toronto, Canada, Mohanji’s Life size Darshan picture was offered Jasmine Garland on 28th February, late in the evening. On the next day the Garland grew longer…



The Divine Celebrations for The Divine Soul Mohanji Started on Friday 19th with an extremely intense Power of Purity meditation. Deep silence and a broad smile on faces spoke all. Strong energy was felt by devotees connected by the phone for meditation as well. Though they were on the other side of the phone, they felt cool breeze and felt shivers and goose bumps during this session. Mohanji’s ways are unfathomable 
On Saturday the 20th, The Sun was at His Glory, bright and Powerful. As though Mohanji was giving us a message in the subtlest manner “I AM WITH YOU”. The day started with Mohanji Invocation and Mohanji worship. This was followed by Mohanji Paad Pooja (Sandals) with saffron and Rose water.

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At some point one of the devotees felt as though Mohanji was physically sitting in front of him and She was actually washing Mohanji’s Lotus Feet, Silent tears of Gratitude drenched her heart within. The 108 names of Mohanji chanted were felt strongly each time Abhishekham was performed. Another devotee felt as though she had a Déjà vu. Sweet loving tears flowed down her eyes in the warmth of Mohanji’s presence within and around her. She said washing Mohanji’s feet was a yearning she had from Lord Jesus time and that Mohanji fulfilled her wish in this life.

After this Divine experience we chanted Mohanji Mantra continuously for two and half hours.
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With each mantra chanted a pinch of rice grain was held against our heart chakra and then offered on Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. The rice grain filled with divine energy was later distributed amongst devotees as Prasaad. The chants grew louder and stronger, the senses within started getting dispersed. There was a time when numbness was felt in the body and mind. IT was so calming within. Altogether 21 Jap malas ( 2268 mantras) were performed. The energy and the enthusiasm amongst us was amazing.


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At the end we all did Aaarti , Mohanji was gearing the program with full vigour. HE ALWAYS DOES HIS JOB!!



After performing the naam jaap, the rest of the day our minds were silent to an extent that we felt like we tasted the Thoughtless State 

While gracing us with his Mantra Mohanji had said that it draws energy from him and even if a million people draws energy from him it will just be like a bucket from the ocean. In these turbulent times chanting a mantra not only gives us the strength to bear the unforeseen but heightens our awareness and keeps us connected to the One Consciousness which Mohanji represents.

21st February, Sunday morning breakfast Sandwiches of cheese, peanut butter and jam was prepared along with Cookies and Juice for the needy and handed over to The Sathya Sai Centre of York Region.


Later the volunteers in the centre distributed amongst the homeless and the needy in Toronto downtown shelter. Satisfying someone’s hunger is Mohanji’s prime priority which has taught us how we can share more and more. Gratitude in the Lotus Feet of a Divine Master for walking us the Path of Unconditional Love, Compassion and Service. A devotee informed us that it was full Moon Day and performing Havan would be most the most sacred worship for Mohanji’s birthday. Hence in the given time a Havan was performed and the energy that filled us up was to the brim. Again he showed his presence by accepting everything that was offered in the Havan.

Monday 22nd the celebrations continued with POP meditation in a Coporate office. People felt light and relaxed.
Tuesday February the 23rd, The Day a Great Master, a Divine Soul chose to walk this Earth out of sheer compassion and love for his people had arrived. All were so excited. The morning started by offering Shawl and food to Shirdi Sai in The Shirdi Sai Temple.


Sai Baba looked so happy and gracefully accepted the shawl; HIS smile said Mohanji is happy.
Mahamrutyunjay Yagna was performed in the evening for Mohanji’s good health and Long Life. It left us speechless. Aaarti was performed at the end.
Swami Bhaktananda (First Disciple initiated into Sanyaas by Mohanji) had beautifully explained the importance of doing Aaarti. The flame that we light and rotate in front of our God/Masters image/statue with faith and devotion represents the fire element that every person has in their body. As we know Fire destroys everything that comes in its contact, doing Aarti increases the vigour of fire element in our body and cleanses us of all the impurities and negativities that we gather in our day to day life.
These little gestures were a way to show our love to our Master. This is nothing compared to what a Master does and goes through for His Devotees. HE never asks or wants anything from anyone, our happiness and our journey inwards is all that HE is working for day and night. We pray together that this light called MOHANJI that has been sent to us in this life brightens more and more within and we merge totally in this Glow.

The celebrations were concluded by another Corporate POP session on Wednesday the 24th. Mohanji’s energy is always strong and loving. Neha who was conducting the meditation had a profound experience of how a Masters grace can heal, this has been shared in another blog Mohanji hears the unspoken. All were smiles and thanked us for sharing this wonderful mediation with them.
Mohanji’s Grace knows no bounds! If emptiness is maintained within, one experiences HIS Grace in Leaps and bounds!!

Mohanji’s Growing Garland of Unconditional Love and Service

A growing garland - Mohanjis birthday celebration 2016

Mohanji’s Life size Darshan picture was offered Jasmine Garland on 28th February, late in the evening. On the next day the Garland grew longer. Should we say Amazement? Well Mohanji always shows us how Gracefully He accepts all that is offered to Him with Pure Love and Devotion. The growing garland depicts the Growing Love and Compassion all around the world. Unique are The Great Master’s ways to reciprocrate their Love for their Devotees, this time He showered us in the form of a Growing Garland.

Jai Ho Mohanji!
Jai Gurdev!

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