And Dubai Rocked!

 Dubai, June 25th, 2010 

The kiss from Mother Inez that says it all ūüôā

It‚Äôs been a long time since Mohanji and I came to Dubai together – to me, it felt like a year at least. As a matter of fact, I felt as if I went through a time machine of a sort and suddenly found myself with¬†the same loving friends from the past.¬† ūüôā¬†

Since Mohanji was to conduct two meditations in two days, I knew that a hectic schedule awaited us –¬†but when love is there, all is enjoyed…¬†

After a relaxing morning with our¬†Dubai hosts¬†-Shernaz¬†and family,¬†we all went together to Aiyappanji‚Äôs apartment in Deira¬†to attend Sai Baba’s Noon¬†Arati. Mohanji¬†knew¬†that Solenki¬†Maharaj, Chief Priest of Shirdi, is in Dubai and will be doing the Arati¬†himself. He insisted that Mohanji¬†comes as well. This was a great joy and great honor ‚Äď whenever we visited Shirdi, we experienced many loving leelas¬†of Baba through his beautiful instrument, the humble Solenki¬†Maharaj. I was so happy to see him again.¬†

When the Grace of Baba flows - joyous moments with Solenki Maharaj

The bhajans and Arati¬†were very¬†beautiful, but when Solenki¬†Maharaj¬†entered, I felt a sudden shift in energy. Tears suddenly came for no reason. And then he led the most amazing Arati¬†‚Äď starting with Shirdi¬†Sai’s and finishing with Sathya¬†Sai’s Arati. The place was rocking! I felt goose bumps all over my body ‚Äď it was as if energy was exploding all around me. So much joy, so much love… What a great experience! And the casual conversation with Solenki¬†Maharaj afterwards was so intimately divine – his innocence always touches my heart…¬†

Help ever, hurt never...

The sincerity and purity of Aiyappanji¬†impressed me as well. He has devoted his entire apartment to Baba ‚Äď his selflessness is amazing. Mohanji¬†and him know each other for many years and were recalling how Baba initially connected them (and so many other people) in His unique ways. I tried saying ‚Äėthank you‚Äô to Ayappenji for the lovely lunch, but he was smiling¬†telling me that it‚Äôs not allowed. So sweet.¬†

Old friends meet - Mohanji and Aiyappanji, Dubai, June 25th

After all the high energy experiences, we were pretty much ready for the BTW scheduled to take place at Dr. Manjari’s and Devang’s apartment in Bur Dubai. We came a bit early because a few people wanted private consultation with Mohanji. The moment we all rejoiced in was when Dr. Manjari, a few minutes after our arrival, brought little Kavya into the room and handed her over into Mohanji’s arms. 

No blinking when eyes speak - Kavya in Mohanji's embrace, June 25th

The familiar stare happened again ‚Äď she was clearly glued to the brightness of Mohanji‚Äôs third eye and looked so beautifully dazed. The same thing happened when she first met Mohanji a few months ago.¬†

Later on in the evening, Manjari brought Kavya again, and, sure enough, the stare without blinking was on from the moment she came near to Mohanji. 

I love what I see!

He kept smiling and saying ‚ÄėShe is connecting with my third eye‚Äô. I was so amazed to witness these divine events at the soul level, in bodies that are so different in size :-). They had their own communication and Mohanji told me later on that he was amazed how she looked straight into his third eye – babies usually don’t do that… ūüôā He said that, soul-wise, their age is almost similar…¬†

Hey, nice to see you again. You are sporting a different look this time around. Not bad ūüôā

Before we knew it, the room that initially looked so big and empty, was now jam-packed with people ‚Äď I didn‚Äôt know whom to greet and hug first ‚Äď my cheeks were aching from constant smiling ūüôā It was so nice to meet my dear, dear friends again, to share the joy of BTW experience, to bask in that energy…¬†

A loving re-union - Jenny, Biba and the glowing third eye ūüôā

Since there were altogether 6 of us initiated into Shaktipat present, I knew that, regardless of the number of people, Shaktipat won’t be a problem. Since I could take my time with each individual, I went very deep with the experience of giving Shaktipat and felt it was so amazingly intense. I could  even feel their heart beat! 

After meditation was over, I reqested¬†all present to keep their eyes closed – we played a beautiful Arati¬†from Siddha Yoga tradition (Bhagawan¬†Nithyananda¬†of Ganeshpuri) sang by Gurumayi. It arrives from the space of pure bhakti and really touches the heart.¬†As one¬†person said, it “boosted the taste of nectar¬†that¬†was already experienced during BTW – a great experience…”¬†

Indeed, this Arati¬†was experienced¬†so deeply because that is our path – Siddha path of non-doing, path of¬†perfect surrender, shraddha¬†and saburi… Bade Baba (Bhagawan¬†Nithyananda¬†of Ganeshpuri) was very similar to Shirdi¬†Baba – a great Siddha and avadhoota¬†(Mohanji’s connection with Bade Baba was explained in detail in¬†the¬†‘Ganeshpuri trip’ post on this blog).¬†

Our altar on 25th - Dattatreya, Shirdi Sai Baba, Bade Baba and Donation Box for Sai Mandir

After meditation and Arati, Mohanji¬†cemented the bliss of the evening with a truly amazing Q&A ‚Äď his words were like arrows. I will not even try to summarize it ‚Äď the transcription of the entire Q&A will be posted soon. All I can say is that IT ROCKED! (later on in the evening Mohanji¬†told me that he received a telepathic message from Shirdi¬†Sai Baba¬†who said: “So? Meditation ROCKED!” – Mohanji¬†and I laughed endlessly about it – our amazing Baba, so full of surprizes, so overflowing with love…)¬†

Q&A with Mohanji - some still bathing in the inner experience...

At one point during Q&A, Mohanji invited our guest and sincere Shirdi Sai devotee, Professor Muralidhar, to explain more about his gigantic Seva task of setting up a Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Bellary in India. Since he was on visit to Dubai, seeking funds for the temple construction, it was through the Grace of Baba and his instruments (Manoaj, Pradeep) that he joined us for meditation. He spoke about his TANGIBLE inner experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba and how he mustered the courage to assume responsibility for this huge project with zero funds. His sincerity was touching. 

Professor Muralidhar - man with a mission from Sai

Later on I found out that during the 2 days in Dubai, he managed to collect the amazing amout of AED 16,000 ‚Äď the EXACT amount that was required at this point. That is the grace of Baba‚Ķ – he always makes sure we know who is running the show and what all can be done when we surrender…¬†

Professor Muralidhar and Mohanji - the beautiful glow due to sincere devotion to Sai

I am still receiving e-mails about the TANGIBLE experiences from BTW. As is always the case with Shaktipat¬†from Mohanji, all had their own experience and received that what was required…¬†

Post-BTW expressions, June 25th

One person said that, during BTW,¬†he could clearly see the light gushing out of Mohanji’s¬†Agnya¬†chakra in three different colors. That light had a special effect on him. Lilly said that she could clearly see gentle green light emanating from Mohanji and healing all present at all the levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. She experienced the effect of that healing.¬†

Here are a few more testimonials: 

¬†‚ÄúAfter Shaktipat from Mohanji,¬†I couldn’t sleep properly at night. My eyes were burning for the last 2 days. Although today the burning of eyes stopped, sensation at third eye and Sahasrara is still there. Thank you once again.‚Ä̬†

Pradeep experiencing Shiva

‚ÄúI felt our strong connection becoming even more intense. My heart is just overflowing with love. My onus, I realized,¬†is to accept everyone at their own level, without judgement.¬†I felt this intensely in BTW. Now I feel the heart unbridled and there is a big shift within me.”¬†¬†

“It‚Äôs lovely to sit with Mohanji. The energy just shoots up and dances within. It‚Äôs sheer ecstasy to soak in the uprising energy and spread it around.‚Ä̬†

Pradeep S. and Mohanji & Baba - both dressed in bright red ūüôā

In all the excitement, I forgot to announce the Grand Cross meditation which was to happen the next evening. Later on I understood why this slipped my mind Рthe turnout was so big that people could not fit into the venue. Another confirmation that I am not the doer and all, indeed, happens for a reason. 

Account of the Grand Cross Meditation follows soon. 

With love that rocks :-), 


Mohanji's eyes - the almost unbearable intensity...

7 thoughts on “And Dubai Rocked!”

  1. Natalia Kollarou

    There are no words to describe my will to see you both in Greece as soon as possible. People here need your presence!! As I sit and read whatever you send us I am trying to figure out how intense all this is. I feel yet that the Divine and Sai Baba colaborates for your coming to Greece rather soon!! Thank you so much for all what you are sending from time to time!! Tones of LOVE, GRATITUDE, LIGHT and HARMONY

  2. pradeep ullal

    Biba Riba
    Thank you for this lovely post. Your sincerity is admirable. Let this love spread everywhere.


  3. Dear Biba,

    Another testimonial : During meditation, as always, my muscles at the nape of my neck started to hurt. By the time I had had the 3rd shaktipath, I did not think I could take anymore, my muscles at the nape of my neck hurt so much – they were bunched up tight and extremely sore. I recollect thinking how would I be able to manage to continue to work for the rest of the week. Then suddenly in an instant before the meditation ended, there was no pain. The memory of the pain felt like it was a figment of my imagination all along.If I hadn’t lived with the pain after every BTW meditation session, perhaps I would have shrugged it off as imagination as well.

    I’m certain some blockage has been released and progress made. It will also make my future BTW meditations more enjoyable and pain free. Thank you Mohanji, Shernaz, Pradeep and Pradeep and everyone who has helped me on this journey !

  4. Dear Mohanji and Biba,

    Thank you for yet another blissful experience.

    When I gave Shaktipat, I felt I was not the one doing it at all. I felt that something left me permanently and felt very light throught the weekend.


  5. Shernaz Bajan

    In these two days (June 25th & 26th) I had many wonderful spiritual experiences. Though we got much more than we deserved but human nature is never satisfied – we want more and more all the time.

    Thank you Mohanji for changing our lives and bringing us closer to Baba.
    Biba we were all thrilled to meet you after a long time.


  6. kanchan gehani

    om sai ram Mohanji and Biba,

    Thanks for 2 days of amazing and blissful experience. Biba it was great to see you after a longtime.
    wow good to hear Mohanji will be here soon.
    see you soon mohanji and thanks for all the healing and blessings you are showering on me.

    bow to sri sai peace be to all

  7. Dear Mohanji and Biba,

    It was my first opportunity to meet you both and that too in Shri Ayyapanjis house.

    I am a follower of Baba since years, and he has been taking care of me and my family.I have had a very bad phase since last two years and i believe, what Baba says, that one must suffer for his past karmas.

    I had the opportunity to attend the first day BTW meditation, in Dubai. I could find peace with in me and i would love to attend more of these. Please advise where i can attend them in Dubai.

    Last but not least i must thank my cousin Mr Anil Narayan, for taking me to Shri Ayyapanjis house earlier ,other wise i could not have met you all.
    Sai ram

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