BTW in Germany – the Hamburg and Munich ‘double pack’ of bliss!

Green bliss of Hamburg, June 2010


Dear All, 

a report from Europe after this weekend’s BTW Double-pack in Hamburg and Munich! 🙂 

1. Part – HAMBURG
Friday, 4 June 2010

The main reason for travelling to Hamburg was to conduct the BTW meditation there. I did not decide and plan it in the conventional way. I rather felt a strong pull to do it, and it happened through me. 

The welcome after my 5 hours long trip from cold and rainy Munich could not have been more beautiful: sun and bright blue skies, mild summer breeze, expansive green areas, luscious blooms and flowers, generously tree-lined streets, the tranquil lake with its picturesque white boats in the middle of the city, in the parks surrounding the lake, and the various rivers where people had their picnic, reading or just dozing in the sun; 

Enjoying the weekend picnic, Hamburg way


dogs playfully chasing each other, birds singing, butterflies dancing, duck-parents patiently feeding their demanding ducklings – Hamburg seemed nothing but a huge, peaceful yet vibrant, majestic garden. Far away from current crisis and catastrophies. 

Hamburg - the majestic garden


BTW meditation in the evening was really special. We met at a meditator’s apartment which happened to be a roof-top apartment – close to heaven :-). The fact that it was a “ladies only BTW“ made me grin. It just happened that no man attended! All women. 

BTW meditation/Shaktipat gave each one of them exactly what was needed – the right dosage of energy to allow a shift without overwhelming them. A long sequence of joy-filled silence followed after the last note of Power of Purity vanished in the background, while we were all being kissed by the golden evening sunlight. 

I really can not decribe the beauty of what we experienced. There are no words for it. What I can say though is that we had the most delightful spectrum of reports from the meditators ranging from “inner sparkles, tingling, energising buzz“ to “entering deep inner peace and serenity“ as well as feeling “wide-awake and crystal clear clarity“, “formlessness and eternal space“, being “much more aligned, upright and adjusted“, “blessings for bankers and politicians“ (!), “heart widening and complete melting into love“ and “feeling touched by the divine“ (where just a smile and soft tears of recognition could express the inexpressible) . 

BTW in Hamburg - Candles Arranged with Love


In the Q&A session the group was thrilled to hear that what we received during the meditation is something that will last. That this was not just an “esoteric feel-good-shower that will have vaporised by the end of the week“, but a precious gift that will even unfold more of its grace in the days and weeks to come. The ladies who attended the first BTW session with Mohanji in April confirmed my statement nodding their heads, smiling knowingly. 

And how did Marina feel in all this? Like being carried, lovingly and powerfully, by the waves of the big wide ocean… 🙂 

2. Part – MUNICH
Sunday, 06 June 2010

Candles with Power of Purity, Munich, June 2010

Only a quick note after tonight‘s meditation, which we just finished and which leaves me speechless looking back. I never felt Mohanji’s presence more clearly than tonight. Light and heat rushed with such power through me during Shaktipat, from head to toe – incredible! I also felt Mohanji right next to me. It was somehow tangible that he stood close to me and placed a ball of love and light into my hand! I felt it and saw it on my inner canvas. 

Mohanji Invoking and Offering the Light


Deeply touched, I could not hold back the tears – they welled up silently. The meditation room felt so spacious, so bright, so peaceful and loving. Out of this world. And we continued to bless family, friends, places, people, cities, countries…. 

I realise again, that life and the spiritual path are also a great mystery. And it is OK not to have the answers for everything.. . In this context allow me to quote the mystic Teresa of Ávila: 

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.” 


“We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can / namely, surrender our will and fulfill God’s will in us.” 

Mohanji, thank you so much. 

With deep gratitude. 


Marina and a friend, after BTW in Munich - June 2010

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  1. Natalia Kollarou

    Incredible!! Sooooooooo touching! I am looking forward to having you in Greece this comming winter too!!

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