Fulfilment and Completion in the Master’s Silence

Written by Hein Adamson (South Africa)

I recently had the privilege of spending some time with Mohanji during which I experienced some of the ways in which He operates especially in the subtler dimensions. I feel that, as a seeker, this understanding helps to build faith and deepen surrender.
I remember someone once asked Mohanji about Karma, He answered in 1 word: “Fulfilment.” We must fulfil our Karmic agenda before we can reach liberation. During the time I spent with Him, I saw how He facilitated, created the circumstances and brought people together in such a way so as to have a smooth and graceful fulfilment of our agenda.

An Eventful Birthday

I live and work in a small town in India called Katra, which is essentially a way station catering to pilgrims who come to visit the Divine Mother Vaishno Devi. Katra lies at the base of a mountain near the top of which is cave. Divine Mother resides in this cave; a trek of some 14km from the town.
It was my birthday, I had planned to take the day off and relax. I hoped that in some way I would feel Mohanji with me that day, have a confirmation of His presence. That morning, I got a phone call informing me that a lady called Maja from Serbia, had come from overseas to spend some time with Mohanji. She planned to visit the temple of Divine Mother that day and Mohanji had asked whether I could accompany her. So, someone would meet me on my birthday and that someone was sent by Mohanji – a clear sign that He was indeed with me.
When we met, we felt very comfortable with each other. On the way to Temple of the Divine Mother, we had a beautiful journey, sharing experiences and speaking openly about our lives without any reservation. We both felt blessed and grateful to be together at that time, in that place. After visiting Mother’s cave, she had an intuition that she and I were married in a previous life. I felt grateful to Mohanji to have brought us together in that place from two different countries. Any unfinished business between us had been completed in a very easy way; one less item on our collective karmic agendas.

After visiting Divine Mother

Returning to Katra that evening, I got another phone call, this time from Mohanji to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me that He loves me. I was elated and could not thank Him enough – for the gift of the day in good company, for the smooth journey up the mountain, for the peace I was feeling and for the simple gesture of a phone call.

Living with the Master

The next day we travelled to Jammu, the nearest big city where we would meet Mohanji. I only wanted to see Him, touch His feet and say thank you. Instead, He invited me to accompany Him to Dharamshala and spend a few days with Him. 
The next day, the three of us were on the road to Dharamshala. We spoke casually and freely, without formalities. The lady asked Mohanji, “What was the moment of enlightenment like?” His response: “Who ever said I was enlightened?” He did go on to say a little more though: “I don’t know if there was a moment, if there was, it was probably when the ash flowed from my head.” Mohanji narrates the experience in Babaji Beyond Definitions, part 3. “There was no big bang or anything like that. I used to meditate and dive into silence in the mornings but after that moment,” he said, “I became established in silence, I became perpetually silent.”

I have seen Mohanji in an intensely dynamic and active mode before; relentless travels, punishing schedules, large crowds and so on. This time I saw Him in a quieter mode, although he was always working; writing, responding to messages, guiding the mission remotely.

The Ashram in Dharamshala

3 ashram in Dharamshala
The ashram in Dharamshala

The atmosphere at the ashram in Dharamshala was informal and relaxed. There was Satsang, but it was spontaneous, unplanned. Mohanji was very ordinary, very simple. There have been times when I have come to Him expecting something larger than life, something visibly miraculous and then wondered why He pretends to be just a normal person. Although to me, He is the Father, a tangible expression of the Highest, a tangible expression of God, I have come to suspect that the nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, behaviour which I have so often seen Him express and which I saw again this time is totally natural. I might say that He is not a normal human being and in my experience that is certainly true, but I might also say that He is the most human being I have ever met. This time I found this expression of simplicity very comforting. All the while, I could feel that beneath the interior, the truth of Mohanji which is so much larger than what I could behold is by no means hidden or secret. It is just so very subtle, so very still; that it is hard to perceive. That is the real Mohanji. He said, “My true nature is hard to see because people only look at the expression. Inside I am sattvic, but my expression is rajasic. Awareness is sattvic, alertness is rajasic.”
During the visit, I saw a book lying near Mohanji; a book on Dattatreya who belongs to our Tradition. I had read some of it on previous occasion and mentioned this to Mohanji. He said, “What is the use of reading?” I said, “There is no use when I have access to you.” He nodded. I asked, “If I know that, why is there still a desire to read such books?” He said, “Because you have an intellect”. I suddenly felt a weight lifting from my shoulders, I could feel the desire to feed my intellect become diluted and it was a feeling of immense relief.

Temple visits

4 Havan at the Jwala Mukhi Temple
Havan at the Jwala Mukhi Temple

I’d like to share another instance of fulfilment and completion which happened at this time. Maja and I went to visit two more temples to the Divine Mother which was near Dharamshala. At the second temple called Jwala Mukhi, after completing the main Darshan, an old man approached us and guided us to another temple within the complex. He spoke in Hindi and although I don’t know much Hindi, I caught a little here and there of what he was saying. The temple which he lead us to was connected to a great saint of ancient times named Gorakhnath.

5 The old man that Mohanji sent to guide us
The Old Man that Mohanji sent to guide us

I was fascinated with Gorakhnath, ever since I began to understand that Mohanji is also a Nath Guru, of the same tradition. I saw some monks there who wore large hoops through their ears, a sign that they were disciples of the Nath Tradition. I had wanted to meet them for some time and I was grateful to have been granted this wish. By visiting this temple, I felt I had completed yet another item on my karmic agenda – again facilitated by Mohanji. In fact, I have no doubt that the old man was sent by Mohanji to ensure that we didn’t miss the chance to visit that second temple.

Eternal Silence at the Guru’s Feet

One evening near the end of my visit, Maja, Rajesh and I were sitting with Mohanji. I noticed the skin on top of His right foot was looking very dry and was starting to peel. I knew from past experience that this is usually a sign that He was doing work in other dimensions or was using his body to do some major karmic cleansing for someone. I had massaged His feet the night before and there was no sign of it then, so I knew that it had to have happened that day. I pointed it out and said, “Mohanji, what did you do?” He simply said that He was doing some work and gave no more information. I felt a pang at this and reached out to put my hand on His foot. I kept it there for a long while and after some time began to feel a deep silence growing within me. There was conversation, but I didn’t really register much of it. I was enjoying the stillness which was flowing from Mohanji into me too much to pay much attention to what was being said around me. At one point I looked into Rajesh’s eyes and saw in him the same deep silence which I was feeling, the same blessed emptiness, I saw in his eyes that he had recognised something in me as well. After a while Mohanji pulled His foot away and I slowly began to normalise. However, I think something had shifted – it seemed Mohanji had given me a glimpse of his own silence – the same silence present in me, Rajesh and all beings.
I understood in that moment, that all the great spiritual traditions, all the vows of renunciation, all the methods, paths and vigorous disciplines practiced through time have but one aim – to achieve this state that is natural to Mohanji, what He simply is and what is available to us merely by being in His presence. That is our tradition, our path is to remain always in His presence and by presence I don’t mean physical proximity.

A Tryst in the Woods

6 A Tryst in the woods

One day we all went for a walk in the woods. We arrived and followed Mohanji into the incomplete temple adjacent to the woods. It is a stark, mostly unroofed temple with only 3 murthis and nothing else. No altar, no priest. We prostrated and started on our walk. Mohanji lead us as we jogged mostly without much talking. On the way back Mohanji spotted an old man sitting on a bridge; he told us to stop the car and give something to eat and drink to the old man, we went into a samosa shop. I initially thought we should get 5 samosas and in my mind I saw the 5 fires traditionally offered to the Masters during Aarthi. Rajesh ordered 3 samosas and I said, “I think we should get more than 3.” So he ordered 4. As we paid and left the shop, we realised that the shop keeper had charged us for 5 samosas and we had paid and got 5 in the bag. As we approached the old man he held out his hands to receive our offering, without formality, as if he had been expecting us. He had sharp, piercing, crystal clear blue eyes. Later I asked Mohanji who the old man was. He said, “That is not important. What is important is that he was expecting us and it was no coincidence that we were there.”

Mohanji’s birthday

We all travelled to Jammu so that we could spend Mohanji’s birthday with Divine Mother Vaishno Devi. We were passing by a small Hanumanji temple when Mohanji stopped the car. As was expected, there were monkeys hanging around the temple and Mohanji asked me to feed them some bananas. I peeled a banana and moved towards the monkeys when Mohanji called out that I should first offer them to Hanumanji. Anyone who has encountered monkeys know they are quite wild and grab anything out of your hands. If you are carrying any food in your hands you can say goodbye. I was surprised when they backed away from me the moment I changed direction and moved towards the temple, even though I was holding a peeled banana in my hands. I offered some to the Hanumanji statue in the temple and the priest gave me a few sweets as Prasad. I then went back to the car to give the Prasad to Mohanji. Again the monkeys maintained a respectful distance while I gave the sweets to Mohanji. Only then, as I approached the monkeys, did they come for their bananas. I split the bananas into small pieces as Mohanji had instructed and held the pieces out while the monkeys came to collect the fruit from my hands. I think that they were not ordinary monkeys at all; I believe that they were Hanumanji’s disciples.
7 Rajesh and I on his motorcycle
Rajesh and Maja were travelling separately on his motorbike. After a while, I switched places with Maja and went the rest of the way with Rajesh. About half way from Jammu, we realised that we had a flat tyre. The tyre was not simply flat, but completely ruined. We rode to a few places along the way trying to find a spare, but since it was a Sunday; shops were closed. Eventually we found an old man at a scooter shop who made a call and arranged for a nearby tyre-shop keeper to make an exception, open up his shop and sell us a new tyre. He couldn’t install it though, so he called some of his friends in nearby shops and eventually managed to install the tyre. All in all, it took 4 people, from 4 different shops to get us squared and away – all this on a day when businesses were closed. Later, when we told Mohanji about it, He said, “I told you to get the bike checked in Dharamshala before leaving, but you trusted your own mind and look what happened.” I said, “Even though we didn’t listen to you, you still arranged all that to get things fixed.” He said, “I had to. You were praying to me for help, so I had no choice.”

8 Homecoming - at Mamujis house in Jammu
Homecoming – at Mamuji’s house in Jammu

Our initial plan was to ride straight to Katra and bypass Jammu altogether, but we decided that it would be best to spend the night before moving on to Katra. We stayed at Mamuji’s place that night. You can read about Mamuji here. Two people had come from Mumbai to visit Mohanji on His birthday. In all there were 8 of us. I felt an overwhelming sense of home coming and contentment that night. I felt so much love for these people and so much gratitude to be with them, in that place at that time. Mohanji was not with us physically, but we were all His children and were all there because of Him. I felt as though we were 8 little planets, drawn by the gravity and basking in the warmth of our Sun.
The next day we found ourselves in Katra, ready to scale the mountain to visit Divine Mother. Two more people, a Homeopath and a naturopath from South India, had joined our party. This again was not a coincidence. I started speaking to them and found that they prescribe simple vegetable solutions to their patients. I had been looking for a way to introduce something unique and positive into our menu at the restaurant where I work and here it was. This seemingly random coming together of people for a higher purpose – yet another example of fulfilment arranged by Mohanji.

9 Feeding the cows
Feeding the cows

As all of us were walking up the mountain, one of our party shared a vision she had while walking. She saw herself in a previous life, travelling up the same mountain, performing full length prostrations all the way up. She too was coming full circle.
I hope that the reader has, through this story, also understood Mohanji a little more. The truth is; we cannot see what the Guru sees. He operates from a much higher level of consciousness. We can only get hints and intimations through experiences such as these and the best way to be with Mohanji is to let go, to flow, to move in trust and in faith.

Jai Mohanji!

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