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Dear All,

Over the last few weeks, my hospital work including patient consultations, lecturing to medical students and organization of student exams has kept me so busy, that I was absent from the web and could not pen down the happenings here.  But to tell you the truth, it is actually very difficult to capture Mohanji’s energy in pen. Believe me, it is extremely intense and beyond terrestrial expression and understanding. One needs to experience it.

On Mahashivaratri

On the day of Mahashivaratri, the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva, we all gathered at Mohanji’s place but did not do any meditation.  In reality, meditation was not necessary; sitting with Mohanji was enough to experience the all-encompassing energy.

He is working on us anyway. Mohanji is working on all those who are connected with his eyes; that’s for sure. Meditation is merely a means to get connected with him. We just sat there to offer deep gratitude for Mohanji being on earth to guide us. All of us certainly feel the difference in our lives. He is the difference. His presence is the difference. He has given the much needed purpose to our lives. He has given clear understanding of our own life. We experience his grace every moment in our lives, whether it be Murari, Peter, Caroline, Moushami, Sanjay, Pratap, Murali, Steve, Lara, Smilijana, Rajdeep, Firoz or Ravibhai and many more here in Muscat.  More and more people are also joining day by day.

We all feel Mohanji’s energy getting intensified. At times, he is so expanded that he cannot even get up from his seat and walk. He remains in a trance state for hours and sometimes days!!! He still works for his living and manages both the contradictory as well as demanding worlds with reasonable ease and effortlessness. Sometimes, it is really taxing for him, we can see that.

Meditation every Thursday

We do the ‘Power of Purity meditation’ every Thursday. It may sound monotonous that the same meditation is being repeated every Thursday! But, let me tell you, what happens during the meditation is absolutely unique each and every time. We all feel the Shaktipat reaching deeper and deeper layers of conditionings. With every Thursday meditation we are settling in a different plane of existence. 

Definite software changes or upgrades are taking place, which gives more clarity and efficiency to our operating levels. Our emotions are directed towards our life’s purpose. Although we are doing the same office, house and social work, there is a different clarity and smoothness. Problems do occur but with Mohanji’s grace, their intensity is much less. We all have come to this earth with our own agenda and we need to go through that. But this process of going through the agenda has become meaningful and is happening with good clarity with Mohanji’s grace.

Before the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Meditation on Thursday 10th March, a day before the Japan earthquake and tsunami, was intense. That day’s meditation went into deeper layers for everyone. It was also, in a way, disturbing for a few. There was intense energy and Mohanji was dead serious and unsmiling!!! Mohanji was visibly different that day. I thought he looked a bit upset at something, perhaps angry or aloof. Usually, after the meditation and Shaktipat, some of us bow down and touch his feet in reverence and gratitude. That evening, Mohanji did not let anyone touch his feet. “One might burn with the energy. Let none touch me today”, he said to me. We all found it strange.  But we had to accept. He always has his own reasons, which are beyond our comprehension and awareness.

Reddish-purple halo around silver shining third eye

Prior to every meditation, we usually bring the idols and statues of various masters from Mohanji’s bedroom shrine to the meditation hall. Either myself, my daughter Moushami, or Mohanji himself do that. After the arati and meditation, we take them back to their original place. We do this “ritual” every Thursday. After the meditation that night, Mohanji quickly had his dinner and abruptly went upstairs to his room, even before people had finished their dinner. He just got up, visibly in trance, bowed down to all, and went upstairs. Moushami went to place the Baba idols in Mohanji’s bedroom shrine; she saw him sitting at the altar, staring at the pictures of various Gurus. His eyes were red and almost like he was crying. Mohanji apparently sat in that position for almost 3 hrs! Something prevented us from going upstairs and bidding him good bye. Usually, if he leaves the meditation early, we go upstairs and say bye to him. On this day, we could not bring ourselves to do that. Something told us not to disturb him and that he was not in his body. He was out for some mission.

And then, on Friday we heard the news of the disaster in Japan. When I called him in the morning to tell him the news that almost 40 people had died, he said “I know. It is not 300, it is almost 12,000. He had known it already. He was there!!! For the next 5 days, Mohanji did not sleep. He said, “I have lot of work”. Our communication with him was very short and abrupt. He was becoming dehydrated very often. In that expanded state, he was not able to walk properly, but he had to go to the office. He said, “I am only 30% in my body!” Only he knows where he is and what he is doing. We only enjoy the manifestations of his grace.

Mohanji did not write or communicate through his blog or the group about this incident. All he said was “Do not worry. All those who left will not be sent back to earth. They have been dissolved, and in a way, liberated. The shift is happening. Shift of consciousness. When the house cannot be repaired anymore, it should be demolished and re-built”.

Many must have had premonitions about the tsunami. Masters take the decision of what must happen and where. Their plan is too precise. That reminds me of two interesting stories of Sai Baba and Shankar Maharaj.

In Sai SatCharita, chapter XLIII, there is a story of Baba leaving the body for 72 hrs. This happened in 1886. All declared him dead, but Shama and Mhalsapati protected Baba’s body. Baba gracefully returned after 72 hrs! This miracle changed the attitude of many devotees. Plague was rampant in those days.

I am also attaching a link to the biography of Shankar Maharaj. He is a great Avadhuta from the Dattatraya tradition in Maharashtra. Go to CHAPTER V, ACTIVITIES AT NAGAR – 2- OVERSEEING WORLD’S AFFAIR. Shankar Maharaj was out of body for 5 days. You will find references for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Such is the great tradition of Dattatraya!

From Jammu with LOVE

Sumit, his wife, Sakshi, and their lovely daughter Swasti visited Muscat in March. It was their deepest desire to be with Mohanji.

Sumit had physically met Mohanji only twice up until now. He was initiated into giving Shaktipat on his second meeting with Mohanji in Delhi (Oct 2010). Sumit has met many spiritual gurus and has traveled many spiritual paths in this life time. So has Sakshi. When Sumit met Mohanji, he knew that he had finally found his path, destiny as well as destination. Everything became clear to him and many signs of reconfirmation followed the meeting. Sumit is driven by Mohanji’s practical message of selfless service and unconditional love. He now realizes that this is the mission of his life. You have all read about his selfless service in 2 earlier blogs. Interestingly, this was Sumit and Sakshi’s first trip outside India and he refers to visiting Mohanji as a “Visit to the Divine and to the Source”.

Mohanji blessing his photos for Sumit to take to Jammu

Dear Sumit, you are fully satisfied and your joy has no boundaries after meeting and being with Mohanji. We Muscatians are happy to have met you too and have taken the message of selflessness from you.

We organized a Dolphin watch cruise for Sumit and his family. A few members of the BTW Muscat family also joined. The most wonderful part of the trip was the way hundreds of dolphins gathered around our boat. We saw thousands of dolphins swimming and twirling in the sea. They surely responded to Mohanji’s call. It was indeed a beautiful gathering. Peter, who had been out dolphin watching just 2 weeks ago, said, “Today there are certainly more dolphins. Thanks to Mohanji’s grace”!

Holi festival Meditation

On the first day of Holi, Full Moon day March 19th 2011, we had announced a special meditation in light of this auspicious day. Many people joined here in Muscat. Mohanji asked us to offer our every breath to the Divine Masters of every tradition and to the very existence.  He guided us for breathing and at the end he chanted –

….“Aum, Sahana Bhavathu, Sahanau Bhunaktu

Saha Veeryam Karavavahai

Thejaswina Vadhi Tamasthu Ma Vid Dwishavahai;

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti”…..

“Oh Gurudeva, You are my guide, my pillar of strength. My existence depends on you. You should lift me up, guide me, and protect me from delusions, illusions, maya and ignorance. You are the giver of wisdom, you are eternal. Do not leave my hand, Forgive my follies and cover me in your eternal love and compassion. Gurudeva, you are beyond gunas, time and space. Raise me up to your stature. Gurudeva, my existence depends on you. Without you, I do not exist. Bless me, bless my path, discover me from the ocean of existence, and guide me to complete liberation. I am only one of the mouths in the ocean of existence. If my existence helps other beings to see light, I am blessed. If my existence as a bubble dissolves without a purpose, please discover me again and make me useful. My existence is surrendered to you, oh Gurudeva. I fully and completely surrender my self at your lotus feet”.

This was indeed intense. Since Shivaratri, Mohanji has been in intense, Shaivic energy mode. That was intensified on the Holi Full Moon day. Attached is his picture showing purple energy all around his Rudraksha prayer beads and his hair.

Purple energy around Mohanji 's hair and prayer beads during Holi

The vibrations of Mohanji’s energy are felt by all those connected with him, all over the world. Biba is in Serbia at present. Meditations have been conducted there regularly as well as those of Marina in Germany, Daina in Latvia, Pradeep in Dubai, and Mohanish, Sumit, Rajeshwari, Shahid and Aprana in India. There are many who are doing meditation on their own and have been sending us the testimonials. On the day of Holi, after reading the announcement in the Yahoo BTW group; Bridget, Siew Hoon, Kate and their group in Malaysia conducted meditation and conveyed that, they had never felt so intensely peaceful. They clearly felt Mohanji’s presence too!

Many have also been experiencing Mohanji’s physical presence in different locations around the world. Here is a story to explain this tangible dimension: Guru lyer went to Shirdi last week and could see Mohanji with him from the morning till the afternoon. He asked, “Mohanji, where were you in the afternoon?” Then, Sudeep sent an SMS from Thane, India “Mohanji thanks for being with us in the afternoon. You were clearly present with me here.” Guru Iyer clearly saw him again in the evening in Shirdi, while we were all talking to him in Muscat!!! Sumit vouches that he has seen Mohanji many times in Jammu and during this trip, both him and Sakshi saw and experienced Mohanji’s hand, many times. When Sumit is giving Shaktipat, people feel two hands! This is difficult to comprehend, but it’s the truth. Amazing! There are many more stories like this one.

My love to all of you, stay connected, stay tuned,


9 thoughts on “BTW Family News”

  1. Dear Deepali, what a beautiful heartfelt narration – thank you so much for sharing all these mind-blowing experiences, for bringing about the flow of all these intense loving sensations in my heart…
    I must say that, indeed, this feels most unusual for me -to be on the receiving end of news and updates from Muscat.
    But Mohanji’s presence is very much so felt and experienced here in Serbia as well, and the experiences are deepening with every meditation – I will share with you our BTW Serbia updates soon.
    Just wanted to say that I love all of you so much…. and look forward to all that is coming with deepest gratitude…
    See you in May!

    With love,

  2. Dr Sanjay jaju

    Dear Deepali,
    I am a witness to all these happenings and am indeed experiencing Mohanji’s grace. After going through your narration, tears of gratitude just flowed from my eyes. Thank you so much for this intense sharing for the benefit of all.
    I would like to just add something for all the others who do are not in a position to realize or understand the truth of Mohanji’s nature of opertaion. Mohanji’s frequent shifting between his terrestrial worldly role and his major role in the higher planes is indeed affecting his physical body, but he never mentions about his own suffering. His birth being purpose bound , he is selfessly performing his multiple tasks in multiple planes continiously. The moment anyone anywhere in the world connects to Mohanji through his eyes with deep surrender, he takes on the negetivities/problems affecting that person with the selfless aim of cleansing the person and uplifting/guiding him. And considering so many people are connecting to him from different time zones, Mohanji continues to operate nearly full time in an expanded state of consciousness. It can thus be misleading for many of the people who just see his physical form. Perhaps that is why Mohanji always reminds us to marry the Guru’s consciousness and not his form, as the form is perishable.
    with love and gratitude,

  3. Hi Sanjay,

    Your words touched a chord within me. I too was deeply moved after reading Deepali’s clear and wonderful narration of the events these past few weeks. My sincere gratitude to Deepali for sharing those moving moments, with the world. You are all wonderfully fortunate to be in the presence of Mohanji. “Blessed” is all i can say.

    I had the opportunity of meeting Mohanji on 24 Sep’10, very briefly though, whilst he was in Bangkok last year, it was my very first opportunity which I now know, I did not optimize and so regret the same. I was not sure what i was into at that point of time, maybe I was not ready then and it was not my time! Like it is said if it has to happen, it will, for sure and I shall bide my time! But I know that I made a connection during that brief meeting which enveloped my being later. Mohanji’s eyes reaches out to you even from his pictures that I have with me and I pray fervently that I may have the opportunity to have his darshan and imbibe those wonderful spiritual vibrations from him.

    I pray that May you be guided always by Mohanji and may his presence in this world make a difference in everyone’s life.

    With love and good wishes to all,

  4. Dear Deepali,
    Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful experiencesand thanks Mohanji for your unconditional love. We LOVE U very much.
    In Baba’s yaad.

  5. Dear Dr. Deepali:

    Thank you so much for your intense narration of your observations! We are fortunate indeed! it occured to me several times that Mohanji should comment / talk about the sad events in Japan! Your article answered! Thank you!

    We are ever grateful to Him for His Presence with us and His guidance to help transform our mundane existence into a meaningful journey!

    Om Parabrahmane Namaha

  6. Thanks Deepaliji for sharing all the updates of BTW family which helps us in big way in
    experience Para Brahama’s grace .

    with deep Gratitude and loves

    Anita Puri
    ( BTW family )

  7. Goolcher Navdar

    Namaste Mohanji, Biba, Deepali & all BTW family members.
    Thank you so much for all the blessings, for empowering us further, for sharing all the updates, for facilitating the Oneness Consciousness.
    With love light & gratitude

  8. hello, dr.deepali…
    I am vishwanath..we stay in oman…we just read your blog today about mohanji and btw…
    as we are new to muscat we are totally unaware of btw…can you please give us an insight on mohanji and btw…

    waiting for ur reply eagerly,,
    thank you
    vishwanath and harshitha

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