Third Eye Like a Shining Sun – Ramuduji’s Experience, Oct 2009

Dear Mohanji, 


Thanks a lot for a lovely experience. We had a great evening meditation on 16th with your divine presence. 

Mohanji, when I met to you in the morning on Friday, I was not clear whether I am going to be there for the evening meditation or not as I had to take my family for a birthday party. Not only me, even Manoj, Rashmi & Dhanraj all 4 of us did not plan to come at all. We all had different excuses not to attend the meditation. My mind was telling “You already met Mohanji and why do you want to go again.” But your energies pulled all of us so much that we could not escape. Thanks a lot for your loving guidance. I believe in a Guru who will not allow the student to ignore or escape. Even if the student wants to escape, it is not possible for the student as Guru’s loving energies overtake our ignorance. Thanks a lot for your unconditional love towards all of us. 

Mohanji, during the mediation your love was just flowing out. Throughout the session you looked like Jesus Christ. I could not turn my attention from your glowing face with Jesus’s love. I was in total bliss and full of gratitude while immersed in those energies. During the meditation, as I was following the instructions, all of sudden I connected to your 3rd eye and immediately your 3rd eye became like a big light, like a shining Sun. My soul just entered into your 3rd eye, into that glowing light. The moment I entered I do not know where to go. Some voice told me to run into the light. There I saw a big statue of Siva and Shakti in the form of bright golden light. It’s so big that it covers one entire planet. 

Mohanji and Ramuduji - Dubai, Oct 2009


Then suddenly Shirdi Baba came and gave me Shaktipat. After the Shaktipat they showed me the way to go down. And there I was in the group of souls. There were many souls in different colors. Each group with a different color identified as a plane they exists and each plane has its own level of consciousness. I was in the golden color group and also I saw there were many other people (millions of souls). There I saw Mahavishnu with lots of Masters. All the Masters looked like Vishnu itself, as if Vishnu multiplied into many forms. All the Masters were talking to each and every soul and guiding them into the next level of existence. As per the Masters, it is the level of love we have that decides our next plane of existence. There are more than 13 planes of existence and each plane has got some billions of planets. After the Masters’ interview I was sent to a different plane where Brahma manifests our soul into the body. In each of these processes they do lots of cleansing, depending on the level of understanding we have towards unconditional love and the gratitude we have towards the Creator. I do not know what is the meaning of the above experience. But I enjoyed the whole session and I was totally in bliss. 

During the whole process you were with me and guiding me with love. 

Mohanji, my limited mind does not know how to express the gratitude to you for the guidance you are giving to all of us. We are very fortunate to have a great Master like you in our midst. I feel all our prayers are answered through you. 

Pranams, and with heart filled gratitude, 


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