BTW Muscat – Jan 22nd, 2010

Dear friends,    

I just read Mohanji’s latest Shirdi Sai blog post and can’t get my mind off of all the stories/experiences of the unfathomable ways in which He brings us back into his loving fold through lifetimes.    

The Unfathomable Shirdi Sai Baba

Yesterday evening’s BTW was fully Shirdi Baba – the intensity of his presence was unmistakable, and so was the love he bathed us with.    

Determined to make one healthy pumpkin snack for our BTWers, I lost the track of time – it was only when the door bell rang that I realized it was already time to start BTW. I ran up the stairs to call Mohanji. At a first glance of him I thought he was sleeping, but the moment he looked at me, I knew for sure that he was in a highly expanded state – his eyes were like two piercing lasers and gave me goose bumps. They were somehow too intense to bear. Heat was emanating from his body and could be felt clearly from one meter away. He told me: “Tonight Shirdi Sai will be present in a big way! You’ll see”.    

Many people were already awaiting Mohanji in the meditation room and some could not even fit in. We started right away. I was the first to receive Shaktipat – this time the warm energy that emanated from Mohanji’s palms and fingertips could be felt instantly, and the energy ‘pull’ that came with this warmth was that of pure love and sheer power which instills confidence and safety. It made me ‘drunk’. For some time I completely lost the track of time and sense of body – I felt like one big chewing gum, stretching in all the directions. Then I felt a prompting to stand up and start the Shaktipat – I stood for a while to balance myself by focusing my inner gaze onto Mohanji’s third eye. Shaktipat just flowed – endless waves of blissful warm energy gushed through my spine, manifesting in the outer world as warm energy in the palms and fingertips.    

The experience was captivating and none tried to verbalize it – Dr. Deepa just said that it was unlike anything she experienced before: “This time I really felt it!” Then something interesting happened – Q&A and Satsang just started, but most of the people present said they had to leave early as they had other engagements for the evening. In no time, they all vanished (as if someone kicked them out), except three of them. I was a bit perplexed as this never happened before – I knew it was not a coincidence. I was still feeling Baba’s presence and a suddenly quiet room felt cozy. For the next 2-3 hours, four of us enjoyed the most wonderful, intimate Satsang with Mohanji, a heartfelt sharing about Shirdi Baba, mystical experiences, love – it was all flowing through Mohanji and we soaked into it fully. From deep within, sweet memories from my life in Shirdi were flashing into my conscious mind. I felt very open and beautifully vulnerable – I could feel that my heart chakra was expanding and top of the head vibrating. As the evening was progressing, it became evident to me that those who stayed were honored by Baba, i.e. that this atmosphere of intimate sharing of experiences was created for them so that they could be reminded of their connection with Him by realizing it themselves. As Mohanji said in the blog post about Shirdi Sai: “A master should be internally felt and absorbed, not heard or seen.”    

One of the three, who is currently ‘at the crossroads’, facing a few tough challenges of life, received Sri Sai Satcharitra as a special gift from Mohanji ( i.e. from Baba through Mohanji).    

The living book - a gift from the Master


The special nature of this LIVING book, and immense blessings/protection of Baba that comes to all those who read it, was explained through Mohanji’s vivid description of his first experience with Sri Sai Satcharitra (which, I feel, is his to share if he wishes to). Stories of how Baba places us into most unexpected life situations and imparts knowledge through experiences awoke in us a childlike sense of wonder and excitement about life – there comes a point when one realizes that yes, it is truly so – faith and surrender is all we need to master the game of life and qualify for the highest…    

With love,    


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  1. please write more about Satcharita how to read the divine book and in what way one can secure Baba’s grace to solve life’s turmoils.

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