BTW Muscat on Shivaratri – by Dr. Deepali

Dear Biba and Mohanji, 

What a divine situation! Mahashivaratri, Mohanji’s home, Friday and the day when Mohanji had his holy dip in Ganges at Kumbha Mela! 

The Ultimate - Shiva Consciousness


The meaning of Mahashivaratri is to awaken from the dark night, awaken the Kundalini shakti. It was indeed a great honor to experience deep meditation on this Friday, 12 Feb 2010.
This was my first time to conduct an independent meditation in Muscat (actually, I am just an instrument, not the one who conducts). 

I started with complete gratitude and surrender to Mohanji and Baba, and deepest gratitude for the energetic gathering of 15 motivated and dedicated devotees who accepted my new role. 

Dr. Kamlesh said that, during Shaktipat, he felt strong presence of Shiva himself. What a blessed soul you are Dr. Kamlesh!
Prof Hassan…. His head expanded so much that he said he could not balance it. He also thought his body was splitting into upper and lower half….. later on, left side was going up and right down. He could barely drive home. Gitanjali also had a deep floating meditation. Everyone had their own unique experiences! 

Sweet Aditi bathing in the depth of inner bliss, BTW Muscat, 12 Feb


When I was giving Shaktipat to Aditi, to my surprise, I could feel all her 7 chakras beautifully encircling the body. A beautiful blissfl tear on her left cheek added to her glow. 

While giving Shaktipat to Mohanish, I felt the energy body surrounding him. 

With Sanjay, I could feel the strong third eye connection between him and Mohanji! Everyone’s Sahasrara was warm and active. All received energy beautifully. 

What do all these energy experiences convey? Mohanji was not present there physically but everyone experienced him, felt him. Though none of us saw him physically apart from his photo, he gave a beautiful ‚Äėdarshan‚Äô to all of us in the meditative awareness. He is present and yet absent! Even though he is physically absent, we are still in his womb¬†full of auspicious energy. The BTW meditations are simultaneously conducted at various places like Dubai, Kolkata, Germany, etc where Mohanji¬†offers his grace astrally. Oh‚Ķ Sai Baba, we are grateful to you for this strong experiences and understanding.¬†

Our Youngest BTW Meditator This Time Around ūüôā

Sanjay and his family had been to Shiva temple in Muscat prior to coming for the meditation. He kept coconut received from the temple in the Baba’s shrine. After meditation, the coconut was offered, the holy water was sprinkled everywhere in the house, and thus all had that sweet water and coconut. 

After reaching home, Sanjay continued his meditation till 3.30 in the morning. 

Would like to say a big thank you to Firoz who beautifully decorated the hall, and to thank Dr. Deepa who brought delicious Prasad in the form of potato cutlets and Thandai, the special drink of Mahashivarathri, that we all enjoyed. 

With deep love and complete surrender,

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