Selfless Birthday Celebration!


Dear All,

Birth day, the most wonderful day in every one’s life! We all look forward to this day and its celebration. Mohanji’s birth day on 23rd February was beautifully celebrated this year. Actually, every year, Mohanji goes to Shirdi to offer his gratitude to Sai Baba. This year due to demanding work pressures, he could not go. But it did not matter. The way our Jammu team, Mohanish,  Aparna, Abhishek, Dana, Biba, Murari and many others celebrated this day will certainly make all of us think and be proud of – what are we worth???. I am sure you have read Mohanji’s message “No Flowers No Sweets”. Mohanji wants nothing from any of us. He asks for nothing. He demands nothing ever. Yet, through this devotional celebration, they have all beautifully conveyed Mohanji’s message of selfless service and his unending efforts in raising the society to higher consciousness. Here are the reports from various locations that I compiled.

Love, Deepali.


Jammu Team from Jammu and Kashmir, India

The Jammu Team was truly enthusiastic and selfless. They decided to have a week (Saptah) of selfless service in Jammu. This week was from 21st Feb to 28 Feb 2011. The team also had saptah of blanket distribution in Dec 2010. We all read about it in our previous blog post.

They started with blood donation for Thalassemic children in Jammu. Thalassemia is a hereditary disorder in which children suffer from anemia due to defective formation of blood. Frequent blood transfusion is extremely essential for these children. Twenty volunteers donated blood in the blood bank where 150 Thalassemic children are registered. The team also have planned an awareness program at Jammu College to sensitize young generations to donating blood for this cause. They have also decided to donate blood every 3 months for these children. Blood can never be formed artificially. It is a beautiful seva the team has done. The Smile and divine contentment on their faces while donating blood, is unmistakable.

Donating blood for Thalassemia

With great love, the Jammu team continued and served food in the School for the Blind, as well as for the children of laborers.

Jammu Team at the School for the Blind


Laborers' children in Jammu

They also served food in Apna Ghar, which is a home for homeless girls from the Kargil area where the Kargil war was fought. The Jammu Team humbly says, “In Father’s (Mohanji’s) honor we served them dinner”.

Food for the homeless girls of Kargil area

This team did not stop here. They conducted Power of Purity Meditation for women who are either mentally handicapped or are psychiatric patients staying at the Missionary of Charity in Jammu, which is an institute of our dear Mother Teresa.

At Mother Theresa's Missionary of Charity

The Team also served food at Neha Ghar, which is a home for widows and their children. They also conducted meditation for children from the SOS Children’s Village in Jammu.  Apart from this, this Team also serves food every Thursday to laborers.

Meditation at SOS Village in Jammu

The food that they serve is fresh and hot and is prepared without onion and garlic, just the way Mohanji likes, real sattvic food. The one who prepares the food is also a very humble old person and prepares the food with love.

All these acts of selfless service from our Jammu brothers and sisters overwhelm us, and also pose a BIG QUESTION MARK…WHAT ARE WE DOING FOR THE WORLD? ARE WE UNDERSTANDING Mohanji AND HIS MESSAGE AT ALL? This is the only way we can pay him back for what he gives us selflessly. He needs nothing else from us. Instead of monotonously asking him for blessings or other favors, have we ever thought of doing something for the poor and helpless in his honor? Have we understood Mohanji and his messages at all, like the Jammu team lead by Sumit Pratap Gupta has??? My brothers and sisters, IT IS TIME TO THINK, INTROSPECT and ACT. This will help our own self purification a lot.

Mohanji says “The reason why most people in the world suffer from psychosomatic diseases, and the reason for most of the sadness and suffering in the world are actually self-inflicted, because of the selfishness, insensitiveness and self-centred-ness of the people.  We have put ourselves in cages created by ourselves and we are trying to hold on to this temporary and “pretentiously comforting” safe zone of our own cages. Real Life is not always as comfortable as we’d like it to be. And when any real shock such as death, diseases or losses happens in life, we cannot handle it or  survive it, because we do not know what to do beyond our own cages of our own conditionings and selfishness!!!. Do not wait for a crisis to happen in your life. Today, we must start acting, expressing ourselves selflessly. We should reach out and help the poor and the sick, the birds and the animals. Our self-created cages will dissolve and we will steadily become universal. The universe itself will care for you and protect you too. You have to experience the difference to know how it feels. It is BEAUTIFUL. It is REAL. “

“We are usually existing in our own comfort zones of our immediate family. We must reach out and serve the world. On every occasion of our celebrations such as our birthdays and other celebrations, we should reach out to the poor and helpless around us, and share our joys with them. Distribute clothes, food, within your individual capacity and show them that you care. Save some money for this purpose. Spread the grace of God in your life, with others. This will help you to break your own walls and open up your individual worlds. Remember, hands that serve are much holier than lips that pray.”

Dear Jammu Team, BTW whole heartedly congratulates you for this iconic selfless service and drive that you have shown. As Mohanji always says, “Lead by Example”. In the true sense, you are living and radiating Mohanji’s message of unconditional love.


Mohanish Jaju in Pune, Maharashtra, India

Mohanish conducted meditation for 173 children along with their mothers and staff from the SOS Children’s Village in Pune. This is what he wants to say-

Support for SOS Children's Village of Pune

“I am thankful to SOS Village in Pune and their director Mr. N K Sharma for permission to conduct the Power of Purity Meditation on Mohanji’s birth day 23 Feb 2011. SOS is a NGO for orphans. This particular one in Pune has 200 children. They have 5 clusters with 4 houses each, sheltering 10 children in a house. Mr. Sharma is also keen on conducting it for this whole year 2011.

Total 173 children, both boys and girls were present with their Mothers and other staff. The age ranged from 7 years to 17 years. I gave very little information about Mohanji and the meditation. I only said that it would be great to experience and then discuss about the meditation. I did not want to give any background as it creates expectations.

We started with OM, humming which was followed by 1,2,3 – 1,2 breaths. It was extremely difficult to manage the rhythm of so many! But the children were pretty disciplined, obedient and cute.

Seeing such a big number of children, I was doubtful if I would be able to finish giving shaktipat in time. But, As Always, Guidance Just Happens!! The CD was played. I offered gratitude to Mohanji and surrendered completely; even each breath of mine was His. I started delivering the sacred shaktipat with 2 kids simultaneously. When I finished about 15 or 20, I telepathically said to Mohanji that logically it is impossible to finish 173 in 40 minutes, that too single-handedly. Then He held my spine, and jerked my consciousness. I immediately felt the sudden movement. His crystal clear message came instantly, “Don’t worry. I have increased your intensity.” All the people whom Mohanji has initiated for Shaktipat and are sincerely delivering it, will definitely know what I am talking about, even though others may think it as impossibility. I said ok. From then on it was pretty quick. Still a large number were left and the meditation track was nearing its end. I expressed the same doubt. This time He asked me to give shaktipat to each individual after the track was over. Just like how He gives it to us. In all the sessions that Mohanji conducts, usually we form a line and go to Him individually for receiving shaktipat. I became totally relaxed. What was there to worry about? Post meditation, I asked those who did not receive shaktipat to form a line. I seated myself on a chair next to Mohanji’s photo. I made sure I was able to see into His eyes. Then one by one, each came to me. I was having intense headache. But it couldn’t be termed as ‘pain’. I knew for sure that what headache I was getting was actually happening for Mohanji. The pain was just going through me to Him. I was guided to give the shaktipat in details!! The guidance was perfect and I clearly knew how much to deliver to each!!! WOW what an experience!

Everything was about to finish. Another doubt occurred in my mind!!! Out of the 3 lamps (diyas), one went off during the meditation and 2 were left. But, astonishingly, those two continued to burn even till the last child. The last child walked up to me. With closed eyes I was just serving. Just when I lifted my hand off his Sahasrara the two diyas went off!!! PICTURE PERFECT! And this happening was noted by Phalke uncle, a couple of others and the counselor! Thus, I understood yet another fact about Mohanji’s stature!

When asked about how it was, the children exclaimed joyful appreciation and said they would love to have more! The teachers were happy too. The counselor was suffering from headache and cold since morning. She said everything was gone and she felt completely cured!.

I would like to thank Mr. Narayan Rao Phalke and Amol Mali. Phalke uncle for arranging the samaii and diyas (lamps) and also for their help in maintaining decorum in the hall. Amol Mali supported both of us. I also thank our dear brother Abhishek Mehrotra for making this opportunity available.

With gratitude and surrender to Mohanji and all the Masters of our grand tradition.”



Abhishek Meharotra, Delhi, India

He says, “On the special occasion of Mohanji’s birth day, I was extremely glad to conduct the Power of Purity Meditation with 18 HIV positive children at Sohna. Not only did they enjoy the cake & gifts, but they also experienced deep silence during the meditation. Most of them had profound experiences, which was difficult for them to describe.

Bringing love, affection and peace to HIV affected children

On today’s occasion, I would like to convey my special thanks to Mohanji & team who have been working tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of mankind, not only mankind, but all other beings too. Special thanks to Dana for the beautiful Ship with goodies she sent for the orphaned HIV+ kids.”

Abhishek, all BTW family members extend their heartfelt thanks to you for your genuine efforts to contact SOS village and initiating meditation for orphans. We are also thankful to you for conducting meditation for HIV affected kids which will certainly aid their healing.


Murari Bansikar, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Murari has an entirely different agenda than all of us and needs a special mention. He feeds birds and animals. After office hours, he walks on the street and feeds all the birds and animals he crosses on his way. What a lovely gesture! Mohanji says, “Feed birds and animals. When we feed them, Baba feels happy.” Murari is doing another great thing. He has stopped giving any materialistic presents to anyone. He gives a plant as a present.  What a beautiful seva for Mother Earth! He literally lives Mohanji’s teachings ever since he met Mohanji.

Feeding Mother Nature's feathered children...


Apart from this, Dana conducted meditation in Gurgaon and Aparna conducted meditation in Chandigarh. Mohanish also conducted two more meditations in Pune this week.

You all have read Biba’s activities in Serbia at

Jayant Ganapathiraju from the US has put in tremendous efforts to renovate the Ammucare website; and it was released on 23rd Feb 2011.

Also our dear family member from Germany has compiled and edited various verbal and non-verbal communications of Mohanji. These will soon be released in the form of a book called “The Power of Purity”. This compilation will be the first book ever to be published about Mohanji. The publishing contract was signed on the 23rd of February and the book will be published before June 2011. Thanks also to Dr. Sanjay Jaju from Muscat for his efforts in this project.

Mohanji has written 46 blogs till now giving us in-depth understanding of life and our grand tradition. These blogs are getting translated into Hindi. Mohit Kandhari from Jammu and Vinay Jha from Delhi have made this possible.

Dear all, many others have done so many selfless acts. Many chose not to disclose theirs. Some have decided to win over some of their conditionings and habits. Some have donated money for Ammucare Charitable Trust activities. The BTW Family extends deep gratitude towards all.


Birth day is the day we came back to the earth. Our souls knows exactly what we came to earth for. But, as we grow and get caught up in the routine and conditionings, we unfortunately forget what we came here for. Then the search begins. We get carried away with the selfish motives and many attractions of this world. We forget simple things like unconditional love, faith, surrender, dharma, selfless service etc. But, all the above-mentioned expressions from our beloved family members indicate that unconditional love and selflessness do indeed exist.

The key to happiness is helping others!

This is what Mohanji mentioned in his birth day message –

“I will be happier, when you feed a hungry dog or a bird that represents detachment because it never hoards or stores anything. Clothes to the poor and needy, food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless. If you consistently and honestly express deep compassion to your fellow beings, I feel genuinely happy. This is the communication that I like. This makes me feel happy and rich within. When you do such good deeds, please inspire others also. Let this become a movement. Let this become spontaneous. Let hearts swell with love and compassion. Me and Mine should melt, wither away and become ours and everybody’s. Selflessness should become your very nature. Nothing else makes me truly happy”.

These are few of the happenings on his birthday. It should not stop here. Let’s keep this ball of selflessness rolling. Let more be benefited. Let this inspire others. Let more join. If I get good clothes and food three times a day, then even others deserve the same.

Follow your Heart, serve All!

We surrender all activities at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

Love and gratitude,

BTW Team

9 thoughts on “Selfless Birthday Celebration!”

  1. Mr Murari’s story inspired me the most. His selfless act of feeding the birds and animals shows his true love for Sai Babaji and Mohanji as well.

    Plz add experiences of devotees as people going thru tribulations get lot of strength and faith in the divinity.

    1. Dr Sanjay jaju

      Dear Poornima,
      Of the three steps which Mohanji always mentions, you have passed the first two like many many others do. These two steps are THOUGHTS & WORDS. You have been inspired by our dear Murari’s selfless work which till now he has been doing in annonymity (your thoughts) and you have appreciated the same through your generous words. MOST PEOPLE STOP HERE. Very few proceed to take the vital final step which Mohanji always insists and leads us by his own example. That step is ACT or rather ACT NOW. Please join our mission of unconditional love and selfless acts and start feeding birds and animals from TODAY. And do not stop at that…please inspire and motivate others to follow this path. It would be a real good way for you to express your love for Baba and Mohanji this way.
      with love and regards,

  2. This year ,on behalf of Mohanji, i made the third visit to shirdi, three days ahead of Mohanji’s birthday. Garland and three coconuts were offered to Baba on behalf of Mohanji.
    Three years ago ,i had the opportunity to visit shirdi and this time ,may be Mohanji is busy, the chance was offered to me .
    I enquired about the head priest of shirdi,to convey the message of Mohanji,but they said Maharaj is not on duty, but when i came back to Dubai and attended the satsang at Ayyappanji’s house ,it was a surprise ,the priest of Shirdi is in Dubai doing the night Arathi.
    Myself and the family were so happy to attend the Arathi.

    This visit I can never forget in my life, because it was a busy schedule in New Delhi and I was offered a VIP quota in a direct train to shirdi from NewDelhi.Through out the journey,
    it was smooth and safe passage untill the luggage was collected and driven back home from the airport.

    with love and warm regards for Mohanji

    Jayan and Family, Dubai

    1. Dear Jayan,
      Your expression is full of love, gratitude and surrender.

      I sincerely thank and honor you for visiting Shirdi and offering garland and coconuts to Baba on behalf of Mohanji that to just before his birth day. Very few people will think of others when they visit temple. You are truely selfless. You have given a new direction to humanity about the selfless act.

      Your smooth train journey from Delhi to Shirdi and back till you reach home also proves the power of surrender. When one surrenders, life does become very smooth.

      We all have our own roles and we are beautifully guided for that by Mohanji; provided we reamain open for the guidence.

      Once again, thanks for sharing this wonderful expereince.
      Love and regards,

  3. Dear Dr. Jaju,

    Namaskar! I felt very happy to read your post. Definitely, I will start feeding animals & birds starting today. I feel very sad to see stray animals treated badly in India and I try to tell my family & friends to feed the animals whenever they see them. I have a 7 year old cat at home. About 7 yrs back, we had dogs at home as pets but at that point of time, I didnt’ look after the dogs well and the guilt remains in my heart. I was in college and the thought of looking after the dogs as Babaji’s seva never came into my heart. But today I realise my mistake & feel from the bottom of my heart for any animal who roams around the streets for food & water.

    I deeply appreciate Mr Murari’s seva of Sai Babaji and Mohanji, he truly is an inspiration. And devotees must follow his example & feed animals & birds especially in India where animals are treated brutally.


  4. Dear Dr.Deepali

    Beautiful and sincere narration of the seva activities.Your compassion and kindness for the suffering fellow beings is really reflected in your words.Mohanji’s presence and his attitude of selfless service,simplicity &egoless nature is visibly transforming a lot of lives.It is evident in you as well.May guidance happen to you always.

    With lots of love

  5. Natalia Nefeli Kollarou

    Reading all these wonderful things in honour of Mohanji’ s birthday, I really felt honoured to have such a teacher and so wonderful brothers and sisters to help him in this mission. A huge thank you for EVERYTHING to ALL OF YOU!!! What else can I say? You are enriching my days and remind me always the purpose for which I came back to Earth!!! Sending endless LOVE and LIGHT to everyone of you and to MOHANJI as well!!! Dear Abhishek you are so special!! Vishwajeet, keeps telling me always how special you are!!!
    Sending my love to everyone!!
    Much love, angelic energies and light from Greece,
    Natalia Nefeli Kollarou

  6. Karthik Vasudevan Santanam

    Dear Mohanji ,
    As usual, we are blessed to be immersed in your company , & thoughts . Great thoughts great
    words ..Sairam

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