An Astral Travel with Mohanji

Written by Sandeep Mishra

 Sandeep Mishra

With the permission and blessing of BABA (Mohanji), I am writing my experience of how I came in contact with Mohanji and how he accepted me in his family.

 I am a devotee of Sadananda Maharaja, though I had never seen him physically. But I and my whole family are very well connected to his consciousness. Connection has been approved by numberless miracles at home with each member of the family.

 I had this concept in my mind that spiritual gurus, who sustain a ménage all, are not worth visiting or even reading 🙁 .  As I had read about Sai BABA, Sadananda Maharaj BABA, Bhagwan Nityananda BABA and Gajanan Maharaj and they all were found infant without parents. As Mohanji , always, says that concept binds.

I came to know about Mohanji on internet while reading a blog Pilgrimage to Bhagawan Nityananda’s Shrine at Ganeshpuri and Shirdi Sai Baba’s Shrine.  I was very much fascinated with Mohanji’s picture with The Nath mandir priest. Though I had visited Ganeshpuri before, reference of Nath mandir in this blog made me curious and wanted to visit again. I did visit ganeshpuri again and visited Nath mandir.

The Nath Mandir priest, on uttering Mohanji’s name, made us to see the god and goddess on the inside wall. Though I was attratected towards Mohanji but not totally convinced. While meantime I noticed one thing that whenever I tried to meditate inspite of SADANANDA BABA face Mohanji’s face started coming in vision with very strong aura. I came to know that Mohanji is on facebook and I tried to connect with him and he accepted me as a friend. 

Mj with priest at Nath Mandir_saint2compressed

I constantly felt that I could communicate to Sadanada baba or could have got a chance to be with him physically. I liked Mohanji’s teaching and I thought that SADANADA BABA wanted me to try and read all this and practise. It is as if through Mohanji Sadananda BABA is speaking and instructing me. With this faith or concept I started practising. One day I had an amazing experience in BABA’s room doing floor seva and practising what Mohanji has taught. It was a wonderful experience, but I did not understand what was happening. I let it go and while reading another book I came to know that what I experienced was no-mind or Timeless state (which I, later, discussed with Mohanji and he confirmed it). Mohanji accepted me in his group and he answered my questions, most of the time very foolish and idiotic question too.  I saw him blinking in his picture on my desktop background and when I asked him he said, “Yes, I just did” 🙂 <3. Whenever I look into his eyes or he answers my question, I get a strange sensation in my spine. When I told him about this he told that sensation is his presence in my spine.

My cousin brother has a friend who is Sai BABA’s great devotee and could see future or what he says, “BABA speaks through him”. Due to some personal reason my cousin brother called me to meet him. He predicted that this Diwali was going to be significant. As soon he said this line I came to know that something spiritually big was going to happen :). After that while chatting with Mohanji I asked him once that I want to see him personally, want to visit him. He replied that I always see him. That time I was practising seeing BABA in everyone and got amazed how he got to know it. One thing I noticed about him: if you write him with pure devotion or emotion or with real curiosity, then only he answers. He never entertains fake devotion or emotion or formality.

One day before Diwali morning I had a strange dream, which Mohanji, later, told me that it was an astral journey. The journey started like this. I first visited SADANANDA Ashram (as before doing any good work or travelling I always visit the Ashram).  After I met some people, saw them, spoke to them and enquired how they are and all.  After that suddenly I saw a Grand stage and lot of people standing on the stage wearing white robe and whenever I tried to see their faces it was Mohanji’s face. Though I could distinguish whether they were male or female , but the faces were same as Mohanji’s face. I saw BIBAJI with Mohanji’s face and saw her pointing Mohanji’s attention towards me and letting Mohanji know  that I was there. I was sitting on the ground crawling and crying when I saw Mohanji’s face I could see whole space or universe in that. I was so frightened I started crying louder (I don’t know how to explain it, I was scared by looking at the face but his face was intense).

Then Mohanji came forward and by holding me by my shoulder , he lifted me and I woke up. When I woke up I felt so energetic. When I asked Mohanji about this he told in this astral meeting he removed my fear and uplifted me. This dream washed away all my confusion and everything. I came to know that Mohanji and Sadadnanda Maharaj are one. As Mohanji was knowing everything what I was practising and he orchestrated the show (ASTRAL) in such a way that I could see all this what I was practising and gain faith in him.

We  are all so blessed that he choose us to be with him and guide us. I pray in your lotus feet BABA please keep loving and guiding and protecting us like always.

Thank you BABA, Thank you for everything 🙂  <3

Mohanji 3010

5 thoughts on “An Astral Travel with Mohanji”

  1. Dear Sandeep thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. It brought tears in my eyes. We are so lucky to walk through life with Mohanji. <3

  2. It was wonderful to read this and this is what i exactly wanted to know about, and had just wriiten to Baba about this. Lo and behold, the answers have come immediately.
    I had this morning read about Baba’s Ganeshpuri trip..and how things have unfolded.
    Thanks a ton for sharing this and thanks Baba for making me read this..jai Baba!

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