Guru’s Grace

Written by Deloshni Govender

Deloshni Govender
The beautiful Deloshnie Govender.

I always wondered how one did justice in explaining a Guru’s grace and today whilst meditating, I was reminded of this recent event and I thought it explained it as best I could. Lord Muruga is our family deity and I knew only of Him as God while growing up. My fast and Viratham for Thaipoosam Kavady 2015 continued after my Swaami Ayyappan Viratham. On 27 January I sent Guruji a random message saying I am thinking of him and he immediately responded saying he knows, and he listens to me. On 31 January 2015, I posted this picture. I was away from home and missing out on all the celebrations and Pujas at temple. I conducted my puja as best I could and did indeed feel Guru Mohanji and Muruga’s presence. They do after all respond to all devotee’s calls. On 5 February I went home and everyone was in such high spirits from the Kavady that was held in the week. We got to talking and I (true to human nature) began complaining about not being around for the Kavady held within that week and not having had the opportunity to carry a Kavady in many years. I had forgotten that Guruji said he is listening to me. 7 February was the public Kavady and my family and I attended. The procession entered the temple grounds and only those who carried Kavady were allowed inside the temple so my daughter and I stood around observing and drinking in the vibrations. My husband was assisting inside the cordoned off area. After a long time, after the crowd had thinned out quite a bit, my husband called my daughter and I to the spot just outside the temple doors where he was assisting. We reached there and stood for a few minutes before a temple official called my husband inside the temple to offer milk to Muruga and he called me to join him!!!!!! My daughter and I hurried after them and all the while I could not believe what was happening!!!!! We did not carry Kavady but, my wish to offer milk to Lord Muruga was being granted through my husband. I rushed to stand by his side and touch his shoulder as he offered the milk into the vessel that contained the other devotees’ milk. This milk was then drawn into pipes that went straight to the Murthi and offered as a constant shower of milk over Muruga and His consorts. What an electric feeling and what an honor to be there witnessing this. The temple official saw me touching my husband’s shoulder and being so engrossed in the offering. To my absolute joy and delight, after my husband was done with his offering the official offered me a litre of milk and asked me to offer this as well. I thought I was going to float!!!! I instantly said the names of all those I could think of that needed blessings and offered the milk. THIS is a Guru’s grace….NOW can explain it!!!! When you think and want something so bad and you never voice this to anyone else, but you voice it to your Guru in your prayers and it manifests in the simplest but most profound way. It seems like something random to the outsider but only you understand it’s significance.

Mohanji - by Deloshni Govender
Picture posted on January 31st.

I know mine is a long story but, it ends soon, haha! The final indicator that the day was indeed blessed and we were watched by divine entities, was when we went to eat some prasadam at the feeding area. My husband, daughter and I had some prasadam and because the area was so full, we stood to one side near an embankment and had our meals. As we finished, my daughter says very calmly, “Oh, look!!! A snake!!!!” We all looked, and there coiled around the tent’s peg, nestled safely on the embankment was a beautiful snake. Bothering nobody, just coiled there blessing the entire Puja and devotees. What better way to end a divine day than seeing a Naag Devata and knowing that we are guided and blessed by a powerful Master. I have eternal love and gratitude for you Mohanji that no words can ever explain. “Bless you Deloshnie, I know how you feel. Following this path is so beautiful. Every thought, word and tear is known by Guruji. You have to believe it first, then you will experience it,” says Seema Mahabeer.

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  1. V.Subramanian

    Lord Muruga is the ultimate embodiment of ” Guru Tathva (concept ) !When you touch Him You are touching all the Gurus . Conversely speaking when you are touching Guru at one level you are in contact with Muruga as well!Indeed “Guru grace”!

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