An Accident

Experiences by Dhritiman Biswas and Yashik Singh


By Dhritiman Biswas

It was a perfect Saturday morning in Gurgaon on a March day. A beautiful spring weather, nice and pleasant sunshine, not hot. I was driving to reach the venue of the food sewa. Normally the road which I take through a forest does not have much traffic. However, today I ran into a lot of traffic. The other side of the road was empty and cars were zipping by.
I saw a big truck going very slowly – as if it was unable to carry its own weight. Beside it there was another dithering smaller pickup truck. I saw a few cars bypass both these slow moving vehicles from the third lane on the extreme left side of the road.
As the car in front of me passed them by, I followed it in its wake. Just as I was about to overtake them, I somehow slowed down to round about 30 km per hour. As I was still crossing, the truck blew a big horn. I didn’t realise the reason at that time. I just heard it.
Just as I came at par with these two vehicles, I saw a huge cow (at least four feet tall with large horns) for a fraction of a second running towards me before it crashed into my car.

Stayed safe in a car accident - by Mohanjis grace

Stayed safe in a car accident 1 - by Mohanjis graceAs always, Gurudev’s Grace protected me. In this accident, as I reflect on it I realise a few points:
Had my car speed been fast, when the cow hit me, I could have lost control of car and may have hit some other vehicle or skidded onto the path of the truck.
The front shield was broken but it did not crumble inside towards me. Had it happened, hundreds of small flying glass could have hit my face and eyes. Today I could not have been even able to type out my experience. The driver seat window was left untouched! If this had been hit, then a similar situation like the front shield crumbling could have happened. The back seat window got completely smashed. As no one else was in the car, this window was a convenient to take the karma off by Guru.
Had the two feet long horns of the cow pierced the driver’s window, I could have been impaled.
I just received a very good shake in the body. No cuts or broken parts in the body.
Cow bounced off the car and walked off into the forest.

I was able to walk out of the car within couple of minutes with a big smile of thanksgiving to Mohanji and the Universe who protected me from something extremely big.
All that I paid for was a good shake and a large bill for car repairs.
I live only with your Grace, Mohanji. A “thank you” seems so absurd and little in stature.
I love you Baba.


By Yashik Singh

Maybe it was a coincidence, but almost at the same time, in Durban, South Africa, a completely different part part of the world, there was an avoidance of an accident in a split second by Yashik Singh. He shared the details how he was protected and stayed safe.

The mercy of Mohanji is not only limited to inside temples or places of worship. In fact it happens where the true temple of Mohanji is….and that is where ever his bhakta is.
Today Mohanji saved Ajay and I from a serious accident. We stopped at a robot (traffic light) in reservoir hills, and my mind wandered to Mohanji. I did not notice the robot turned green even though I was looking directly at it. I was lost in thoughts of Mohanji. The car hooted behind me and I came back to my senses and drove of.
We turned left onto the high way. A car come from very fast from the incoming lane and decided to also turn. Because he turned so fast he lost control of his car and missed knocking into the diver side of our car by a few centimeters.
If I was not “distracted” At the robot the car would have hit us directly and we both would have definitely been hurt because of the speed the other car turned with.
Thank you Mohanji. Thank you for always being with us. Thank you for always keeping to your word “I’m always with you”.

Master’s grace and blessing protects beyond imagination. It may often take a lifetime to understand, let alone to recognise the relevance of a teacher and his teachings. Sometimes, it becomes a bit too late, too. 

Mohanji quote - When I say I am with you I mean it


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  1. The point to be noted here is that No lives were lost. Money can be earned but a life gone is gone whether a cow or a stranger who is driving so rash in his sweet ignorance.

    Take care
    Jai Guru Dutta

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