BTW in Muscat on April 30th – the ‘volcano eruption’!

Dear friends,
During last Friday’s BTW we experienced a new dimension of Mohanji. It was a special, sacred and intimate experience –  first of all, the meditation was clearly fully orchestrated by Sathya Sai Baba, who gave an inner prompting to one of his very close disciples and his family to attend BTW for the first time.
Sathya Sai Baba - in Samadhi state...


 Interestingly enough, all others except Dr. Deepali and family could not make it this time (some wanted to come but were prevented by whatever obstacle in the last moment, some were out of country, and one person even came, but late, and then somehow felt he should leave – so strange…).     

During the meditation, for the first time ever, Mohanji allowed me to place my palm on his Sahasrara, as if to give HIM Shaktipat. I was dumbfounded at that moment, because I know from before that he never allows anything of the sort while in a highly expanded state (two years ago, for example, while I was still getting to know him, I was insisting that nothing will happen to me, that ‘I can surely take it’  if he touches me while in the expanded state. I literally got knocked off and slept for a few hours after he briefly touched my shoulder while in that state. After that experiential learning, he explained to me that our subtle energy meridians are not ready to withstand such an energy and that, had he touched my Sahasrara, I would have literally gotten burnt, just like a small bulb if a current of a very high voltage passes through it).
The Mighty Inner Volcano


 Having assimilated all this in the past, you can imagine how surprized I was last Friday when my right palm landed on top of his head while he was in his fully expanded state. I knew for sure that he will still have to contain himself a lot in order to enable me to withstand it, but the very fact that I was allowed to do so meant a lot to me…     

At the very first instance, the experience was very loving – his head felt so soft and warm, like that of a small baby. The experience was so sacred, so touching.
(Usually during Shaktipat I feel the hot energy flowing through my spine and reaching the recipient through the palm. In this case, the moment I placed my palm on Mohanji’s head, I felt myself dissolving as energy was entering from his Sahasrara, through my palm, and going straight into my Sushumna nadi).
My spine, and the entire inner space, soon became like a pressure cooker, filling up with this IMMENSE hot energy moving upward through the spine.  
The blissful 'volcano eruption' up the spine - a deep Kundalini experience


 There certainly weren’t any thoughts and no analytical ability at that time – mind’s labeling of the experience (like Kundalini rising etc.) happened only much later.      

  A lot has happened during that ‘volcano’ which I certainly can’t even begin to describe…    

I hardly waited to sit down and follow the pull to go deep within. By the end of the meditation, I could see myself and Mohanji sitting on the floor, at the feet of Sathya Sai Baba, who looked so incredibly cute and loving, sitting in his wheel chair – there was nothing to say, nothing to convey – a pure being state. His beautiful soft hands were all I could see clearly, and the moment they would move a little, I could feel my heart chakra expanding more, and more…
The hand of Sai - with blessings that mind can never fathom


  After the meditation I could not gather myself for quite some time and the effect of expanded heart chakra would not leave me – I was constantly on the edge of crying out of love, was so deeply touched, became so subtle, that no movement suited me. The pull was strong to close the eyes again.     

It was only after the experience sharing that I found out that Dr. Deepali too was allowed to touch Mohanji’s Sahasrara and also experienced the ‘volcano’ gushing upward. This is her heartfelt description of the experience:
“When Mohanji first conveyed to keep my hand on his head, I got confused with this unexpected gesture. It was a very unusual gesture. What surprised me is that, for the last 2-3 Fridays, I was thinking of giving him Shaktipat. But I kept quiet; considering it was a foolish idea! He gives Shaktipat through me, how can I give him his energy back! But I was a fool.
I was shy initially, but soon became comfortable. What I felt inside was entirely different experience. Mohanji was completely hollow from inside. His body formed a papery thin boundary.  I have given a few Shaktipats till today, but never felt anything like this before.
I felt a huge volcano inside, churning, full of energy and sometimes erupting out. I kept experiencing. His Sahasrara was extremely soft, like butter. Churning went on for some time, settled for some time, and then again, that energy oozed out through his Sahasrara and entered into my full body through my Sahasrara. It formed a continuous flow of energy between that divine volcano-his Sahasrara-to my Sahasrara. It appeared that there were no two individuals. That was complete merging. Duality disappeared. He then indicated to stop. His beautiful Namaskar after that melted me. I felt like crying but I had to complete giving Shaktipat to remaining people.
Though I have seen Mohanji in his real form, this experience proved that his existence is beyond that. He is not the way we see him. This experience reminded me of the story of Lord Krishna and Yashoda where He gave ‘darshan’ of complete universe in His mouth to Yashoda!
The sentence ‘Mohanji, I am grateful to you for this experience’ does not actually convey my true feelings because, with this experience, he took me beyond words and questions.”
All in all, we were both speechless and deeply grateful, aware that we have received something so precious from/through Mohanji – we literally experienced his consciousness… 
The energy in the room was amazing. Deep bonding happened between all of us present. We were like one big happy family  and, as always, nobody felt like leaving…
Blissful expressions: Mohanji with Moushami and Sudeeksha - our youngest BTW meditators


  What to say my dear friends – surprizes and blessings never cease…    

With deep love and gratitude,




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