Thank you Father

Experience sharing by Seema Mahabeer

Seema Mahabeer
Bless you Master
They say that when you are feeling pain and cannot explain the intensity of it, then you should go to the doctor. Well…..
I have been suffering from chronic back pain since a very young age. I was diagnosed with fibrositis (also known as fibromyalgia syndrome) when I was a young child, so that does make it a long time ago 🙂 I used to take pain killers and carry on. As soon as the weather became colder, the pain would return. The pain increased after I had my two babies 🙂 I was on medication again and again.
The pain returned about 2 weeks ago, and yes I was back on the pain killers.
Last Tuesday at The Power of Purity Meditation at Merudanda, I surrendered myself completely to Mohanji. I did not say anything to him, nor did I ask or wish for anything.
Ramesh and I sat on the floor even though I was in so much pain. I told myself that I would be ok. My shoulders were so tense, my back hurt more than ever, and I went into a state that I cannot explain.
Yashikji, as always, gave me shaktipat and then continued onto the other participants. He came back to me after a while and again gave me shaktipat 🙂 After a short while he sat on a chair behind me. At this point my back was on fire. He touched my lower back and as he prayed over me, the pain disappeared. He moved his hand further up and the pain at that specific spot also disappeared. He placed his hand on my spine and the pain disappeared. He placed his hand on my neck and the pain in my shoulder disappeared. I felt absolutely free. He then touched the back of my head, and my headaches and thoughts vanished. I felt so relieved. I was in pain no more. All pain was gone.
I shared my experience after the meditation and it felt so awesome. All you have to do is BELIEVE. MOHANJI asks for nothing in return. It has been one week now and I have not felt the pain again. I had gotten so used to living with the pain that I was actually looking for it. Lol:)
Mohanji once again has brought about another huge change in my life. Thank you Father. I surrender myself to you now and forever. I know you are always with me and my family. We follow your teachings to the best of our ability. You have changed the lives of my family members in so many ways. It is so amazing to know that you are always watching over us. Thank you Guruji.

Gratitude and love from Seema Mahabeer and family.
Aum Namah Shivaya

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