Retreat Murmuring and Echoes

After the Serbian retreat, people on their own initiative started sending their feedback. Here are some impressions which they shared:


Group 3a“If there is one thing I remember about Mohanji (I do remember many things) after this retreat, it is his unconditional love. His care and love has no expectations and judgements. He is like a child. He just loves and with his genuine love he makes us completely free. On the first day, I thought he was a very serious man, married, and probably having many boundaries around him. I was wrong. He is just love. He never judges or hates anyone. What he wants to say, he says directly and without expectations. He is eager to give more and more but, unfortunately, we have no capacity for more. He never pretends or tries to prove himself as a great personality. When I realized that he is indeed one of the most influential spiritual masters of our time, I was amazed at his humility and passion. He is much more ordinary than any of us. But I know HE IS NOT ORDINARY.”

Mohanji 2a“I can’t thank him enough. He changed my life in five days. Will I ever be able to understand his consciousness? I wonder. What a man!”

“How can we live without expectations? You are a walking example. Thank You.”

“Mohanji belongs to nobody. He is a free spirit. Mohanji is in everybody.”

Group 2a
“Money cannot buy this relief. The inner transformation was unbelievable.”

“ Mohanji is a walking encyclopaedia of selflessness. He was available all the time to listen to our woes and help us overcome them. I have never seen such energy and dedication in anyone until now. There have been many workshops. However, every moment in the presence of Mohanji cannot be compared with anything on earth. This is my first meeting with Mohanji. Everything I had heard was true.”

Group 1a
“I was well bound by my cancer memories. Mohanji just lifted me effortlessly to another mind set. I understood that being open to grace is the main thing.”

“Mohanji said “WAKE UP”. I guess the whole retreat can be summed up by these words “WAKE UP”. I hope I have.”

“I have started quoting Mohanji and people around me have started improving in their relationships. This is very interesting for me. His energy is really strong.”

Mohanji 5a

“To me, Mohanji is sometimes like a father, a brother, a close friend, a child and he fits into every role effortlessly. He is such a fresh breeze for us. I thought the spiritual path was very serious. That is how we have been taught. I realized with Mohanji that it is not. It is fun. It is love.”

“Mohanji can become very strict and disciplined in a moment. And in the next, he is totally relaxed and loving. There is no trace of past moods in him. He moves from moment to moment and it is so visible.”

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