Time to Counter Negativity with Chanting

Written by Swami Mohana Bhaktananda Bharati

Yashik Singh
Good news!! We are all moving into an age where we will reap all the fruits of the spiritual seeds which we have been sowing. We are going to enter into a period of utter spiritual bliss i.e. a time where a little spiritual practice will reap a multitude of rewards. Moksha will be easily achievable with surrender, faith, purity and grace. This is a mini Golden Age. An age of easy access to grace and mercy. However, before we can reach this time, we need to be prepared. We need to be purified and cleansed in order to empty our inner cup. It’s only with an empty cup that you can collect the nectar of grace.

The Golden Age is near

This process of cleansing is happening right now and it will continue until 2017. In fact, it started in 2015. The planets are moving in such a way as to facilitate this upheaval. A famous Western astrologer Lousi Acker explains that Venus is in Leo and is in square Saturn at 28 degrees of Scorpio between July 10 and August 10, 2015. The depressed global economy will make life more difficult for just about everybody. There will be an emotional undercurrent of insecurity and melancholy as the human condition gets harder because of the economic and environmental state of the world. Mercury turning retrograde in mid Libra is roughly square Pluto and opposition Uranus in mid September. Mercury turning retrograde is closely sextile Venus in mid September. There will be shocking, breaking news stories. These could be real or contrived (as in problem reaction solution, false flag events), for purposes of mass psychological manipulation. Emotions will run awry and uncontrolled. Relief will come in 2017. Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is trine Neptune in Pisces in 2017. This trine in water signs will encourage empathy and compassion at the emotional level. This will encourage a heart chakra level of understanding that transcends external conditions of wealth and social status. Many people will by that time have experienced reversals of fortune and highly unusual events affecting their own lives that will increase their emotional understanding of the human condition.

I cannot begin to explain how important it is to make full use of this time and also to be very guarded. It is very important to be fully aware and exercise all your spiritual discretion at every step, particularly until June 2017. There will be many spiritual temptations, many spiritual attacks, many ways of trying to deceive you from the white path and all these will come in an outer form of spiritual liberation. Be aware!! Think about each thing that has being presented to you. Before accepting anything, use your discrimination and see if it is part of the Tradition’s teachings.

Before accepting anything, use your discrimination and see if it is part of the Tradition’s teachings.

I would like to justify these statements and advice, by relating a few experiences that have happened to me and to other Bhaktas that have come to ask for advice.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was in a shop with the most beautiful deities and yantras. Anyone that knows me will know that being surrounded by beautiful deities and yantras is heaven to me, lol. There was a man there that noticed me and walked to me and started talking about Kashmir shaivasim and yantras. He said someone would like to meet me. I instinctively looked up at a staircase, and saw a Guru walking down. He was dressed in a dhoti and a t-shirt. At first I mistook him for another well known Master, but today while I was looking at Facebook, I saw a page that I was prompted to like. It was this Guru’s page. He was dressed in the exactly same clothes, same color, he is from the Kashmir Shaivasim lineage and to top it off, there was a picture of him in his very close devotee’s shop. The shop is exactly the shop I saw and the man in the vision was the devotee.

I prostrated out of respect. I prostrated with love and humility and honor to this Guru. I have learned a very important lesson since meeting Mohanji: Guru is a tatwa, an energy and not a body. From all the experiences I have had, I see all Gurus in Mohanji and all Masters as an expansion of Mohanji. I see this in the ashram every day. Many saints and Masters visit it daily. About the ashram it is said, “Because Mohanji lives here, all Masters live here”. I prostrated wholeheartedly to this Saint and he placed his foot on my back. I felt a surge of energy, a different type of energy. I felt as if I was being blessed with spiritual power. I felt my body expand and I felt the power to burn grew in me. It’s difficult to explain in words, but it was as if the seeds of siddhis where growing in me. And with it the ego that comes. This Guru then said to me, that he wants to initiate me into a secret practice that will let these powers grow and become more intense. He placed his hand on my head.

I politely put my hands together and said that I cannot accept this initiation or siddhis. I am Mohanji’s disciple and will only accept what that comes from Mohanji or only after I ask Mohanji’s permission. I did not mean to seem rude to this Saint, but everything in my inner core said that if you accept these powers then your spiritual growth is killed. Ego will kill everything. He then gave me a big smile, patted my back in approval and I woke up. This was a test.

There will be many distractions put in your path, many temptations.

After speaking to Mohanji, I realise this is a big sign of the times. There will be many distractions put in your path. There will be many temptations that will be dangled like golden carrots in front of you. Be careful!! Do not run after stones when you can achieve diamonds and gold. Liberation is our goal. Remember Mohanji’s words: “Bondage is of various types. All attachments are bondage. All expectations are bondage. All relationships are bondage. Guru can be a bondage. Disciples can be a bondage. Body, mind and intellect are a bondage. Knowledge is bondage. All habits are bondage. Dependencies of all kind are bondage. All samskaaras are bondage. Thus, life is full of seen and unseen bondage. This makes liberation even more difficult. The best way to transcend bondage is through higher awareness. We need to grow in awareness every single day. We need be aware of things that come to bind us, even if it initially seems as spiritual and beneficial.”

Darkness also comes dressed in saffron. When I was younger, I visited a Hanumanji temple. When I walked inside the temple there was a huge, amazingly beautiful deity of Hanumanji. The priest at this temple could speak to this deity and the deity would give remedies for problems. When I walked in, the priest came to me with messages from “Hanuman”. Apparently, I needed to appease Hanuman who was angry with me. I needed to bring 5 kinds of meat to the temple, cigarettes and two bottles of whiskey. I was even given brands of cigarettes and alcohol and types of meat to buy. This Hanuman has very expensive taste hahahha. Clearly, there was an entity living in this deity. I could feel the negativity and dirt. This was not Hanumanji. The outside form was a deity of Hanuman, but the inside was something completely different.

It is important for us to be aware. Not all that we see is the truth. Not all that we hear is the truth. During this time; negativity, negative people and darkness will be most active. They will want to persuade you to leave the path of light. They will spread doubt, lies and purposefully deceive you with rumours. All this will happen behind smiles and acts of devotion. Even worse, they also take on the forms of well-known Masters. They take these forms in order to deceive. An entity of lower nature can come in any form, especially in the form of recognised Masters. This is to delude the followers and take them away from their faith. Never bite this.

One devotee experienced this. In his dream Mohanji appeared, and gave him the lottery numbers. He forgot the numbers when he woke up. He is now obsessed with finding out what the lottery numbers were. It has been months, and that is the only thing on his mind. The devotee has moved away from surrender, from seva, from satsang, from a true connection with Mohanji. Every thought is the lottery numbers. That was not Mohanji.

Another Devotee had a dream that if he gives Mohanji material wealth, all his dreams will be fulfilled. What will Mohanji want with material wealth? Mohanji is the Master of the Universe. Mohanji is the Universe itself. Everything is contained in him. What can we offer him that is not already his? In truth, the love we show to him is actually his already. We own nothing. Mohanji will ask you to feed the poor and needy. In fact, He comes to us in the form of beggars to consume the food just so that we are released from bondage.

Some devotees are having dreams of Mohanji, where Mohanji is asking for strange and absurd things. Be careful!! Don’t fall into this trap. Remember it is Mahamaya’s job to keep us bound to this world. When there is an opportunity to expand our consciousness and move away from this illusion, Mahamaya will try her best to delude you. This is a means for negativity to attack. They attack suppressed desires in an attempt to distract you. Mohanji says, “Staying in the path of liberation is not easy. Every person sends messages. Every message comes with an attachment. Every attachment is like a virus. It makes your system dull and sometimes even sick. When we are constantly in the web of life, we stay trapped and bound. Liberation needs serious practice. We cannot suppress karmas and attain liberation. We have to exhaust karmas and get there. We have to grow with awareness and detach because we do not need it. It is far different from the state where we reject because we cannot reach it.”

Remember that if a visitation is not for the purpose of elevation or awareness or answering a prayer or cleansing, then it is not the work of Masters. The Bible makes it clear: “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.” (2 Corinthians 13:14)

One South African devotee dreamt of Mohanji, and he gave the instruction to grow in purity and faith in himself. Another devotee, Ajay, dreamt that he was called to a hill with three saints sitting there, and they told him that they were coming. Two days later the ashram Dattamurthi arrived. During a difficult time Nirvana physically saw Mohanji appear in front of her. She was left with more confidence, and a stronger connection. Nirupa Mataji’s Muslim neighbour saw Mohanji (whom she did not know) walk in Nirupa Mataji’s house. They have become more dedicated to Mohanji and confident that he really is with them every second of the day. These are true experiences of Mohanji. These are positive experiences, that bring faith and make one walk on the white path.

Mohanji has spoken about these entities before: “Always, whenever there is a positive, there is a negative – there are entities of negative nature. They are as powerful as the positive. They are children of the same God, but by nature they are negative.

Positive negative lightness darkness
Whenever there is a positive, there is a negative

The difference is: the positive always liberates you and keeps you liberated while the negative always binds you and keeps you bound. We can clearly see the influence on the spiritual path: somebody who follows a powerful Master for a long time suddenly twists his/her mind and goes into a completely different path. This is a clear sign of influence of the negative. They try to tease you all the time and if the hook falls, then you are pulled, but many people who are deeply connected to a Master will never budge, they will never fall, but the moment you are weak – that is the moment the hook falls, you are hooked. This is why the deep connectivity to the consciousness of the Master of the white path is essential to stay tuned. If that connectivity is maintained, nothing can enter you or your household. There are even negative entities who talk great spirituality, but understand that they are binding, because they induce fear. Any path which puts fear in you is reasonably of the negative nature, but any path which liberates you from fears is of a positive nature. This is a clear sign you can follow.

Mantra, kirtan, chanting
Deep connectivity to the consciousness of a Master of the white path is essential to stay tuned

Also, the negative entities usually play from the back side, they don’t come up front. They can’t attack directly. I like direct fight. They know they can’t do anything. So they pass by and try to stab my heart, but they cannot. Then I throw everybody out from the whole region.
So, how you protect yourself is very simple: connect to a higher consciousness, it can be Jesus, Krishna or any entity who is established or well connected or well represents the white path; then usually no one can touch you. Many people cannot connect to a living Master, because there is a personality to handle. They can easily connect to a Master who lived before. It doesn’t matter, as long as you connect to a higher Master, whether in the body or not in the body. Once you are connected, it is his responsibility. Also it is said in the scriptures – ‘If a person chants Gayatri mantra for example, he cannot be eaten by vampires’. It’s a proverb but there is a deeper meaning in it. A person chanting a mantra increases his vibratory level to a great height and in that vibratory level, no normal entity can reach him or touch him.”

So let us chant. During this time let us hold onto Mohanji’s mantra and chant. Chant as much as you can. When working, when at gym, when looking after your parents, when cooking, etc. occupy the mind with the name of God. The name of God is not different from God himself. At creation we are told that, “The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” (Job 38:7).

 asesagha-haram viduh

One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the consequences of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly i.e. to indicate something else, jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures. (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 6.2.14)

This Chanting or singing Gods names are vital for us right now. Chant at least 10 malas daily. Chant any mantra you connect to. I love chanting Mohanji’s gayatri:


I feel so much lighter and am given strength to deal with life’s challenges. This mantra brings illumination into your innermost spaces. Chanting this mantra will shine a bright light in all dark circumstances and will show you the higher truth in all of life’s changes. The other mantra I love chanting is:

Aum Shree Bhagawan
Shree RajayaogiMohanji
Namaha Aum.

This mantra connects you to Mohanji and allows you to merge with him.

So the moral of this blog is to be careful of what you are presented with, especially until June 2017 and counteract the darkness with awareness that will grow from chanting. All my love to each of you and may Mohanji always bless you all.

ye kuryuhpitr-tarpanam
preta-janyam ca rAksasam
svApa-dottha-bhayamna hi

The drinking of Lord Hari’s name amounts to offering oblations to the forefathers; removes the fear of demons, ghosts and RakSasas; and destroys diseases, obstacles, and the fear of poisonous snakes and wild animals. (Haribhaktivilasa 9.41-42)

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  1. Wonderful writing, very much needed in these days! I already see this writing published in next Awakening Times issue 🙂 Thank you Swami!

  2. Extremely knowledgeable Guru ji. So much awareness. It has given lot of answers to my questions. I’m glad that I’m under your this knowledge umbrella which keeps flowing on me always. Love you Mohan ji.

  3. Aum sai ram
    Beautifully explained the importance of chanting and specially when there is so much turbulence happening since the starting of this year.chanting is the lovely and the simplest way to reach God.thanks so much

  4. Very beautifully explained and made all aware of the upcoming situations. This will help many around to look at the situations and mitigate them. Thank you!!

  5. Beautiful post – interestingly, I’d just been guided to download more chants from iTunes which I listen to while meditating and chant while working in the garden. Thank You! Infinite Love to M, A <3

  6. Tatyana Povarintseva

    I feel the same about the present time, thank you for sharing Swami. Chanting does help! I’m sure this period is a unique chance for us to clean ourselves and go deeper, as awareness is not optional anymore, but essential.

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