M Grace – Emergency Intervention

By Gabriela Orban, Oman


My name is Gabriela. I am from Romania and have been working in Muscat since 2005.


Gabriela and Rajeshji doing arati
Gabriela and Rajeshji doing arati


I met Mohanji 4 years ago and now cannot imagine my life without his Grace and our BTW spiritual family. I truly enjoy our weekend gatherings – during Arati to Sai Baba, even though I do not understand the words, I definitely feel this supreme energy in my heart and my palms heat up a lot every time.

During BTW meditations I always have amazing, beyond the physical body inner experience and can feel Mohanji’s astral presence very distinctly.

Since October 2012 I started feeling connection with Mohanji and his consciousness even more deeply. He worked on me a lot and removed many negative things/impressions from the past that were stored in my subconscious mind. He also jokes with me a lot and I enjoy the informality of the guru-disciple relationship. One time he gave all of us Shaktipat and when I woke up in the morning the next day, I could still see the imprint of his thumb on my forehead! I was really amazed and immediately shared the photo with Biba.


Gabriela - early morning imprint on the forehead
Gabriela – early morning imprint on the Agnya Chakra


I shared some of my experiences with our lovely meditation group from Muscat, but never wrote about any of them because I am shy… However, the experience that happened a couple of days ago touched me so deeply that I felt the prompting to share it in this way and hopefully inspire more people to benefit from connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness.


On 22 Feb, a day before Mohanji’s birthday, we experienced for the first time the cleansing through fire (“havan”) in Barka, a 1h drive from Muscat. That experience was amazing – I can’t possibly find the right words to describe the feelings, emotions, energy. What I didn’t know was that the full effect of the cleansing was yet to come…


Next day was Mohanji birthday. On that day two important charitable (seva) initiatives happened…. Biba with one group went to special needs centre and offered them items that they needed, and Rajesh with another group gave cooked food for 100 poor people. I helped Rajesh to pack and distribute the food. While we were driving around distributing food I suddenly started to feel really sick – stomach pain, weakness, yawning, etc. simply overwhelmed me.


We finished the distribution and went straight to our BTW centre for the Pada Pooja (worship of the feet of the guru), Arati and birthday cake cutting. This was the second time for me to participate in the Pada Pooja of Mohanji and it was yet another amazing experience during which one cannot withhold the tears. I told Mohanji what happened to me and he reassured me that this is part of the cleansing and that I will be fine in two days.


Food distribution for 100 labourers in Oman


The next day I felt very weak, tired, sleepy, struggling to finish my working day at school. I could not wait to reach my apartment and literally crashed in bed around 8 pm. I woke up in the middle of the night and got really scared by a sudden choking sensation – I was sleeping on my tummy and felt a huge weight on my shoulders and on my neck. I knew nobody was there physically and could not understand from where the weight is coming – there was no time to think and analyze as I couldn’t breathe. I immediately called Mohanji’s name, invoking his presence. That same second all that heavy weight got removed! I felt how it went out through that point of my spine and I then fell asleep again.


I woke up at 5 am fresh, peaceful and truly grateful. I sent a What’s Up message to my beloved guru briefly thanking him for his help in this horrible experience. To my great surprise, he replied very soon, even though it was so early in the morning. This gesture of his unconditional love further touched my heart. I could sense a smile on his face and I started to cry instantly… – for being sooooo blessed in this life….


With deep gratitude and complete surrender,




Gabriela & M - radiance and beauty
Gabriela & M – radiance and beauty









8 thoughts on “M Grace – Emergency Intervention”

  1. Dear Gabriela, endlessly “THANK YOU”! Your experience will surely inspire many of us to have a stronger relationship with beloved Master. I think it is important for all of us to share with each other experiences that we have with the Master. Guruji is an endless source of unconditional love, and we, his admirers, exchanging experiences, strengthen each other, encourage each other. Once again, thank you for your wonderful gift beloved Gabriela.

  2. Dear Gabriela,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It helps us. The reason is that our lack of trust in Guru is so weak and we continuously overwhelmed by worldly matters. It is so difficult to believe on what you have mentioned. You are indeed so lucky to have so much trust in your heart for Guru. You are so much lucky to have Guru’s grace. Thanks for spreading this. even if one person gets benefitted by this then it has served the purpose. It is so inspiring. I wish my heart also get filled with love for Guru. I feel like crying. Again Thank you for sharing. Request you to not be shy and share more because it helps us.

    Thank you MohanJi for everything you are doing. I wish i also can get connected with you


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