Sunday Sadhana

Mohanji’s interview at the Grasmere Sai Ashram aired on Sunday 17th November on SABC 2, on a program called “Sunday Sadhana”:


Mohanji: The whole search man does is external, but god is internal. When the search becomes internal, you can connect with the divine. The only property that we own is our inner space. Just like the temple, if you keep the space clean, god dwells here.

Yashik Singh: This is one of the principle or fundamental teachings of Mohanji, that if you want to live a spiritual life, there is no need to run away from anything. There is no need to live in the mountain or a cave and occlude yourself from what is happening around you. True spirituality comes from inside. And that is how we should live our life. We should live in the world, but don’t let the world live in us.

Mohanji: Inner transformation happens. If you are surrendered, 100%. There is no doubt about it. There are many magicians in the world, they just entertain you. But other ones transform you.

Vishal Mothilall: Many people are looking for something more in their general lives. Many people just tend to go to work, go back home, eat, sleep and that is just the daily cycle. There must be something more and these spiritual masters are definitely attracted to a place where they are most needed.

Mohanji: We have two meditations, one is Power of Purity, and the other is called “360 degrees”.
Power of Purity is basically a cleansing meditation, it cleanses you like taking an internal bath. Our body is moving parallel to time. From one o clock, to two o clock, to three o’ clock, or to 2012 to 2013 to 2014. We are moving like that. Mind is not travelling at that speed. Mind is getting stuck with events, people, situations, with many things at each time. Since you cannot extract the mind and take it further, we bring forth the agonies in life. We bring forth diseases. So unhooking is very important. Unhooking from events, unhooking from the past, unhooking from people, so this meditation is especially programmed for unhooking.

Yashik Singh: If you want to lead a spiritual life, you need to surround yourself with spiritual people because they encourage you all the time. As soon as you sit in the presence of people that have a spiritual attitude, the clearing happens, the cleansing happens. Even if you have negative thoughts, these thoughts eventually go.

Mohanji: If mind is always operating in the present through thoughts, words and action; accumulation of karma stops. Then you will go through the process in surrender. Ok, this was supposed to happen. As the Upanishad says, “The food that came to your table today is the medicine for you.” It may not be the food you chose, but this is exactly what you wanted. And that helps you.

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