Mohanji Hears the Unspoken!

Written by Neha Parekh (Canada)

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I, a meagre servant at Mohanji’s Lotus Feet, remain ever indebted to the overflowing Grace and Love that is experienced even before the senses realize it.

I would love to share this priceless and wonderful healing experience that shows how a Master takes care of His devotees without being asked. I will humbly try to convey in words the Grace of My Prabhu Mohanji.

I had been having some pain in the back of my left knee for the past few weeks. This discomfort would restrict me from sitting for long on the floor for meditation and Consciousness Kriya. I tried a couple of things to comfort my knee like heat therapy, yogic exercises, sitting positions, etc. but none of these helped much . Yesterday morning after my daily Kriya practise when I tried to get up, my back of the knee gave away and pulled me down. My eyes welled up immediately with pain. This pain was not for the physical body that was experiencing it, but for not being fit enough to serve my Prabhu.

I usually practise Consciousness Kriya sitting in front of Mohanji’s Divine Padukas. During my Kriya practise, without having spoken any words, my emotions were conveyed to Mohanji. When I was about to get up, the excruciating pain made me look helplessly at the Paduka and say with unspoken gestures to Mohanji to help me through this pain not for myself but for my yearning to serve HIM in all possible ways which was limited due to this pain.  Soon after, I left for work. That day I had Power of Purity meditation at work. When I was going through the breathing exercise with my colleagues, my face, neck nape and head region became hot – it seemed like I was in front of an open oven. This feeling stayed for a few seconds and had me wondering that in spite of a snow storm with temperature of -12°C where was this heat coming from? One voice that came to my mind was “MOHANJI”!!! 🙂 HE is always with us and in us. HIS energy is constantly guiding us. So the warmth was MOHANJI  . Later during the meditation I suddenly felt a round saucer like air pressure above my left knee, just an inch above. I did not feel the same on the right knee. The pressured air remained upon my left knee for a few seconds and suddenly I could sense it fell down on the ground between my two feet. I was shocked, was that real? This episode was constantly playing in my mind and kept me thinking as to what was it that I had experienced. At last in the evening I got the answer, it had to do something with my morning unspoken prayer to Mohanji 

The next day when I practised my Kriya again, with awareness, I noticed that the pain that was troubling me since last few weeks had vanished. Mohanji had heard my unspoken pain of being incapable to serve my Master and had healed it immediately during the meditation.

Mohanji is listening, when we don’t speak, when we speak and before the thought arises in mind.

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This is the power of a true Master. His ways are unique and unfathomable. He makes us walk through the karmic cycle, makes us go through its effect to the fullest in a shortest time frame and heals us by releasing from the bondage. Such is his Grace!

Blessed am I to serve You Master… Blessed am I to be able to take Your name!!

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Jai Mohanji!

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful healing. The ways of the Master are unlimited and they are only bound by the limited frame of our mind.

    Jai Baba

    Jai Mohanji

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