Premiere: BTW with Mohanji in Munich, Germany – by Marina

Mohanji in Munich, the spring idilla


Dear all,   

To describe BTW session with Mohanji here in Munich on April 14th, I could just say „It rocked!“ and close this report. 🙂   

 That sense of clarity, empowerment and joy we felt. But of course there were also those more tender and gentle facets. Let me try to find the words to give you a better picture.   

First of all I am absolutely delighted that Mohanji has now „covered“ Germany from North to South so to speak (Hamburg, Friday 9. April and Munich, Wednesday 14.April 2010).   

Munich at peace


He touched people’s hearts deeply with his genuine way and it was amazing to see people’s transformation happening within one evening. What an incredible treasure of service to human kind Mohanji is doing by making himself available to us. What a wonderful „package“ through which we receive all the energy, healing, insight, time and widening of the heart. And there really are no words to describe my gratitude, joy and wonder about being part of all this.   

One of the messages I received today from a couple of meditators who joined our evening in Hamburg touched me very much. It was their reflection on the past days after Shaktipat, how well they feel, full of power, verve and vitality. And that they can not wait for the next opportunity to participate in the „Power of Purity“, with Mohanji and/or myself.   

During yesterday’s meditation in Munich we had again major releases of old stored inner baggage. People’s faces softened no matter how agitated their state was when they arrived. Opening hearts, smiles, lightness, peace and love prevailed. I would also like to mention that the actual location got transformed: Mohanji and I had noticed a significant shift in the atmosphere of the meditation room shortly after our arrival, before we even started the meditation. Mohanji was already seated in the front overlooking the room when he suddenly called me to „have a look“. And yes we were both staring into the space in front of us and were amazed how the aura of the room had changed, how it became still, yet sparkling.   

Marina and Mohanji, the glow


People who came in assumed their seats and remained in noticeable silence, all very naturally. After the Power of Purity meditation we rounded the session off with a new breathing technique, which was given to Mohanji already in Hamburg. He called it „drawing water from the well“ – for cleansing impressions from the deep past. While Mohanji chanted AUM everybody else was breathing in slowly, pulling the air from Muladhara chakra up to Sahasrara, and then letting the breath out in one quick drop, letting it fall out with a jerk of the stomach muscles. It had a great impact. People were collected during this exercise and afterwards. It really made everyone joining and becoming ONE, the whole group turned into one breath. Beautiful! 🙂   

One meditator from Berlin who joined us in Hamburg managed to come again all the way from Berlin to Munich. In Hamburg he went through deep cleansing. His experience brought him back and this time he was connecting to Mohanjis chakras, and their status was reflected now on him. He was much more clear, upright and together.   

The hug that says it all


One other surprise was a lady who had the inner pull to come all the way from Luxembourg. She had met Mohanji for the first time in India some time ago. And after that trip to India she always kept a photo of Mohanji in her purse (together with the pictures of her children) hoping to see him one day again. And just yesterday evening she realised the soul connection: she was Mohan’s mother in some past life.   

Mohanji and his 'mother' 🙂 - a soul connection..


Needless to say that Mohanji and her were overjoyed and touched by the encounter yesterday.   

We had people describing that after the meditation and Shaktipat they felt deeply touched, lighter/relieved, grateful and more at peace. One other lady’s family issues with parents and own children popped up. Her anger, stress and agony came through during the meditation and we talked about it later on. Mohanji encouraged her to have patience and recommended that with her continuous blessings of her family the relationships will improve, also if the current disputes seem unsurmountable.   

By the end of the evening the lady’s tensions had very much dissolved, in fact she was almost like a mellow cat. 🙂   

May I also share with you at least some snippets of the topics we covered during the Q&A after the meditation:   

– Shaktipat cuts old unnecessary bindings. When these cords of impressions get cut, a gap between one’s mind/intellect and one’s spiritual evolution appears. In this it is normal to feel confusion or like crying etc. We have to understand that mind and intellect are repetitive, whereas spirituality is evolutionary. But this gap will reduce in the course of time. However, a student has to have extreme patience. This gap could cause disillusionment hence steadfastness to one path is essential. Till the journey is completed. This disillusionment can cause physical, emotional or intellectual agony. Invariably a spiritual student is supported by a master suitable to his stature.   

– Connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness (e.g. focus on his eyes) allows us to participate in the big buffet. „Why do people settle for junk food when they have a big buffet in front of them – the big buffet of Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Krishna consciousness! Catch such consciousness NOW! Using this lifetime!“ Mohanji raised his voice, lovingly! 🙂   

– The difference between reacting and responding: reaction always comes from emotions. Responding comes from the intellect. The more you react, the more you are self-distructive. The more you respond using your intellect, the more balanced you are. But please note, intellect is not to be confused with the ego-mind!   

– We also talked about 2012 and the big chance for people to make a shift to higher consciousness. .. All that’s remaining to be said is:   

What a blessing that Mohanji was here! And what a perfect timing! It’s spring time, the season of growth and re-birth. And today is Vishu (new year in several parts of India). Happy Vishu! Blessings of well-being and prosperity to you! As fireworks is an important part of Vishu celebration you might appreciate my improvisation/ attempt to create a mini-inhouse- firework   

The Vishu Fireworks in Germany 🙂


 Well, one prediction we heard these days was that Mohanji will be coming more often to Europe in the future. Yes, please!  🙂   

Mohanji blending with the Maximilanstrasse look and feel, Munich


 Now, please allow me to thank all the lovely people and entities who – often even without being asked – offered help and support with my organisation and clearing of the events and locations. Sending you lots of love.   

May you have the strength to live and stand up for your truth.   


2 thoughts on “Premiere: BTW with Mohanji in Munich, Germany – by Marina”

  1. Thank you for setting an example, Mohanji. There is abundance of positive energy, joy and gratitude you invoke with these sessions, where group vibrations are strongly felt and one is melt in the vibrations of pure love.
    I participated in a meditation ‘Power of Purification’ in Novi Sad, Serbia, in the gallery ‘Most’. It was an amazing experience. Strong energy, high vibrations.
    I would like to participate in a BTW session in English or Serbian, and I would appreciate when you give me any information where and when it would take place.

    Love and gratitude
    Biljana Vozarević

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